Dream Life Vol 3 Chapter 12.2: “Blacksmith’s Guild Welburn Branch: Part 2”

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 At that moment, I heard, “They attacked Lockhart? Who the hell are they?” Degenhardt says, “Be quiet!” The dwarves were spewing their wrath until Degenhardt said, “Quiet!”


 I flinched but kept talking.



“The bandits were repelled, and there was absolutely no damage done on our side. That’s all well and good, but there was something strange about this raid…” (Zack)



 I go on to talk about the raid, how the bandits had been trained and given fine weapons.



“I would like to ask you to tell me what you know about the weapons we have here. Anything, no matter how trivial.” (Zack)



 I bowed, and Degenhardt said, “Let me see them,” and picked up one of the long swords. Of course, he doesn’t let go of the mug, but he still scrutinizes the sword with a serious expression on his face.



“This one is Holger’s, isn’t this yours?” (Degenhardt)



 A middle-aged dwarf called Holger steps forward and accepts the sword, nodding as he says, “It’s certainly from a few strikes made by one of our novice.”



 Several blacksmiths then voiced that it was made in their own workshop.


 Degenhardt summed up their opinions and found that the same kind of weapons were bought from the same workshop.



“The one-handed sword is from Holger, the two-handed sword from Knut, and the spear from Richard’s place. …I don’t recognize the axe. So what do we do?” (Degenhardt)


“Can you tell when it was made or when it was sold?” (Zack)


“It’s hard to say when it was sold, but I can probably tell you when it was made.” (Degenhardt)



 I asked them to confirm when the item was made and then to make a list of who they sold it to. As I would expect from a professional craftsmen, they agreed that it was against their honor as a craftsman to hand over their customer’s information while drinking scotch.



“…Of course, I won’t look at that list, because it’s customer information. I want Mr. Degenhardt to look at it and see if it is the same person. How about that?” (Zack)



 Degenhardt nodded in agreement and said, “Find the guy who attacked Lockhart. The Blacksmith’s Guild will take care of him. No complaining!” The dwarves stomped in agreement.



 After that, the masters who recognized that it belonged to their workshop grabbed the guild staff and ordered them to pass on the instructions to the workshop clerks.


 I ask them how soon I’ll know,



“You’ll find out by the end of the day. After all, there is a lot of liquor at stake. I’m sure the clerks will do it with their lives on the line.” (Degenhardt)



(It’s tough on the staff here, but it’s tough on the clerks too…) (Zack)



 I bow to the clerks in my heart.



 After that, for some reason, beer, wine, and snacks were prepared, and a banquet started.


 Liddy and the others were a bit surprised at first, but by the time we got to the banquet, they gave up, or maybe they just opened up, and started drinking happily with me.



 Beatrice, who loves to drink, said to Degenhardt, who was sitting next to her, “Dwarves are very good-natured people,” and Degenhardt added, “Tiger girl is a good drinker, too.” and poured her a mug of beer.



 Liddy sits down next to me and says, “Hey, get that thing out and let me have it,” and leans over to me.


 When I replied, “I don’t think I can do it in public like this. If it’s just the two of us tonight…”, Liddy said, “It can’t be helped. Fine, tonight for sure,” and made a sulking face.. She did, however, firmly request that the white wine in her hand be chilled.



 Mel and Sharon sip their wine but roll their eyes at the vigor of the dwarves around them. They have developed some tolerance for it after the banquet in the village and the party with other adventurers in Doctus, but as expected, they are not accustomed to drinking so much surrounded by the strongest drinkers and dwarven blacksmiths.


 Dan was positioned between Mel and the dwarves and continued to drink alone.



(Beatrice notwithstanding, I feel bad for Liddy, Mel, and Sharon, I guess. Dan… hang in there… and I’ll pick up your remains later…) (Zack)



 As for me, I was drinking wine and beer and secretly using detoxification magic to cleanse myself of alcohol. I started enjoying alcohol when I turned fifteen, but I’m still having a growth spurt and trying not to binge drink.


 Of course, because of these times, he has not neglected his research and has slightly improved the detoxification magic of the water-attribute so that it can also break down alcohol. This way, there is almost no alcohol left.



(I don’t get hangovers and it doesn’t affect my body, which is fine, but I feel like there’s something wrong with this. After all, drinking is only drinking when you’re drunk. I can’t wait to drink without restriction. …Dan needs some detoxification magic as soon as we get out of here…) (Zack)



 On the way, I asked Degenhardt why the dwarven blacksmiths had gathered.



“We heard the Lockhart family carriage had entered the city. We thought maybe you brought scotch… well, it’s kind of an instinct!” (Degenhardt)



 When he said that boldly, I couldn’t say anything.


 Later, Degenhardt told me about the dealing with distilled spirits.



“Can’t you sell some scotch to Welburn, too? Now that you saw these guys, you’d know how long we’ve been waiting. Please, Zack.” (Degenhardt)



 They bowed their heads in worship, but at the moment we can’t afford to extend our sales channels.



“Well, we’re doing our best because to keep the channels in Ars. We won’t be able to increase production for a few more years… and in a little while, we’ll be able to train more craftsmen, so until then…” (Zack)



 At my words, Degenhardt muttered, “A few more years…” and he looked despairing as if the end of the world had arrived.



“Can we do something about that? Please.” (Zack)



(If we raise the money from the increased production, we can manage at least one barrel a month. But considering the transportation here, it is too costly to transport only one barrel once a month. We might be able to get by with three barrels once every three months or so. …Either way, I’d have to consult with Nicholas and Scott before making a decision here…) (Zack)



 I told them that, and furthermore, I managed to convince them with a promise that I would support them as much as possible when they built a distillery in Welburn.



 After about three hours, the banquet was over.


 I cast a detoxifying spell on Dan, who was still woozy, and dragged Beatrice back to the castle with the wagons in tow, dragging her along with me, who was still groggy from her drink.



 That night, Degenhardt brought me information that I had not expected at all.





~Jonathan’s Perspective~



 After Mr. Lockhart and the others left, the branch manager himself gave me, Jonathan Water, words of praise and appreciation for my handling of the situation.



“You did a great job, Johnny. The management was very pleased with your work. It’s not easy to respond so quickly.” (Degenhardt)


“Oh, thank you very much.” (Jonathan)



 I was surprised that the branch manager called me by my nickname, but I felt a renewed sense of accomplishment at his words of praise.



 Never in my life had I accomplished such a difficult task. Partly because I was lucky, but also because I was irresistibly happy that he thought so highly of my work.


 I was thinking about this in a daze, but the branch manager was still talking.



“In that case, I will give you a special task.” (Degenhardt)



 I couldn’t help but ask, “A special task?”



“Oh, I had just discussed with Zack, or rather Mr. Zacharias Lockhart, that in the future a distillery would be built here in Welburn…” (Degenhardt)



 And I was astonished at what he said next.



“…I’ve decided to leave its management to you. You can spend all the money you want. But make something that will satisfy us.” (Degenhardt)



 With that, the branch manager slapped me on the buttocks with his well-trained arm, a characteristic of blacksmiths. But I felt no pain. I felt no pain because I had received a greater impact from the branch manager’s words.


 The branch manager smiled wide and said,



“You know us well. You can do it.” (Degenhardt)



 With that, he went back to his room.



 I was left alone.


 I was left to wonder how difficult it would be to satisfy the dwarves with liquor. I knew how difficult it was. I knew that, and I felt my vision going completely dark. [T/N: Heavy Degenhardt. Too heavy.]





~3rd Person Perspective~



 Later, the lowland liquor of Welburn, called Lowland, would come to be known as a great drink, comparable to the Highland a highland liquor near the Aquila Mountains–the village of Rathmore and Ars, the capital of the kingdom of Kaum. It is a product attributed to Jonathan Water, a former employee of the Blacksmith’s Guild.



 In honor of his work, the Welburn branch of the Blacksmith’s Guild gave one of Welburn’s spirits the name “Johnny Water”. The label depicts a gentleman running with a wide gait, representing the way he ran around the Blacksmith’s Guild.



T/N: Later, when people saw the “Johnny Water” label, they mistook him for “Walker”. Johnny Water” was then renamed…

(From the Trinitas Blended Whiskey Encyclopedia by Gardner Earthmerchant)… Dear Agnostic: I borrowed an idea from one of your comments(lol).


As I was writing this, I felt like drinking Johnnie Walker for the first time in a while (lol).




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