Dream Life Vol 3 Chapter 18.1: “City Gate Breakthrough”

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~Dan’s Perspective~



 After escaping from the castle, I, Dan Jakes, and Master Rod, Roderick Lockhart–immediately ran off toward the headquarters of the Knight Order.



 The headquarters of the Order is located very close to the castle, and in about a minute we arrive in front of the great door of the Order’s headquarters. There, many knights, perhaps sensing the abnormality of the castle, were equipped and lined up.


 One of them, a mature knight in splendid armor, notices Master Rod.



“It’s Rodrick! What’s going on?” (Manfred)



 That knight was Baron Manfred Brailsford, the leader of the First Order, who was also Master Rod’s superior.


 Master Rod got down on one knee and bowed his head. I hurriedly followed his example.



“I would like to inform His Excellency, Commander. It appears that the 4th Battalion has–rebelled. His Excellency, Governor has ordered us to suppress it immediately.” (Rod)



 Master Rod used the word “rebelled” with slight hesitation.


 Commander Brailsford peeled his eyes and muttered, “I don’t believe it…” But he quickly shook his head,



“There’s no way you would lie… I understand. We will now rescue the Governor! All hands, march to the gates!” (Manfred)



 The Knight Commander led the knights and squires who had gathered one after another toward the gates. I followed Master Rod like a squire.



 Sim Marlon, Mel’s older brother, rushed up to me when he saw Rod-sama. Sim is Master Rod’s squire, but he was not at the castle today because he was away from Master Rod on the Order’s business.


 Mr. Sim could not hide his confusion and asked me in a whisper what was going on.



“What’s going on? I heard that the 4th Battalion is rebelling?” (Sim)



“I don’t really know either. But I am sure that the soldiers of the Order have attacked us.” (Dan)



 Mr. Shim made a face of disbelief at this explanation.


 Meanwhile, Mr. Rod was explaining the situation to the Knight Commander.



“…His Excellency Governor and his family are all safe. However… The castle gate was guarded by the company. I think it would be difficult to break through without siege weapons…” (Rod)



“I know. But the battering ram isn’t here. I have just ordered a ladder to be arranged, but it will take 30 minutes to arrive. We will have to see if we can’t work using the magic of the magicians.” (Manfred)



 The gates of Welburn Castle are beautifully painted white to match the elegant appearance of the castle, but they are actually made of thick oak wood reinforced with iron plates. I don’t know how good the magicians of the Northern Governor’s Army are, but I don’t think they would be able to break down that gate unless they were as powerful as Master Zack.


 Master Rod and the Commander seemed to be thinking the same thing, but they said nothing, probably because they had no further plans.



 We soon arrived at the castle gate.


 The soldiers of the 4th Battalion were lined up above the gate with their bows ready, and as soon as we were within range, they fired their arrows at us.



 Somewhere in the back of his mind, the commander didn’t want to believe it, “Grenfell, why? Damn it!” He was talking to himself. Then he ordered the men in magician’s robes to attack.



“Defeat the rebels! Mage corps, attack now!” (Manfred)



 There were about fifteen magicians. They used different kinds of magic, and some of them were using [Flame Lance] in the strong rain.



 Still, they succeeded in wiping out the archers on the castle walls in about five minutes. When there were no more attacks from the castle gates, they began to unleash their magic on the white-painted gates. However, all of their efforts were bounced off the heavy castle gates and only served to peel off the paint.


 After a few minutes of continuous attacks, the knight commander, seeing no effect at all, ordered, “Abort the attack!”



“I guess it’s impossible after all. The only way is to recruit a sacrificial unit to climb over the walls and open the gates from the inside…” (Manfred)



 I heard the leader mutter to himself.


 At that moment, I felt a presence on my neck and turned around. There was a familiar group of people there.


 It was a group of dwarven blacksmiths.



 They must have heard the clamor and had come over, carrying large blacksmithing hammers on their shoulders. Then, perhaps noticing me, the branch manager, Mr. Degenhardt, approached me.



“You’re with Zack’s party… I believe it was Dan. What the heck is all this ruckus about?” (Degenhardt)



 I was surprised that he remembered my name, but I quickly explained the situation.


 Mr. Degenhardt’s face turned red and he was indignant when he heard that Master Zack and the others were involved in a rebellion and were in danger.



“The Lockharts are in trouble! What are you standing for?” (Degenhardt)



 I thought to myself, trying to figure out how to explain,



“…His Excellency, Commander is having trouble figuring out how to get through that gate, and a sacrificial squad is going to break through the walls and open the gate from the inside…” (Dan)



 Mr. Degenhardt was indignant when he heard what I had to say, and he strode up to the Knight Commander. I thought it was a bad idea and stopped him. But Mr. Degenhardt didn’t listen to my voice and kept walking.



 When he stood in front of the Knight Commander, he declared with a glare, “You can’t stop me when I break down the castle gate.”


 The Commander flinched slightly at his forcefulness, but quickly asked, “Of course I don’t mind, but… what are you going to do?”



 Mr. Degenhardt smiled fearlessly and said, “Leave it to us,” and shouted to the blacksmiths, “The Lockharts are waiting for our help!”



 At that moment, something like a fighting spirit rose from the bodies of the dwarves. I didn’t see any fighting spirit, but I thought so because it looked for a moment as if the pouring rain had turned into a mist. I later heard that Sim also saw the same thing.



 In response to Mr. Degenhard’s words, “Let’s destroy the castle gate!”, the blacksmiths raise their hammers and respond, “Yeah!”



 The commander was speechless at the force of the words, and the knights could do nothing but watch.


 Mr. Degenhardt was completely oblivious to our presence and said, “Holger! Knut! Gustav!…” he called out the names of about 20 men and had them line up. The men called out were slightly older masters.



 Mr. Degenhardt moved the hammer on his shoulder with his right hand and announced, “Let’s go!” and started walking toward the castle gate with his men in tow.



 The knights shouted, “Are you going to break the gate with that hammer?” and “That is impossible.”


 Indeed, it seemed impossible to destroy the gate made of nearly 20 cm thick oak wood and nearly 1 cm thick iron reinforcement with a mere hammer, even if it was a large hammer hammer for blacksmithing.



 Meanwhile, enemy soldiers began shooting arrows from above the castle gate again. It appears that a few archers survived.


 The Knight Commander ordered, “Do not let the enemy attack!” and the magicians resumed their attack on the top of the gate. In no time at all, the survivors of the enemy were eliminated and the magical attacks stopped. Silence returned to the area.



 Under such circumstances, the dwarves seemed to pay no attention to the attack from above, and before they knew it, they had reached the front of the castle gate.


 Then, at Mr. Degenhardt’s signal, “Ready!”, they all raised their hammers all at once. I thought I heard a “Zap!”



“Let’s go! Here you go!…” (Degenhardt)



 With that signal, the hammers were swung down all at once.


 The sound of “bang!” echoed around us. The blacksmiths’ unrestrained hammering made it sound as if the hammers had been struck by a single hammer, instead of 20. The sound was beautifully synchroniuos.



 At first they started about two seconds apart.


 After a few strikes, Mr. Degenhardt’s signal gradually became faster, and eventually the strikes were made precisely at one-second intervals.



 A heavy, low-thumping sound echoed around the area, like the beating of a giant heart.


 Even so, I knew it was impossible for me to break down that door. The dwarves looked so small against the huge gate, which was about 10 meters wide and 5 meters high. However, the sound of the huge percussion instrument they played was so loud that it seemed to echo throughout the town.



 The Knight Commander was transfixed by the sight, but he did not think the dwarves would succeed, and he began to recruit a sacrificial squad.



 Master Rod and I naturally volunteered as well.


 The positioning of the sacrificial squad was decided before the rope arrived. Meanwhile, sounds were constantly coming from the gates of the castle in a steady rhythm, already part of the atmosphere.



 After about ten minutes, the rope with its claws was prepared, and we approached the castle with caution, watching out for attacks from the ramparts. It was then that I noticed a change in the sound of banging on the gates.



 At first it was a heavy, low thumping sound, but then it changed and began to sound like a cracking bell. However, because the striking was done at exactly the same one-second intervals, I did not notice the difference until much later.



“Master Rod! The sound of the castle gate has changed. Maybe…” (Dan)



 Rod-sama seemed to have noticed the sound change from my words. He then tried to report it to the Commander.



 By that time, the Commander and the other knights had also noticed the change in sound. They also noticed that the castle gate doors were beginning to swing slightly, and the murmur spread.




 I don’t know who said it, but they said, “Your Excellency! The castle gate is about to open! The dwarves have done it!”




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