Dream Life Vol 3 Chapter 16.2: “Defensive Battle”

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“Mel, listen up. We don’t have much time left… so when this is over, let’s go on a walking date in the city, just the two of us. So, for now, be an adult and go into the room.” (Zack)



 Mel sniffled and said, “Guu… that’s a promise. Please don’t die…” and finally moved away from me.



 Sharon said, “It’s not fair that it is just Mel,” and then Beatrice said, “Right. Let’s pretend we all have that promise,” and laughed.



“I don’t have a choice. But only one day per person. …Well, it’s time. If I don’t come back inside after about twenty minutes, don’t open the door from the inside. I’m counting on you.” (Zack)



 The enemy soldiers in the north corridor slowly approach. Occasionally they fell and made loud clanking noises, but gradually they filled the corridor. It would still take about five minutes, but there was not much time to spare.


 The south side still seemed to be faltering around the stairs, but it would be the same here.



 Beatrice dragged Mel into the room. Sharon followed, and Liddy gave me a final kiss, saying “It’s a charm,” before entering the room.



 I regained my composure, then I took out something from my [Inventory].



(Now, let’s get down to business. If I use this, I’ll probably be able to do something.) (Zack)



 After making sure everyone was in the room, I placed the soundproof magic tool on the floor.


 The soundproofing device is a device that blocks sound by creating a double layer of air and removing the air between the two layers of air. To increase the soundproofing performance, there can be almost no gaps between the boards, so it is possible to block the air.



(Can magic be shot through a board made with a magical tool…) (Zack)



 That’s what I thought, but I don’t think it’s impossible.



 Magic does not necessarily emanate from the surface of the body. A [Flame Hurricane- Firestorm] or [Tornado of Blades – Tornado Slasher, can be triggered at a distance away from my hand.


 This is the flexibility of magic, and often it can be anything as long as you have the power of imagination.



 Another problem is the lower limit of oxygen required for the magic flame. If the limit of oxygen concentration for a magic flame is about 15%, the oxygen concentration cannot be lowered below that level.



(If I remember correctly, the combustion of hydrogen could reduce the oxygen level below 10 percent. If I imagine that… Well, it’s about time to cast the spell…) (Zack)



 I chanted a new original magic spell while watching the enemy approach tangled with their allies.



“O Ignis, God of Fire, commander of the world’s fires. I seek thy thread of the burning flame spider. I offer the power of mine life to thee as payment. Burn mine enemies! Threads of the Fire Spider, Fire Web!” (Zack)



 Holding the transparent plate of the soundproofing magical tool, my hand on it, I shoot a thread of flame from both hands at the enemy all at once. They are composed of thin, pure white flames a few millimeters in diameter, and they extend from a distance of about 30 centimeters from the tip of my palm.



 The total number of flames in both hands is about one hundred.


 The length is about 20 meters. It was so bright that it was hard to keep my eyes open, and each one must have been very hot.



 The soundproof magic equipment made it almost impossible to hear the sound, but the roaring sound of intense combustion probably echoed through the corridor.


 The bodies of the fallen soldiers are being burned by the heat of the flames. As expected, the soldiers do not rush into the flames, and a slight hesitation can be seen.



 The flames continue for about two minutes, gradually increasing in length.


 The soldiers, who had been foolishly trying to move forward, gradually collapsed. In the meantime, the color of the flame became unstable, turning red or orange, but it continued for another minute or so without stopping.



 Perhaps this worked, as the soldiers within range of the flames also fell to their knees and began to fall as if cut down. The soldiers coming forward from the rear also began to kneel in the same way.



 Just to be sure, the same magic is released on the south side, depriving them of oxygen.


 The appearance of the enemy soldiers convinced me that I had managed to create a hypoxic condition.



(Phew. …I seem to have managed to succeed, but it’s completely unknown how long this will be effective. I didn’t feel any wind in the magic tool, but I somehow felt the air moving with the combustion, and… considering it’s a tunnel, it should buy us a few minutes…) (Zack)



 I held my breath and stopped the soundproofed magical device. At that moment, the heated air pierced my skin. I didn’t care, I was going to jump into the Frontier Count’s room.


 However, my body didn’t respond, perhaps due to the depletion of my magical power, and I fell to one knee, feeling dizzy.



(If I don’t jump into the room while holding my breath…) (Zack)



 Impatiently, I managed to get up with my sword as a walking stick and jumped into the room. There, as promised, Mel was waiting for me and supported me as I was about to fall down.


 Immediately after that, Beatrice closes the door and pushes the sheets into the gap below. With Mel supporting me, I report the situation to my father.



“I think I bought us some time, for now.” (Zack)



 My father nodded at me and turned to the Frontier Count, “We’ll stack the furniture in front of the door!” he said and began to build a barricade.



 The magic I used this time was originally created as a countermeasure against small flying monsters that swarmed around. Once, I was attacked by several hundred vampire bats–about 50 centimeters long that usually swarm in groups of several dozen–and had a tough time. It was at this time that I came up with the idea of creating a low-power but wide-range attack magic.



 This original magic, [Fire Spider Threads – Fire Web], is a magic that creates a thin flame like a thread and spreads it wide like a net to increase the attack range.


 Furthermore, this magic can move the attack area by linking the movement of the hand with the flame threads. This made it a magic that could be used well in a large space against small fries that swarmed in numbers.



 There are reasons why this time we chose this [Fire Web] instead of the usual fire magic. One was to increase the area of contact with the air, and the other was to incite the fear of fire.



 The objective this time was not to defeat the enemy by the heat of the flames. The objective is to defeat the enemy by depriving him of oxygen. To do so, it is necessary to consume as much oxygen in the vicinity as possible.


 One uncertain factor was how much oxygen the magic flame would consume. In other words, the magical flame may not require much oxygen.



 Considering that the power of the fire spirit is converted into flame, it is doubtful that oxygen is essential. If the spirit’s power is a mixture of flammable and non-flammable substances, it does not require ambient oxygen for combustion. However, if it is the phenomenon of flame itself, I thought that it would surely take in oxygen from the surroundings. Therefore, we increased the area of contact with the air as much as possible with the thread of flame, so that the oxygen in the air would be consumed.



 The other reason is simple. If the castle were to burn under these circumstances, we would also burn to death. Even though the castle is made of stone, it is not without flammable materials. In fact, wood is used for the pillars and beams, the corridors are covered with carpets, and there are tapestries on the walls. That’s why I used [Fire Web] which can be controlled so that the flames don’t come in direct contact with the building.



 When I looked around the room, my brother was already gone. He had gone outside the castle with Guy and Dan.



 I ran out of magic and couldn’t stand, so I slumped to the floor.


 I check with Liddy about the current situation, leaving Mel and Sharon to worry about me.


 According to Liddy, there were more than ten people at the end of the escape route, and the Frontier Count had given up on using the escape route.



 This decision was understandable.


 The escape route was only wide enough for one person to walk, and the exit led to the cellar of a warehouse outside the castle, making it impossible to escape if ambushed. Even if we tried to escape into the escape route and engage in an endurance battle, it would be the end of the world if oil or flammable materials were thrown into the room and a fire was set. The enemy would only have to kill us all. There would be no choice.



 Brother used a rope to get out of the castle through a window while Liddy and Sharon used magic to eliminate the enemy soldiers who were waiting for them under the castle. But to get to the Knights’ headquarters, they had to climb over more castle walls.


 And between the castle and the walls, the rebel soldiers were patrolling, and we had to get past their sight.



 That alone was a challenge, but today it was raining, and the walls were slippery. Under these conditions, no matter how physically skilled Guy and Dan were, they would need some time to get out safely.



 Suddenly, I heard the conversation between my father and the Frontier Count.



“…In this situation, it would be an hour at the earliest. We should consider the possibility of being discovered by the enemy and being wiped out…” (Matt)



 My father let out a sigh at those words, but he ignored it and continued talking.



“… I don’t know the number of the enemy. I think it is more than one company. We have 16 men. I think we have no choice but to stay here.” (Matt)



 Then he turned to me and suddenly asked, “Zack, tell His Excellency what you think.”


 I guess the Frontier Count has an overestimated opinion of me and wants some optimistic opinion from me.


 I managed to get down on one knee,



“Perhaps the one company my father mentioned is the smallest number. It took only a short time from the beginning of the battle on the first floor until they came up to the third floor. If that is the case, I think we should assume that most of the guard battalion has turned into enemies…” (Zack)



 The Frontier Count and his confidant, Baron Oldham, looked slightly dismayed at my negative words.


 I continued on regardless of this.



“However, there are some advantages for us…” (Zack)



 The fact that the enemy is being controlled by magic or drugs means that it is not a spontaneous rebellion, so all but the soldiers inside the castle are our allies, and the sound of the magic I mentioned earlier—[Explosive Balloon]—confuses the allies outside. Making the allies outside notice something is wrong, and that there is little danger of them climbing the walls and entering through the windows because it is raining.



“…which means that time is on our side. Our chances of survival are increasing as we do this. All we have to do is defend the doors and windows. Keeping the enemy out of this room is the path to victory.” (Zack)



 The Frontier Count nodded, saying, “That’s true,” and began speaking to everyone.



“I have been in more dangerous situations than this. The ‘Lockharts’ saved me then, too. Sir Mathias. I entrust you with the command. I’m counting on you.” (Hubert)



 My father gets down on one knee, replies, “Yes, milord,” and orders Liddy to watch the window while he and Byron stand in front of the door.


 Then we had an uneasy time of it.




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