Dream Life Vol II Chapter 80.2: “Ruins Investigation”

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 Dan, walking in the lead, is vigilant about his surroundings and traces the golem’s footprints in pursuit. We are alert to our surroundings, but something is not quite right.


 The forest looked lush, but there were very few signs of life. There are small creatures, such as insects. However, there were no birdsongs, which we would normally hear, and the only sound we could hear was the strange, loud rustling of the wind as it passed between the large trees, some two meters in diameter.


 That is not to say that I was feeling a killing intent. And it’s not so much that there are no creatures as that it’s a dead forest, and there’s no sense of the undead coming out. But the eerie feeling is not going away.



 I said quietly, “Isn’t there something wrong?” Beatrice nodded and Liddy replied, “Yes, it’s too quiet in the forest.” Everyone agreed.


 Dan added, “Not even a sign of a rabbit or a wild bird, let alone a monster. I haven’t even seen a footprint other than the golem’s…” he mutters.


 I ask Beatrice, “What do we do?” She replied, “What is the professor’s opinion?” and looks at Ms. Kitley.


 Ms. Kitley looks at us in turn, saying, “Well… if there’s no sign of danger, I’d like to go a little further.” No one, including me, felt there was any sign of danger, so we all gave a small nod and set off again.



 We continue north through the forest for two hours, but the situation remains much the same, with only the mountains visible through the trees getting closer.



 We take a break for lunch, but for some reason, a heavy atmosphere prevails. I didn’t feel it so much, but the rest of the group seemed to have an ominous feeling.



(How should I put it? It’s a little different, but the atmosphere is like a factory at night. Usually, there are signs of people, but I can’t sense them at all. Sometimes you can hear the sound of machines. It feels similar to that kind of feeling…) (Zack)



 After taking a break, we started walking again, but the atmosphere doesn’t change at all. On the contrary, the ominous feeling felt by everyone and me is getting stronger.


 After an hour or so, Beatrice orders us to stop.



“I can’t get rid of the bad feeling. I think we should go back.” (Beatrice)



 Everyone nodded, including me. Then, just as we were about to head back the way we came, Liddy issued a small warning, “The golem.”



 I looked beyond her gaze and saw a silvery golem about three meters tall. The golem was crossing to the west about fifty meters in front of us, its heavy footsteps echoing.



(It was more like a robot than a golem, with an angular shape like something out of an old cartoon. …But even so, it walked with great dexterity. It can step over obstacles, dive through branches, and is surprisingly capable, considering it’s a bipedal robot. Well, considering the skeleton, I guess it’s no wonder…) (Zack)



 I don’t know if they don’t notice or aren’t interested, but they walk on, ignoring us.


 Beatrice asks, “What do we do now?” I muttered, and Ms. Kitley asked, “If we can, I’d like to find out where they’re going.”


 I was curious to know where the golem was going, too,



“Why don’t we at least find out where it’s going? If you think it’s dangerous, I’ll go scout it out.” (Zack)



 In the end, we all decided to move together, and we crouched low to follow the golem, we’re about fifty meters behind it.



 After about ten minutes, the forest suddenly opens up and a cliff comes into view. The cliff was steep, about ten meters high, and in front of the cliff was a slight flat area with no trees growing on it.



 The golem stopped at this flat area. Then it slowly approached the cliff, not even wary to its surroundings.


 As we watched with bated breath, a small amount of magic power was released from the golem’s arm.


 I mutter, “There’s magic coming out of its arm,” and Liddy nods her head and wonder what it’s going to do.



 A minute or so after the golem began to emit magic, a low, gurgling sound could be heard coming from the cliff. We take a look around us, but there’s nothing out of the ordinary.


 But soon we all understood what was going on. We thought it was just a cliff made of rocks, but a part of it slowly rose out of the cliff to reveal a passage about three meters high and two meters wide. The back of the passage was silver like stainless steel, and a faint light was leaking from the back.


 The golem slowly entered the passage.



 We watched it from about 30 meters away in the woods, and Ms. Kitley said, “I wonder if we can get inside that place.” We were not sure, because the golem had gone inside, but its door was still open.


 Beatrice shook her head a little,



“I don’t know how long it’s going to stay open. We could get trapped.” (Beatrice)



 That said, I didn’t allow it.


 I nodded, “I agree with Beatrice,” and turned to Ms. Kitley, “We know where it is for now. We should probably observe the golem’s behavior a bit more,” I suggested.


 Ms. Kitley looked a little disappointed, but eventually accepted my suggestion.



 To be honest, I was interested inside, too. According to Professor Ruspede and Ms. Kitley, metal passages are a characteristic of ancient ruins. In other words, there is a high possibility that this place is an ancient ruin.


 And the important thing is that these ruins are “alive”. We do not know what role the golem plays, but at least the door opening mechanism and lighting are “alive”. If this is the case, then there is a possibility that a complete piece of the ancient civilization remains inside.



 The golem that went in never came out, and the door slowly closed after about thirty minutes. After that, we watched for another hour or so, but there was no movement.



 We discussed and decided to check the door for the time being.


 Since there was a high possibility that it was a magical trap, Ms. Kitley and I were to examine it, while the other five of us were to stay in the forest and watch our blind spots.



 I took the lead as we cautiously approached the location where the door had been. About ten meters from the cliff, the forest breaks off and I declare to Ms. Kitley that I will go ahead and approach the cliff.


 The cliff was made of yellowish white rock, and I could not find anything unusual about it. I tried to concentrate to feel the power of the spirits, but I did not feel any particular current.


 I reached the rock that was the door, and after a quick check, I beckoned for Ms. Kitley.



“There doesn’t seem to be any traps. But still, I can hardly make out the gap even when I get this close.” (Zack)



 Ms. Kitley nodded at my words and said, “That’s right. I have never seen such solid ruins before,” somewhat excitedly.


 She carefully checked the area around the door. Then she began to check one spot intensively. It was right next to the door, just where the golem was releasing its magic power.



“There is a magical tool hidden here. I guess they are authenticated by applying magic power here. But still, I wonder how it’s hidden, it doesn’t look like it’s embedded…” (Zack)



 Muttering to myself, I proceeded to investigate further.


 I was left with nothing to do, so I kept my eyes peeled around me.


 Then I looked up and saw something shiny. It was just at the top of the cliff, where a small ledge of rock had been formed.


 I alerted Ms. Kitley, who was absorbed in her investigation, that there was something up there. She looked at the spot I pointed to and muttered, “A magical tool…”


 I said, “Shall I go take a look?” She thought for a moment and then gave a small nod.


 I told Liddy and the others with a hand sign that there was no danger and climbed up the cliff. I climbed up the rock, and there was a black magic crystal stone about two centimeters in diameter embedded in the rock.


 The stone was glossy, and I had a sense of déjà vu.



(The position and the lens-like structure make me think it is a surveillance camera… If so, “something” in here might be watching us…) (Zack)



 Although I had no proof, I was convinced that this magic stone was a surveillance camera. But I wasn’t sure how to explain it to Ms. Kitley.


 Liddy and the others know my secret, but Ms. Kitley does not. I decided to explain it in a somewhat vague way.



“There doesn’t seem to be any danger. But I felt something like a gaze. They’re watching us with that thing, I feel something like that…” (Zack)



 Ms. Kitley nodded, “Yes…” she said, “It feels like it’s watching us… Oh!” And she stumbles over her words.



 Because at the direction of her gaze, the place where the golem was applying its magic was glowing with a pale light.




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