Dream Life Vol II Chapter 85.2: “Graduation: Part 2”

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 We rode in that magnificent carriage and entered the Old Town from the New Town.


 As one would expect, the high-ranking nobles such as the counts would be in attendance, so it was not so conspicuous, but my father was dressed in his new white formal wear and did not look at all like a country knight from the frontier.


 My mother also wears a simple black dress, and when she and my father stand side by side, they really look quite picturesque.



 Ten o’clock in the morning. The graduation ceremony began.


 The headmaster of the Academy gave a speech, followed by the congratulatory speeches of the guests of honor. This part of the ceremony was no different from that of Japanese schools.


 Among the guests of honor, Piers Wagman, chairman of the council of the Magicians’ Guild, was also present this time. This time, he is seated on the family side. I almost guffawed when I saw the chairman of the Education and Research Committee, who was giving a congratulatory speech on behalf of the guild, frequently glancing in his direction.


 After the farewell speeches by the current students, I, as the representative of the graduating class, give my own speech.


 This time, as in the entrance ceremony, I prepared my speech by combining sentences from the drafts of previous speeches, but I came up with the last part by myself.



“…Today, we are leaving the Tyria Academy of Magic after studying here for five years. However, we are still inexperienced. We are determined to learn from the teachings of our seniors and to further our studies. …Many hardships will await us in the years to come. Sometimes we may face death in the dark, and other times we may be crushed by the logic of a large organization. But we will use what we have learned here as the foundation for our efforts to overcome these challenges. We learned that at the Academy. …Finally, we would like to thank our teachers for their guidance, everyone involved in the Academy for their support in the shadows and under the sun, and our families for raising us and watching over us. Zacharias Lockhart, the 281st Representative of the Tyria Magic Academy.” (Zack)



 When I bow my head on the stage, the venue is dominated by silence for a moment.


 Then, when Chairman Wagman stood up in the guests of honor seat and started applauding, the applause spread all at once, and the venue was dominated by an orchestra of applause.


 As the applause continued, I slowly stepped down from the podium.



 The graduation ceremony ended successfully.



 I went to greet Professor Lionel Ruspede and Professor Kitley Elvine, who had taken such good care of me.


 Professor Ruspede spoke in his usual tone,



“Are you really not staying here?” (Ruspede)



 When I nodded, he smiled and said, “I’m sorry to hear that. But you are welcome to come back whenever you feel like it,” holding out his right hand.



 I said, “Thank you so much for the past five years,” and bowed my head broadly, then took the professor’s hand. The professor gave a small nod of satisfaction, and then he asked Sharon to join.



“Miss Jakes, visit anytime. Of course, you’re welcome to join too.” (Ruspede)



 Sharon just answered “Y-yes” to his words and could not say anything more. She probably did not expect the famous Professor Ruspede to headhunt her.


 The professor nodded in satisfaction and returned to his laboratory.



 When I thanked Ms. Kitley in the same way, I received an unexpected response.



“I’m planning to take a leave from the Academy for a few years. At the moment, I’m thinking about doing some research in the Aquila Mountains, so I might be able to help out in Pericritor.” (Kitley)



 Then add as if remembering something she added,



“Come to think of it, your family home is at the foot of Aquila Mountains.” (Kitley)



 I was a little puzzled, not understanding her words.



“Yes, it’s close enough that if you go five kilometers to the east, you’ll end up in the mountains. Is there something you need there?” (Zack)



“No, it just seemed like it would be better to hire you than to hire adventurers in Pericritor.” (Kitley)



 Ms. Kitley said he intends to conduct a survey of the ruins based on information she learned from her research that there was also a community of ancient people in the Aquila Mountains.


 And if Rathmore village is close to Aquila Mountains and it seems convenient for investigation, it seems that she thought of hiring us.



“If there is an opportunity, I will help you. Well, Aquila Mountains is a big place, and there may not be any ruins near our village.” (Zack)



 “No problem. I would be happy to help you if I have the chance,” she said, and held out her right hand to me.


 I took her right hand and thanked her again.



 After I finished greeting Ms. Kitley, Quentin Wagman approached me.



“Mr. Lockhart. Thank you.” (Quentin)



 Quentin thanked me out of the blue. I was surprised, but he went on.



“I… well, I think the best thing about entering the academy was meeting you, Zack. If I hadn’t met you, I think I would still be a child…” (Quentin)



 He turned seventeen this year and is on the cusp of growing from a boy to an adult. And although his face is a little wild, like his father’s, he has a confident, youthful smile. He seems a little taller than his father, but he seems to be striving for independence, which makes me smile.



 Quentin has been going into the forest regularly since his freshman year, when he almost died going into the forest alone, and is now over level 20. If it weren’t for me and Sharon, he would have been at the top of his class leaving the others behind. Although he was not able to attend Professor Ruspede’s lectures until the end, he seems to have gained some recognition from the professor. Amazingly, the professor, who had not remembered the names of any of his graduates in the last dozen years, remembered his name.


 I said, “It’s not because of me, Quentin. It’s because of your efforts,” and I held out my right hand.


 He took my right hand and shook it firmly.



“I hear you will continue to be an adventurer. I envy you that you can live that way.” (Quentin)



 I nod slightly.



“I hear you are going to Saltus. Are you going to be a court magician, like your father, and work your way up the ranks in the guild?” (Zack)



“Yes, that’s my plan at the moment, but… my goals right now are elsewhere.” (Quentin)



 “Another goal?” I tilt my head.



“In ten years, no, twenty years from now, I want to be able to speak on an equal footing with you. My current self… It’s hard to say… but my current self is nowhere near as good as you, Zack. I can’t do it in ten years. But I will catch up to you in 20 years. That’s my goal right now.” (Quentin)



“Well… then, I’ll have to work hard too. So that in 20 years you won’t be disappointed that someone like me was your goal…” (Zack)



 I smiled while saying that, and he smiled back.



(The first time I saw him, I thought he was a brat, but he’s a hard worker and not a bad person. I hope he continues to grow and mature even in the maelstrom that is the Magicians’ Guild…) (Zack)



 He shook my right hand tightly once more and said to Sharon as well, “Sharon is one of my goals. I will definitely catch up with you. Until then, be well,” that was all he said, and then he turned on his heel and ran to his father, Chairman Wagman.



 Seeing him like that, I thought he might have been in love with Sharon.



(We didn’t have much contact, but it’s possible. Well, I guess Quentin wasn’t the only one with a crush on Sharon.) (Zack)



 In fact, many boys confessed their feelings to Sharon. She was a beautiful girl with an elegant face, and her modest personality, which was not conceited even though she was hailed as a genius, seemed to have made a good impression on them.


 On the other hand, none of the female students confessed their feelings to me.


 Quentin told me that when the girls saw me talking with Mr. Ruspede on an equal footing, they felt a kind of unapproachable wall. For my part, I was just fine without the hassle, but Liddy and Mel were upset that the girls at Doctus were not strong enough to approach me. In fact, if any of the girls had made a pass at me, they would have complained about it.



 Sharon is a little more empathetic,



“Mr. Wagman has changed. At first, I wondered what would happen to us… but what does he mean I’m his goal?”  (Sharon)



 Sharon doesn’t seem to realize that Quentin has feelings for her. Even if she did realize, she would just feel troubled and Quentin would be instantly heartbroken, which might have been a good thing.



“That’s right. I wish he had a bigger goal than me and Sharon.” (Zack)



 After saying that, I looked at Quentin’s back again.



(Twenty years from now, I wonder what will happen to Quentin. Also, what will happen to me…) (Zack)



 I looked up at the clear blue sky and thought about the future.


 And I thought about the Academy where I spent five years, and about the people I met here.


 The people I met in this town changed me a lot.


 Professor Ruspede, Ms. Kitley, Chairman Wagman, Sai Furman… and Beatrice. And Liddy who is always by my side.



(If I hadn’t met Beatrice…that day, at that time…my life would have been completely different from now…)



 While thinking about such things, I stared at the academy building.



(I will never live as an academy student here again. …I really enjoyed my life here. It was quite different from the academy life I had envisioned, but I never thought I would have such a fulfilling time…) (Zack)



 While I was pensive, Sharon took my hand and pulled me lightly.


 Her eyes looked straight ahead and only ahead.



“The lord and lady are waiting for you. Ms. Lydia too.” (Sharon)



 Sharon seemed to be only looking at the future.


 I turned around once more and looked at the academy building.


 And this time, without any prompting from Sharon, I started walking toward the gate where my family was waiting.



A/N: The long second arc is finally over.

In a manner of speaking, it is as per the plot, but it is unnecessarily long!

Especially when it comes to politics and alcohol, it was supposed to be over in about 5,000 words per story, but it turned out to be over 20,000 words for four stories. Although the story is titled “The School Years,” there was very little of the school life in the story.

Of the characters that appeared in the second arc, my favorite is of course Beatrice, but I also really like Blacksmiths Guild Master Ulrich Drexler.

When he appears, scenes that are supposed to be serious somehow change direction. He and the people around him are extremely serious about liquor…

I think he will play an active role in the next arc, but I am not sure to what extent he will be able to play an active role in the next arc, since the story is supposed to be greatly developed in the next chapter.


The third arc is scheduled to be “Adventurer Years: The Ars Road”.

Even when I said that he’s already an adventurer (lol).



A/N: 4/11/2014 – The third arc’s title is changed from “The Ars Road” to “The Countries”.



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