Dream Life Vol II Chapter 53.2: “Mysteries of History”

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 The professor nodded, “That’s right.”



“There was a great calamity more than 3,000 years ago. There is no detailed record of it. After that period of time, more than 3,000 years ago, almost all sentient races, including humans, elves, dwarves, and other races, disappeared.” (Ruspede)



“What does that mean?” (Zack)



“In the old village of the elves, there are legends that date back to BCE, some as far as three thousand and a hundred years ago, if they can be verified. The only lore that remains is from the beginning of the village’s history. …Yes, there is no lore from before that time. As if our ancestors suddenly appeared. It’s as if no one had ever lived there before that time…” (Ruspede)



 I listened to the professor’s story.



“I haven’t done any research on it, but there are many magical tools and magic circles that have been around since ancient times. This is one of them.” (Ruspede)



 He pointed to an attache case-like container made of aluminum alloy.



“And it is interesting to note that even if the same magic tool has the same magic circle painted on it, only the letters can be completely different. In other words, there are no rules in the letters. It’s as if they were rewritten on purpose. That’s why no one has been able to decipher them. But a magic circle is different. The letters on the magic circle are different, but the arrangement and shape are not much different from ours.” (Ruspede)



 I muttered, “The letters were deliberately rewritten? Who would…”



“The answer to that question still eludes me. Almost 3,000 years of research have already been done, but it’s only a hypothesis, and it hasn’t been proven.” (Ruspede)



“A hypothesis? What hypothesis?” (Zack)



“It’s not a secret, but it’s the kind of thing you don’t want to talk about out in the open. I’ll tell you if you like.” (Ruspede)



 My curiosity got the better of me and I nodded.



“I believe that the gods changed more than 3,000 years ago. The changing of gods changed the rules of the world and rewrote the script that had been used before that time. To be precise, it is a hypothesis that the world has been rewritten.” (Ruspede)



“The world was rewritten? I think I know what you mean.” (Zack)



 When I heard the professor’s hypothesis, I thought about the relationship between the OS or application and the data. For example, if an application such as a word processor that had been used until then were replaced by another one, the data used in the previous application would not be usable at all unless it was compatible with the new one. If the entire operating system called “God” were changed, the data used until then would either be unusable or would be changed to something completely different. I thought I had an idea of what to expect.



 However, the professor was surprised at my muttering.



“Do you really understand what I’m talking about?” (Ruspede)



 I thought to myself and desperately tried to come up with an excuse.



“No, I just somehow thought that if the gods were replaced, the world would be remade. In mythology, the gods created the mountains, the sky, people, and animals, so it wouldn’t be surprising if something created by an earlier god would be changed at that time.” (Zack)



 The professor nodded at that,



“The group that is proposing the current hypothesis seems to have the same idea.” (Ruspede)



 I decided to change the subject, thinking that I would be in trouble if we went any further.



“But now that you mention it, it doesn’t sound that crazy, so why shouldn’t we talk about it in the open?” (Ruspede)



 The professor looked blatantly disdainful, which was unusual for him,



“In the country of Lux, there is a teaching called Church of Light. It is this Church of Light that says that Lucidus, the god of light, is the absolute god and that Lucidus created the world. Therefore, the theory that there was another god before the current gods and that he created the world is a heretical idea that is unforgivable to them. If you ask me, I think it is even more heretical for them to accept only one idea.” (Ruspede)



“I agree. I also doubt that what the Church of Light is saying really represents the word of the gods. The gods are trying to preserve this beautiful world as it is now. How can teachings that distort that be the word of the gods?”



 The professor laughed, “You sound as if you have met the gods.


 I thought I had again, but I did not lose my calm face.



“Yes, I have. If you interpret the power of spirits as the presence of gods, I have met them all the time. Every spirit, including the power of the spirits of darkness, is strong and beautiful. There is nothing special or unique about light.” (Zack)



“You can say that because you have all the attributes. But yes, I understand. I really do.” (Ruspede)



 At that time, I had a thought.


 I wondered if the gods had been in crisis more than 3,000 years ago and if a similar crisis was imminent again.



 I began to think I’d like to go investigate the ruins. If my hypothesis was correct, I thought that by looking at the ruins, I might be able to find out what the gods were afraid of.



 Although the topic has deviated considerably, I digress, but there is another type of gold magic called [Extraction] in addition to [Analysis]. This is magic that can extract metals from ores such as iron ore, but since it is difficult to extract a large amount, it is used to remove impurities from refined products to some extent.


 At the request of the professor, I was taking samples of several metals such as nickel, chromium, and aluminum. Then I discovered something interesting.



 The alloys contained minuscule amounts of mithril and other metals with magical properties. At first, I thought it was an impurity, but when I analyzed it, I found that it contained a certain percentage.


 When I told the professor about it, he became very excited and started taking notes without looking at me.


 Later, I asked him about it, and he told me that, with today’s technology, magic metals are not used as a material for magic tools, but that, in his opinion, if used properly, it would increase efficiency.



 I could not understand why he was so excited. I had a feeling that many of the magical tools in novels and other works of fiction used metals such as mithril.


 When I asked him about it, he replied,



“Magic tools are composed of magic stones and magic circles. Of course, we know that special metals such as mithril can efficiently transmit the power of spirits. So, it would seem that using them as a foundation would improve efficiency, but in fact, there is not much difference.” (Ruspede)



 I didn’t understand why, so I asked him why.



“The reason is simple. Mithril is very easy to pass through magic. In other words, if you gather the power of the spirit through mithril, it will be released directly through mithril. In other words, it does not enter the magic stone, but instead circulates outside and inside the mithril, so the efficiency does not improve.” (Ruspede)



“So what exactly did you find out?” (Zack)



“The magic tools found in the ruins were made with a very small amount of mithril. That means there is a way to use mithril effectively. I was inspired by what you said, that they could have drawn the magic circle using mithril.” (Ruspede)



 The professor hypothesized that by using mithril-ink to draw magic circles, it would be possible to gather the power of spirits more efficiently.


 And the reason he had not been able to arrive at that hypothesis until now was that there were too many undiscernible substances in the alloy, and he was unable to notice that a minuscule amount of mithril was being used.



 Mithril itself can be detected, so it is not clear why they could not find it, but it is said that extracting a very small amount of mithril from a large amount of impurities is similar to catching a fish in a large pond. If you make it into a small vessel like a “tub,” you can catch fish easily. It’s like that.


 I didn’t quite understand it because I can extract certain substances even if they are mixed with many elements.



 In fact, when I analyzed only the magic circle part, I found that the percentage of mithril was high. However, he said that with today’s technology, it is not possible to draw a magic circle with mithril.


 The professor’s research theme now included drawing magic circles with mithril.



 The word “mithril” reminded me of something, but I did not know what mithril was. I didn’t know exactly which period of the periodic table and which family of elements it belonged to. When I analyzed it, I could somehow figure out its position in the periodic table, but I did not know that about mithril.



 Titanium is the closest to my analytical sense, but it is not quite the same. Another well-known magical metal, adamantite, was also unknown, but it was closer to the chromium group metals, such as molybdenum and tungsten. The reason we could not accurately identify it is probably because it is a substance that does not exist in my original world.



 As for the magic metals, it is said that when used in human-made magical tools, specifically swords, and other weapons, they can produce something like a magic sword. By embedding a magic circle and a magic stone in the handle of the sword and channeling magic power into it, the mithril part can be clothed in fire or cold air.



 I was excited when I heard about this.


 I was excited to hear about this because I thought I might be able to get my hands on a magic sword.


 However, according to the professor, magic swords are extremely rare and rarely seen. Mithril itself is also rare and expensive, but even a long sword made of mithril can be bought for tens of thousands of Krona (= tens of millions of yen).


 The reason for the scarcity of magic swords is said to be the scarcity of skilled blacksmiths who can incorporate magic circles. Magic metals such as mithril and adamantite are themselves difficult to handle, and only the best blacksmiths can handle them. Furthermore, it is said that it is also difficult to incorporate the magic circle and the magic stone, which must be incorporated when the sword is struck in order to activate it properly. In other words, a magic sword cannot be produced without a blacksmith with first-rate skills and extensive knowledge of magic.


 Therefore, even if magic swords were available for sale, they would be extremely expensive, with the cheapest costing about one million C Krona (= one billion yen). 




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