Dream Life Vol 3 Chapter 18.2: “City Gate Breakthrough”

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~Dan’s Perspective~



 By that time, the Commander and the other knights had also noticed the change in sound. They also noticed that the castle gate doors were beginning to swing slightly, and the murmur spread.



 I don’t know who said it, but they said, “Your Excellency! The castle gate is about to open! The dwarves have done it!”



 At first, everyone thought it was impossible. But it seems the dwarven blacksmiths’ thoughts were answered. Perhaps because of the constant rhythm of the hammering, the huge hinges of the castle gate seemed to have begun to loosen.



 Still, the dwarves continued hammering in at a completely unchanged rhythm. By that time, it was obvious that the door was shaking and that the tightly closed door was beginning to loosen.


 The Knight Commander did not miss the opportunity.



“When the gate collapses, we will rush in at once! Draw your swords!” (Manfred)



 The knights who were about to climb the castle walls also threw down their ropes and drew their swords.


 I, too, drew my long sword and waited for the opportunity to rush in behind Master Rod and Mr. Sim.



 The opportunity soon came.


 The castle gate, which had been resisting, finally gave in to the dwarves.



 With one final swing, the hinges on the right side were completely destroyed. The two gates, still connected by the bar latch, slowly collapsed under their weight. At an angle, the hinge on the left side could no longer bear the weight and fell fast.



 In the pouring rain, a thud sound echoed through the surroundings.



 The Knight Commander issued an order similar to a battlecry, “Charge! and he himself took the lead and started to run. The knights under his command, as well as us, responded to his cry by raising our swords and saying, “Yeah!” Our raiding party, with the commander in the lead, rushed to the open gates of the castle.



 At the gate, dozens of soldiers were waiting for us in a semi-siege-like formation. They were waiting for us with shields over their heads and swords drawn.


 The battle opened with the knights who rushed in immediately.



 The enemy showed little sign of agitation in the face of the spirited knight commanders and their elites. Normally, with such a large number of people rushing in, it would have been natural for them to show a sense of awe, if not fear.


 However, the knight commanders attacked their former colleagues without hesitation. They seem to be thinking of nothing else but to clear their name as honored members of the First Order.



 The Knights who rushed in, “Traitors!” and “Save his Excellency!” echoed through the air. A slight look of fear appeared on the faces of the rebel soldiers, who had been expressionless. The rebel soldiers are overwhelmed by the spirit of the knight commander and the knights, and have no way of accomplishing anything. Even so, the narrow castle gate was difficult to break through.



 Advancing little by little, we also enter the gate. On the way, I salute the dwarves who are wiping their sweat by the gate.



 Mr. Degenhardt noticed me and said, “Take care of the rest, Dan!” He smiled at me. Then he said, “Tell Zack we’re having a banquet after we get settled in! Tell Zack to come!” and the dwarves around us were laughing as well, “We’re going to give him some of our secret ale!”


 I chuckled at their words and responded by raising one hand.



 The knight commanders pushed the enemy back and finally it was our turn.


 I followed behind Master Rod and Mr. Sim. By that time, the platoon commanded by Mr. Rod had also joined up, and I was assigned to lead one of them.



 An enemy soldier in splendid armor, who looked like a knight, appeared in front of Master Rod.


 The enemy knight did not raise his voice, but simply pushed his shield forward and thrust his long sword out from the side of his shield. Master Rod evaded the knight’s attack by taking a half step to the side and jumped into the enemy knight’s reach at a tremendous speed.


 The next moment, the shield that should have been thrust out falls to the ground with a thud. Before I knew it, Master Rod had returned to his original position and immediately cut the next enemy soldier.



 For a moment I did not understand what had happened. I couldn’t see him because his shield was in the way, but I soon realized that Rod-sama had jumped into the enemy’s reach with a low posture, slashed down both of his enemies’ arms, and moved back.



 Master Rod’s swordsmanship is just like the former lord, Govan Lockhart. A sharp step and a powerful slash that bets on a single blow. Then he quickly returns to his original position and connects the next attack.


 It is completely different from Master Zack’s sword, which emphasizes speed and plays with the opponent. Of course, neither is better than the other.



 Mr. Sim, who was in front of me, also cut down the enemy in the same way as Master Rod.


 It is hard to notice because of the shadow cast by Master Rod, but it seems that Mr. Sim is also improving his skills. According to what I heard on the way to Welburn from the town of Rawcliffe, his level of swordsmanship is 40, and he has greatly improved his skills over the past few years.



 However, Mr. Sim’s sister, Mel, has a higher level, and when Mr. Sim found out, he was depressed, saying, “I don’t care about Master Zack’s, but even Mel…”



 I don’t think I need to be so concerned about it. Level 40 at the age of 19 is usually a great achievement. Besides, Mr. Sim has a high level of horsemanship and is skilled not only in mounted combat but also as a messenger. Well, it is understandable that he feels frustrated at losing to his sister who is three years younger than him.



 Incidentally, I didn’t have time to think about that for a long time either.


 Until the knight commander succeeded in breaking through, I was cutting with a few enemy soldiers. In my case, I was never good at this kind of vanguard fighting, but I couldn’t say such a thing. When Master Zack and everyone were waiting for help, I desperately followed Master Rod and his men.



 About ten minutes after we joined the battle, the elite under the Knight Commander broke through the encirclement.


 This decided the course of the battle.



 The front, which had been balanced until then, suddenly collapsed.


 Perhaps because they were being manipulated, the enemy was unable to respond flexibly, and they were defeated one after another by the knight commanders’ attacks. Furthermore, the rebels, who had dispersed their forces, were destroyed one after another by the First Knights, who had broken through the castle gates and gained momentum.



 Having neutralized the outdoor enemy, Commander Brailsford ordered, “To the Governor!” and headed for the castle.


 We followed him.



 We took the stairs on the south side of the castle, but when we reached the second floor, we encountered a strange sight. It was the sight of soldiers lying on their backs, foaming, or struggling on all fours.



 The Knight Commander was not interested in the soldiers who had lost their fighting ability, and immediately tried to go up to the third floor.


 At that moment, I had a bad premonition, or rather, I felt something invisible. Before I could say anything about it, Master Rod shouted first.



“Please wait! It’s dangerous beyond this point!” (Rod)



 The knight commanders stopped at that shout.


 At that time, neither I nor Rod knew what exactly was dangerous. However, it was certain that Master Zack had done something using his magic.



 Still, the Knight Commander tries to head towards the stairs, saying, “I don’t know what the situation is! We can’t delay!”



 Master Rod desperately tried to convince him, “My brother must have used magic. Perhaps he used a powerful magic.” I was desperately trying to figure out what Master Zack would do.



(What would Master Zack do? Since there are so many enemies, he won’t be able to annihilate them. If that’s the case, he’ll probably want to buy some time… Maybe he could use magic like [Paralyzing Mist]…) (Dan)



 I’m not a member of the Order, and I probably shouldn’t have said anything, but I felt I had to, so I interrupted the conversation between the two of them.



“He might have used [Paralyzing Mist]. I think we should check just to be sure!” (Dan)



 The Knight Commander seemed to remember Master Zack,



“If it’s [Paralyzing Mist]… Oh, Sir Zacharias was a high-ranking magician. All forces stop! Wait a while before rushing to the third floor!” (Manfred)



 He then turned to Master Rod and ordered, “Go see what Sir Zacharias has done. I need to know what Sir Zacharias did, It’s very urgent.” (Manfred)



 We flew down the stairs and headed for the garden. In the yard, my father was surrounded by the knights who had rushed in, weapons down and hands raised.


 Master Rod said as he ran, “That man is a squire of the Lockhart family! Guy! Thank you for your service!” He shouted.


 Master Rod’s words seemed to convince the knights, and they immediately put down their swords.



 When they arrived at the window, Master Rod said, “This is Roderick! Almost all the enemies have been eliminated!” he shouted. It was too dark to see clearly, but it seemed that the Lord, Lord Mathias Lockhart and Master Zack were at the window, and soon they shouted, “Thank you, Rod!” and “Good work, Dan!” came from Master Zack’s cheerful but a little tired voice.


 We made it in time.


 Master Rod grabbed my right hand and said, “You did great.”



 I was about to relax after confirming the safety of the Governor and the others, but then I remembered my original purpose. I asked Master Zack what he had done in the hallway, and he explained that he had changed the air, but not poisoned it. He then told me to open as many windows as possible and instruct everyone to get out of the castle.



 Master Rod and I run to the Knight Commander again and tell him that.


 The Knight Commander ordered the soldiers who were below the second floor, including the captured rebels, and the servants who were hiding in their rooms, to go outside the castle.


 The Commander turned to Master Rod,



“If you changed the air without using poison… I don’t really understand, Rodrick, do you understand?” (Manfred)



 Master Rod shook his head and said, “I don’t know either. What about you, Dan?” He asked me, then I said, “I don’t know exactly…”



“I once heard from Master Zack, no, Master Zacharias. It seems that there are components in the air that humans need to survive, and if they are removed, humans will not be able to survive… … I heard that this is why people feel sick when they use fire in a small space. Perhaps that’s what he must have used this time. I don’t know how he did it, though.” (Dan)



 I believe that was what was explained to me when Sharon tried to use fire attribute magic in the cave before.



“As expected of a genius of the millennium. I have no idea, but… that’s okay. I guess we can’t go into the third floor until Sir Zacharias says it’s okay.” (Manfred)



 After that, the wind started blowing out from inside the castle. A few minutes after the wind subsided, Master Zack came out in Beatrice’s arms.



“It’s okay now. His Excellency Governor and his family are all safe…” (Zack)



 He looked quite tired and did not have his usual smile on his face. The same tired look is on the faces of my sister Sharon and Ms. Lydia, who followed behind him. He seems to have run out of magic and is exhausted. Mel seemed to be okay as well, and she was standing there accompanying Ms. Lydia and Sharon. And she looked at me and gave me a little smile.



 The Knight Commander bowed to Master Zack and said, “Thank you for your service, well take it from here,” and immediately went inside the castle. The rest of us ran up to Master Zack and the others.




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