Dream Life Vol II Chapter 84.2: “Graduation: Part 1”

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 The logic was relatively easy to conceive. But then came the hard part.


 First, I needed to have the wind spirits create a double layer of boards. This is an application of the [Blade of Wind – Wind Blade], but nowadays, magic tools are not used to create attack magic. However, the security device in the ruins – the thieves call it a “trap” – has a magic circle that launches something similar to a Wind Blade, By applying this, I managed to create a board.


 The problem was the magic circle to get the air to vacate the middle. No such magic circle has been found in the ruins, and there is no theory behind it. In other words, I had no choice but to create my own magic circle from scratch.



 The magic circle had to be something that the wind spirits could easily understand. Some patterns have been established, and by combining them, the desired function is created.


 The place of action, movement, duration, etc. are carefully written down. It is a kind of programming, and the operation itself is not so difficult. However, just like programming, it is very difficult to find the optimum operating conditions.


 Air movement is relatively easy to create, but maintaining it is difficult. The problem is how to maintain the air movement from the box-like structure made of double boards.


 It is necessary to combine the judgment that the air has been fully evacuated with the action of closing the vent, but the wind spirits cannot determine whether a vacuum has been created.


 In the end, I decided on a method of maintaining a vacuum by keeping the vacuum pump running after the air was completely removed, but this was quite a tricky one.


 Even after the air is completely removed, it tries to move the air further, which consumes energy (magic power) until it’s gone. Even though the prototype used a third-grade magic crystal stone, it consumed all of the accumulated magic power in only about a minute.


 This is completely useless. At the very least, I would need at least 30 minutes, if I were to use it for that situation.



 In the end, I went through a number of trials and errors, sometimes staying up all night to make the magical tool. 


 Remembering the time before the delivery date when I was still in Japan, I continued to work silently under the pale light of the light magic tool.


 However, if I let my guard down, Liddy would enter the room and I would make no progress at all in my work. I knew it myself, but I had never thought I was so weak against temptation and desire.



 Nevertheless, I managed to complete the prototype in about ten days.


 It was about the size of a six-tatami mat room and lasted about two hours. However, it was an extravagant magical tool that used an expensive second grade magic stone or several third grade magic stones, and if it were to be sold, it would cost no less than 10,000 Crona, or 10 million yen, even if profits were not taken into account.



  After completing the device, I asked Professor Ruspede, who had provided me with the crystal stones, to check its effectiveness.


 When we checked the sound outside and inside the room, we could hardly hear a human voice. The effect was so great that even elves and beastmen with good hearing could not hear even if someone shouted loudly inside.



“It’s wonderful. As expected of Mr. Lockhart. By the way, who are you planning to sell this magic circle to?” (Ruspede)



 Basically, there are no patents in this world.


 However, in the case of magic circles, the same effect cannot be obtained without drawing exactly the same thing, so they are often sold in a form similar to a patent. If someone other than the designer simply imitated and made it, there would be a big difference in effect from the slightest difference in the way it is drawn, except for simple magical tools. For this reason, complex magical tools are usually sold with an explanation and concept of the magic circle design.



 I was only thinking of using it myself, so I didn’t think about who I would sell it to.



“…Yes, that’s right. It seems to me it would be best to have the Magician’s Guild buy it.” (Zack)



 The professor agrees, saying, “That’s right.”



 After that, I went to the Magicians’ Guild and requested a meeting with Chairman Wagman as usual. Recently, I have been trying not to show up much, but it seems that the chairman had given instructions, and I was easily given permission for a meeting.



“What can I do for you today? If you want to get a job with the guild, you’re more than welcome.” (Piers)



 I couldn’t help but chuckle at the chairman, who had not yet given up.



“No, not about that. I have come here today to ask you to buy a certain magic circle. I think it will be quicker if you take a look at it first…” (Zack)



 While saying that, I take out the prototype I made from the bag.



“This is a soundproofing magical tool. If you can get a staff to help us, I think you will be able to confirm its effectiveness.” (Zack)



 The chairman nodded at my words and called for his staff.


 Then, we performed an experiment like the one I had done at Professor Ruspede’s place.


 When Chairman Wagman saw the effect, he remained silent and did not open his mouth. Then, after making the staff members stand back, he slowly opened his mouth.



“Again, you made a great thing… It is certainly a useful item. Especially for someone like me, who is involved in politics, it is a very useful magic tool. Perhaps the heads of state will be clamoring for it.” (Piers)



 Chairman Wagman said as if muttering, and then asked, “How much do you want me to buy this for?”



“I would say 100,000 Crona (= about 100 million yen), but how about 50,000 instead?” (Zack)



 The chairman showed a slightly surprised expression,



“Is 50,000 enough? I think that’s pretty outrageous. …Is there some kind of condition attached to it?” (Piers)



 At the end, he looks at me with a wary look.


 I nodded,



“There is only one condition. The only condition is that the guild of sorcerers will strictly control it. This technology is actually very dangerous. It can be used as a trap…” (Zack)



 What I thought was, what if I removed the air between the double boards for soundproofing, but what would happen if I made this into a single layer? By evacuating the room, an oxygen-deficient condition can be created.


 With the current design of the magic circle, it takes a lot of magic power just to vent the air between the two layers of boards, and in reality there will be a gap in the floor area, so a completely sealed state cannot be created with a single layer. But if I can fix this point well, it is theoretically possible to remove the air inside.


 Even if I do not consider building more walls, but only venting the air, it is possible to create a state of oxygen deprivation in a well-sealed room. The point is that the amount of air released should be greater than the amount of air flowing in.


 If a timed device is attached to it, or if it is falsely activated as another magical tool, it may be possible to kill a person due to lack of oxygen without anyone noticing. In other words, it could be used as a magical tool for assassination.



“I don’t think anyone but me can modify it at this point. Professor Ruspede would be able to do it, but I don’t think he would be interested in doing such a thing. However, there is no guarantee that there will not be someone who is aware of this possibility and has enough knowledge to modify it. Considering this, I decided that it would be safer to have the Guild strictly control it.” (Zack)



 Chairman Wagman’s forehead was sweating and he shook his head.



“Why did you tell me this information, information that no one would have known if you hadn’t?” (Piers)


“The Chairman would definitely not misuse it, because it would have affected the credibility of the Magicians’ Guild. But it is too much of a risk to be lax in managing it without knowing how dangerous it can become. At the very least, a very limited number of people in the Magicians’ Guild should be aware of the dangers.” (Zack)



 The chairman remained silent, staring at me.



“Please consider that the price of 50,000 C mentioned earlier also includes a nuisance fee.” (Zack)



 Chairman Wagman gave a small shake of his head and gave a wry smile.



Certainly, I could buy this magic tool for 100,000 C. If I sold two of them, I’d get my money’s worth. But… It’s going to be okay. Even if someone were to try to modify this magic tool for assassination, they wouldn’t be able to do it in a heartbeat. It’s not every day that a genius of your caliber comes along.” (Piers)



 Chairman Wagman consulted the council about purchasing the design of a soundproofing magic tool.


 And it was approved, with the council members praising him for purchasing it for the bargain price of 50,000 C.



 As a side note, this soundproof magic tool had another effect.


 It was insulation.


 When this magic tool is used in the winter, the temperature of the room would stop the drop considerably. This is not surprising considering that the original idea was to use double-layered vacuum glass and like a double-pane-glass it has a high thermal insulation.


 Combining this with the magic of the pseudo-Peltier effect, I am now much closer to the comfortable living environment I had when I was in Japan, although the duration is shorter.



 There was another ripple effect.


 It was an idea that came to me as a result of creating a “board” with wind magic.


 Most of the magic in this world is offensive magic. As for defensive-types, there are times when armor is “hardened” with earth and gold magic, but I could not find any so-called “barrier” magic. I succeeded in creating a [Shield of Wind – Air Shield] magic with wind attribute magic.


 It may seem strange to call it a shield when it is derived from the spell [Blade of Wind – Wind Blade], but I was able to create a defensive magic that floats in the air with wind-attribute magic.



 The advantage of this magic is that it is transparent and allows for visibility, whereas ordinary wooden or metal shields would block the view. Furthermore, since it does not need to be held in the hand, both hands are free.


 The only disadvantage is that it takes a long time to activate and requires a surprising amount of magic power to maintain. It takes about 10 seconds for even me to activate it, and I can only use it for about 10 seconds continuously. The poor magic consumption was a curse, and I could not reproduce a sufficient ability with a highly restricted magical tool. Perhaps a first-grade magic stone with a large magic capacity could provide defense as strong as a wooden shield and a sufficient duration, but even with a second-grade magic stone, the defense was not very strong and could only block an arrow shot from a fairly long distance.


 I, Liddy, and Sharon, who are all users of wind attribute magic, can increase the ability of the air shield through our imaginations and make it practical, but I wanted to make it into a magical tool so that all of us could use it. In particular, I wanted Beatrice and Mel, who are vanguards and use two-handed weapons, to have it.


 As a way to improve it, I am researching whether it is possible to increase the defensive power by deploying multiple thin boards, but so far I have not found a way to do so.



 Incidentally, the “effect” of the soundproofing magical tool is that it does prevent sound, but I don’t think it is very useful outside the original purpose.


 Due to the nature of the magic tool, the sound cannot be muffled until Liddy enters the room, so I know exactly what she wants to do as soon as she enters.


 Maybe I’m just used to it, but it’s probably helping because Mel and the others don’t care as much as they used to.


 And as for Beatrice, she no longer cares either.


 She stopped caring for a different reason than Mel and the others.



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