Dream Life Vol 3 Chapter 15.1: “Rebellion”

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 It was 8:00 p.m. on July 12.


 The day was hot and humid from the morning, and dark clouds were hanging in the evening. It had been raining heavily for the past hour or so, and the sound of raindrops hitting the windows echoed through the room.



 From the information provided by the Blacksmith’s Guild and Baron Oldham, it was learned that the Ouellette Trading Company, a wholesale medicine merchant in the commercial city of Aurella, was involved in the purchase of weapons.


 However, we have no idea for what purpose the Ouellette Trading Company purchased the weapons and gave them to Maddock and the other bandits.



 While discussing the future with his father, brother, Baron Oldham, and others, he noticed something strange in the castle.


 The baron ordered his subordinate to “see what is going on,” but another subordinate immediately rushed into the room.


 The subordinate, who appeared to be a civil official, was quite agitated. The baron said, “What’s going on?”



“I-It’s a rebellion! The Knights are heading towards us, shouting, ‘Defeat the traitor Hubert Roswell!’” (Oldham)



 Today’s guard is the 4th Battalion of the 1st Knight, of which all but the 2nd Company, which is on night guard, have taken up arms and are cutting down any resistance one after another.



 Even in the upstairs guest room where we are, the sound of the soldiers’ loud footsteps grows even louder. My father immediately said, “Everyone take up arms! We will protect His Excellency the Governor!”, grabbed his beloved bastard sword and headed out of the room.



 We too ran out into the hallway to return to our rooms. Guy, Byron, and the rest of the squires, contrary to my father’s orders grab their weapons and run out of the room.


 Byron was heading to my mother’s room, perhaps to protect my mother and my three siblings.



 As we step out into the hallway, I hear the sound of fierce sword fight from downstairs, “Protect His Excellency!” and voices shouting, “Strike down the traitors!”



(What’s going on? Aren’t the knights here supposed to be trustworthy?) (Zack)



 With that thought in mind, I enter their room and throw all the equipment except for the sword into my storage magic [Inventory]. Securing as much as possible for Liddy and the others, I grabbed only the sword and followed my father.



 My father is heading for the Frontier Count’s quarters on the third floor, where the Frontier Count and his family live. Fortunately, there was still no confusion here, and a soldier directly under the Frontier Count’s family was standing anxiously in front of the door.



 Baron Oldham exclaimed, “Is the lady of the house safe, Francis and the others?” The soldier replied, “Yes! They have just entered the room.” He reported that the grandson Francis, his mother, Cordelia, and my brother’s fiancée Rosalind had joined them.



 The Baron says, “If you see the enemy, report it out loud! Lord Mathias. Stay here for a while,” and enters the door.



 My father nodded to the baron and took up a position in front of the door. He was then about to give instructions to Guy and Byron to intercept the enemy.



 I was apprehensive about this place.


 The residence of the family of the Frontier Count is at the far end of the third floor. The rooms were slightly to the south on the east side of the building, but in front of the rooms was a wide corridor about five meters wide that ran north to south, with stairs at both ends and there was a danger of being caught in between.



“Father, it’s not safe here. Even if we try to fight back, we’ll be pincered from both sides.” (Zack)



 He nodded his head. I am wondering if my father was thinking the same thing, but then he said, “I have to protect His Excellency,” and took up his weapon on the spot. It is true that we have no choice but to intercept them here, but I thought I would at least check the situation,



“We should have Guy and Dan scout the area. If we can secure an escape route, shouldn’t we get out while we still can?” (Zack)



 My father nodded, “Hmm,” and ordered them to check the situation downstairs.



 I, in the meantime, took out my equipment and Liddy’s and the others’ and put on their protective gear. My father smiles slightly at the sight even in this situation, “But that storage magic is handy, isn’t it?”



 After about two minutes, Guy and Dan return and report on the situation downstairs. There was fighting going on at the bottom of both staircases and it was getting closer and closer.



 My father went to report this to the Frontier Count.


 Baron Oldham’s men and servants came to join him, but they were not likely to be of any use as they were not military men.



 My brother had instructed them to escort us into the Count’s room, so there were only the six of us, my brother, Guy, Byron, Enos, five young village patrol youths, and the soldier standing guard, for a total of 15 men.


 And except for the six of us and the soldier, the rest of us had only weapons in our hands, but no protective gear of any kind.



(Aside from Byron, Brett and the others will soon become unable to fight. …Even if we use magic to reduce their strength, it’s hard to use ranged attack magic in this place. Especially fire magic, which can’t be used in such a situation. …The only thing we can use is [Snow Storm – Blizzard), which Liddy and I are good at, or Sharon’s [Air Hammer]. …Then I can use [Dancing Black Butterflies – Spangle Waltz], to neutralize them…)  (Zack)



 The length of the corridor is about 20 meters on the south side and 50 meters on the north side, but there are no obstacles, and I was looking at the corridor and thinking about whether I could create a barricade with magic.



(…At least if we were not in a castle, I could build a wall using [Wall of Soil – Earth Wall] and [Stone Generation – Stone Creation]…) (Zack)



 [Earth Wall] is extremely inefficient if it is not in contact with the ground. Although it is not impossible to build a wall, it is currently not an option as it consumes a lot of time and magic power.


 As the next best option, I propose to make a barricade with furniture.



“Brother. Let’s build a barricade. We can use desks or anything from a nearby room and line them up…” (Zack)



 Just as I was saying that the knights appeared from the stairs on the north side.



“Looks like it’s already late, Zack! You take command of the south side! I’ll protect the north side!” (Rod)



“Understood! Liddy, Sharon! If the enemy approaches, support us with magic!” (Zack)



 My voice was supplemented by my brother’s orders.



“Guy, Dan, and Mark draw them enough before releasing the attacks! Byron, Brett, and Sid, attack with me!” (Rod)



 My brother and Byron line up in the middle of the corridor, with village patrol swordsmen Brett and Sid guarding the edges. Further back, spearmen Jim and Kevin held their spears low to close the gap.


 Then, in range, Guy, Dan, and Mark, the vigilante village patrol archers, fire their arrows one after another. But they can’t do much damage to the heavily armed soldiers with their shields up.



 While Guy and the others attack, Liddy and I intercept them with [Snow Storm- Blizzard].


 The temperature inside the hot and humid midsummer castle suddenly drops. Our magic freezes the lead soldiers and brings them to a halt.



 Sharon timed the timing for the [Blizzard]’s effect to wear off and unleashed the [Air Hammer] at maximum power. The soldiers were hit by a mass of air that blew away even the heavily armed cavalrymen, and those who had stopped in their tracks fell backward like bowling pins.



 I wondered if he heard the bustle in the corridor, but in the meantime, my father had returned.



“I will ask His Excellency to use the escape route. Zack and the others will escort His Excellency!” (Matt)



 Beatrice raised her voice in opposition from behind.



“I think we should check to see if the escape route is safe! I don’t believe that these guys don’t know about the escape route!” (Beatrice)



 My father said, “I don’t think that’s possible,” but as if he had something in mind, he stopped and spoke to me.



“I want to hear your opinion too. Follow me to His Excellency. …Rod! You’re in command here!” (Matt)



 Following my father, I entered the private quarters of the Frontier Count.



 It is indeed the private office of a powerful man, the Governor of the North, and is lined with luxurious furniture. However, as if to show the personality of the Frontier Count, there is no sense of splendor at all.



 Inside, the family of the Frontier Count, Baron Oldham, the guards, and several servants were staring at us with anxious faces.


 When my father expressed Beatrice’s concern to the count, the Count nodded his head, as if he had an idea.



“Indeed, Ms. Beatrice may be right. If Constance is in on this, the escape route could be dangerous…. He knows of its existence.” (Hubert)



 I suggested to my father and the frontier count that we have Dan scout the area. Dan is good at stealth and is also good at detecting presences.


 When the Count nodded, I called Dan from the corridor. After the Frontier Count briefly explained the structure of the escape route, he quickly went behind the fireplace.



 In the meantime, my father and I went back outside the corridor to check the battle situation.


 The enemy still appeared only from the north, but they had already allowed themselves to be approached, and my brothers and I were cutting with them. The enemy was holding up their shields and attacking in flanking formation.



 In the front line were my elder brother, Byron, and the village patrol swordsmen Brett and Sid on the two flanks, blocking the enemy. The spearmen Enos, Beatrice, and the others were steadily inflicting damage to the enemy with their spears protruding from the sides of the three men.


 Among them, the attacks of Byron and his brother were the most impressive.



 Byron, using his physical strength to his advantage, used his huge two-handed sword to cut down enemy soldiers with both shields. Next to him, my brother dodged the enemy’s thrusting sword and sliced off both arms cleanly from below.


 In addition to this, Liddy and Sharon used magic, and Guy and the others attacked with bows, inflicting damage on the enemy without fail. Furthermore, Beatrice and other spearmen attacked through the gaps in the vanguard and followed up with my brother and the others.


 However, the enemy, ignoring the damage and ignoring the deaths of their colleagues, keeps advancing.



(The enemy is moving strangely. Even when they are attacked, they move toward us with little regard for us. They are like soldier ants…) (Zack)



 Despite the strenuous efforts of my brother and the others, the corridor was flooded with enemy soldiers one after another, and their number had already exceeded 30.



 The enemy soldiers did not stop walking even though the frontline soldiers were fighting. Even the fiercest soldiers such as Byron, my brother, and Beatrice had difficulty defeating these heavily armed soldiers in armor with a single blow, and our allies retreated slightly.


 I decided to use my trump card to break the deadlock.



“Father! I’ll use magic!” (Zack)



 Without hearing my father’s reply, I began chanting my dark magic, the [Dancing Black Butterflies – Spangle Waltz].




“O Noctis, God of Darkness, Lord of the night and tranquility. Give me thy black butterflies that take away my movement. I offer the power of mine life as payment. Bind mine enemies, Dance, Black Butterflies, Spangle Waltz!” (Zack)




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