Dream Life Vol II Chapter 83.1: “Professor Elvine’s Research Notes”

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~Kitley’s Perspective~



 October 29th, 316, in the Tria calendar.



 I am reviewing the notes of my research on the ruins from half a month ago.


 I wonder how many times I have read it. It was that shocking.



 On the evening of October 16, we returned to the inn town of Holywell from the ancient ruins west of the village of Hallockwood.


 Although we heard a few words on the way, Zacharias Lockhart, always attentive to his surroundings, was stifled as if something was bothering him. So even Lydiane, who always exudes a jovial air when she is with him, kept her mouth shut.


 Essentially, as their employer, I could ask him to report on the ruins. But I just couldn’t encourage him to talk. He wore such a heavy atmosphere.


 By the time the sun was setting, and we arrived at the inn, Mr. Lockhart was showing his usual bright smile. Then, after finishing his meal, he came to my room, saying he would tell me what had happened at the ruins. Of course, all his party members were with him.



 When he began to speak, I could not hide my excitement at what he had to say.


 My field of study is archaeology, and my job is to investigate ancient civilizations. I was going to spend the rest of my life trying to find out why ancient people with an advanced civilization had suddenly disappeared.


 And the answer was about to be revealed.


 I had been told that the cornerstone of the ancients’ civilization was a technology called magical engineering, which was an extreme refinement of magic, and I was thrilled that my hypothesis was correct. My hypothesis was that the ancients had a highly developed magical civilization and that they had mastered the use of magical tools of unimaginable complexity today.


 However, as I listened to his story, my excitement gradually cooled.



“Is there something on your mind?” (Zack)



 He asked, perhaps concerned about me. I gave a small nod,



“Yes. …through the power of the spirits, turning into something alien. We don’t know anything about the power of the spirits, or mana as they say… it’s terrifying. I’ve always wondered… when the same thing would happen to us. Why did ancient civilizations die? And why are there no traces of it? Why can’t we read the writing on the objects we excavate from ruins… and now I know why, and how to sort it out…” (Kitley)



“Well, I don’t know. I just heard what I heard, and there’s no proof or anything. And we don’t even know if the owner of that voice was telling the truth. So, considering that, isn’t it more important to start now? We’ve only just gotten a clue.” (Zack)



 As usual, he showed a calmness that one would not expect from a fourteen-year-old, but I didn’t have time to point that out to him.


 All I could think about at that moment was the tragedy of the ancients and whether or not it would come back to haunt us.



“Yes, that’s true. So my research could be of use to this world. The same thing may happen to us in the future. We need to gain as much knowledge as possible to prevent that…” (Kitley)



 He nodded and continued the conversation inside the ruins again.



“I don’t think we can reproduce the technology of magical engineering as they call it now. In particular, the advanced information processing system mediated the [mana], and the network system powering the transition gate can be understood in theory, but I can’t understand the theory at all…” (Zack)



 I certainly think transition gates are very useful. It allows people to come and go between cities without having to pass through dangerous roads. I can’t even imagine the amount of labor that could be saved by a transition gate, but this alone would make a big difference in the world. Furthermore, the utilization of different spaces using the theory of the transition gate, if put to practical use, would bring about a great change in the world.


 However, I do not understand the usefulness of information processing systems.



“What do you mean by the usefulness of information processing systems? What did the ‘voice’ have to say about that?” (Kitley)



 With a slightly troubled look on his face,



“I don’t know much about that either. I just thought it would be great if we could process a large amount of information instantly.” (Zack)



 I got the impression that he was somewhat deceptive in his words and gestures.


 But I wanted to hear something else more than that. I did not point that out but urged him onward. He showed some relief and continued talking further.



“…The ‘Tria’ continent we were on was, as the name implies, the ‘third’ continent. According to him, in addition to this continent, there was the first continent, Patria, and the second continent, Noum, which means a new continent. I don’t know if they are still there, but he said that both were greatly affected by the Great Calamity, so he has no idea what happened to them…” (Zack)



(I’d like to see it. An unknown continent where that ancient civilization was. How has it been transformed now? Maybe they have miraculously survived. If I have a chance to talk to them…) (Kitley)



 Mr. Lockhart’s story continued after that.


 According to him, the ancients did not have to work, leaving the labor to magical tools like golems. It is a kind of utopia, as the ancients admitted.


 Furthermore, when it came to magical engineering, Mr. Lockhart’s voice was tinged with enthusiasm.



“If magic is a simplified version of magical engineering, then maybe someday we can create ‘magical engineering’ in a different form than the ancient ones.” (Zack)



“Can you do it? ‘He’ said he couldn’t do it because we’re imperfect.” (Kitley)



“Yes, but it is precisely because we are imperfect that technology is developed to overcome this imperfection. I think that’s why this world will be much more accepting.” (Zack)



 Seeing him like this makes me think that he is truly Professor Ruspede’s disciple.


 It is true that he is already recognized as someone who is on par with Professor Ruspede in terms of knowledge about magical tools, but that is not what I mean. He thinks that they share the same passion for new knowledge and techniques.


 When I told him this, his face contorted slightly and he said something that could be taken as a complaint, “I think I’m a normal person.”



“Oh, I’m sure Professor Ruspede considers himself normal, too.” (Kitley)



 When I said that while laughing, he just sighed heavily without saying anything.



(He doesn’t understand how difficult it is to get Professor Ruspede to remember a name. I’m sure that only a very few of the researchers at the academy he remembers by name. I am sure of it, because he often asks me, “Who is that?” It took me about two years to get him to remember my name too… but I don’t think he understands how difficult it is for a young researcher to even be heard…) (Kitley)



 I stopped teasing him and decided to get back on topic.



“Then, before that, could you show me what you brought from the research facility of the ancients?” (Kitley)



 I said, then Lydiane interrupted me.



“That’s right. I want you to show me the “storage magic” you’ve learned to use, as soon as possible. And of course, I want to see what you brought out of the ruins.” (Liddy)



 He nodded and moved his arm in front of his chest. The gesture looked like he was pulling something out of an invisible bag. Then, the tip of his arm slowly disappeared.


 At that moment, everyone except him, including myself, was startled and speechless.



“I’m sorry to surprise you. It is on a different dimension.” (Zack)



 He had invoked his “storage magic” without chanting.


 He said he did it because it was a compound magic and he could not think of any spells. He also said that storage magic consumed less magic than he expected and used very little magic to maintain and move it in and out.



 He slowly withdrew his hand and pulled out a flat, rectangular box-like tool.



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