Dream Life Vol II Chapter 81.1: “The Secret of the Ruins”

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 October 16, 316 in the Tria calendar.



 Near a small village called Hallockwood, about 50 kilometers west of Doctus.


 As if lured by a silver golem, we arrive at what appears to be an ancient ruin.



 After the golem entered the ruins, I and Professor Kitley Elvine began to investigate the entrance to the ruins, and suddenly a part of the entrance began to glow with a pale light.


 Ms. Kitley voiced somewhat excitedly at the light, “It’s urging us to channel our magic power.”



(It certainly looks like that. Yes, it does seem to be asking for “authentication,” and I can sense its intention to invite us or even me. …It’s not impossible that it could be a trap, but it doesn’t seem dangerous…) (Zack)




 Seeing the light, Liddy and the others who had been hiding in the woods rush to approach.


 Liddy sees the light and asks, “Are you okay?” She frowned and said, “I have a bad feeling about this. Let’s go back to the village.”


 Beatrice and the others nodded their heads in agreement with Liddy’s suggestion.



 Ms. Kitley, who had been feeling excited, regained her composure with those words.



“Yes… I feel like they’re rejecting us. Shall we go back for now?” (Kitley)



“I don’t feel like they’re rejecting us.” (Zack)



 I muttered to myself, and Ms. Kitley asked in a surprised voice, “How does it feel to you?”



“I can only feel the will saying, ‘I want you to come here.’ Of course, I don’t feel any hostility.” (Zack)



 She thinks about my words for a moment, then murmurs, “So you’re the only one invited.”



“If it’s okay with you, could you investigate, of course, if there’s any danger…” (Kitley)



 As I was saying that much, Liddy and Beatrice interrupted me at the same time, “‘No!”


 Liddy nodded to Beatrice and tried to hold me back with a serious expression on her face, which was unusual for her.



“I don’t feel danger either, just rejection. But I can’t let you go alone.” (Liddy)



 I know the girls are just thinking about me, but I don’t feel in danger at all. It could be a trap of some kind, but if it was a trap, they wouldn’t have sent a feeling to make us question it.



“If it’s a trap, it shouldn’t do anything that makes anyone else feel uneasy. If it’s a trap, it’s better to make everyone feel it’s safe than to make everyone feel it’s a trap. Maybe it’s a trap to draw me in alone. …No, Liddy doesn’t feel unsafe either, right? Then it must be worth a try to enter.” (Zack)



 At my words, Liddy interjects, “But…”


 I turned to Ms. Kitley,



“For now, I’m going to try passing some magic power through that glowing spot there. If it opens, I’ll go scout around.” (Zack)



 Ms. Kitley nodded with a smile at my suggestion, then she said, “Don’t overdo it.”



 To reassure Liddy and the others, who are still not convinced, I smile and hold up my right hand, slowly flowing magic power.



 As soon as I began to flow the magic power, a reaction appeared.


 I thought I heard a small click, and immediately the rock door slowly began to open with a heavy rumbling sound.



 After about five seconds, the door opens fully.


 Inside was a dull silver passageway, like stainless steel, with a sliding door visible about ten meters ahead.



 As I was about to enter, Dan pushed me aside and stepped forward, saying, “I’ll go in first.


 Before I could say anything, he lowered his gaze in warning and tried to enter the passageway with slow, measured steps. But when Dan tries to step in, he is pushed back as if he is being rejected. He tried several times, but the result was the same.


 I asked Dan what the situation was,



“When I try to go in, it pushes my leg back. It’s also with great force… but it doesn’t feel rough. How can I say it? Right. It’s like when a small child tries to enter a dangerous place and an adult stops him, saying, “It’s dangerous.” …I’m sorry. I don’t know how to describe it…” (Dan)



 After that, everyone tried it except me, including Ms. Kitley, but they all got pushed out the same way.



“It looks like I’m the only one invited. I’ll try going to that door.” (Zack)



 Liddy and the others still look like they want to say something, but they reluctantly agree when I tell them that I plan to come back soon, even if there is no danger.



 I drew my sword and stepped into the passageway, ready to fight at any moment. I didn’t feel the pushback that Dan had described, and I was able to step right into the passageway without feeling any resistance at all.


 I smiled and said, “Looks like I’m going to be all right. I’ll be right back,” then I turned my gaze back inside.



 Inside, it looked like something out of an old sci-fi movie, with the entire metal passageway glowing faintly, as if it were illuminated by indirect lighting.



(It feels like soldiers in white armor are about to appear. If they do, will I be saluted?) (Zack)



 Just before entering, I had time to think about such trivial things.


 However, once my body completely entered the aisle, the situation suddenly changed.


 I could see the passageway for about ten meters ahead, but as soon as I entered the passageway, my vision suddenly wavered and the scenery around me changed completely.



 After a moment of dizziness, I was slightly shaken by the change of situation. However, I quickly came to my senses and looked around.


 In an instant, my surroundings were transformed into a room about ten meters square. I had been transported to an inorganic room that was faintly illuminated by indirect lighting, just like the passageway.


 I felt a slight sense of urgency and clenched my sword tightly. However, I quickly reconsidered and decided to wait until the person who had invited me in took some kind of action.


 The place I was sent to was probably a laboratory, with an examination table with glass beakers and test tubes, what looked like a clean bench for culture, and equipment that looked like a large refrigerator. There was also a slight chemical smell, like in disinfectants.



(Was that entrance a dummy? It seems I was sent there by teleportation or something. …But what the hell is this place? From the looks of it, it seems to be a laboratory of a pharmaceutical company…) (Zack)



 Thinking that just waiting for the other party to come up was no trick, I carefully explored this laboratory-like room, trying to get as much information as possible.



 At the back of the room was a glass-walled compartment with a door next to it that seemed to lead to the back of the room.


 I fished around for clues on the desks and shelves that were close at hand. However, I could not find anything that looked like a document, including a memo. I searched through the equipment but found nothing that would lead me to anything in particular, except for a few laboratory glassware and stirrers. And they were neatly organized, and there was no dust to be seen at all, as if it was a recently cleaned room.




(Why did you fly here? Judging from the floor and doors, it seems that biohazard countermeasures have been taken in this room. Why did you let me come from the outside into a room that seemed to have such a high safety level?) (Zack)




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