Dream Life Vol 3 Chapter 19.2: “The Beginning and End: Part One”

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 It seemed that the dwarves had destroyed the gate by repeatedly applying force to the shaft pin of the hinge hinge.



(As expected of blacksmiths… I guess it was possible because they weren’t attacked from above the castle gate, but it’s still an amazing plan… I owe the blacksmiths. They were willing to risk it all to help us and take on the castle gates…) (Zack)



 As I was thinking about this, Dan seemed to remember something and exclaimed, “I forgot!”



“The Blacksmith’s Guild Branch Chief has a message for you. He says there’s going to be a banquet after things settle down. He’s going to give us some of his secret ale to drink.” (Dan)



 Dan said with a cheerful expression on his face. He was a man who could read the air, so he must have sensed that Liddy, Mel, and the others were still angry.


 My father must have been curious about the conversation between me and Dan,



“Looks like we’ll have to take at least one more barrel to the Blacksmith’s Guild. I’ll talk to His Excellency about it.” (Matt)



 He whispered this.



 Until around noon, I helped to heal the seriously wounded soldiers of the Knights. The healers were completely helpless, especially against the soldiers who had collapsed due to lack of oxygen. As expected, even I treat severe oxygen deprivation, but I could treat minor injuries by imagining the repair of nerve and brain cells.



 As we were once again feeling low on magical power, and recovering from our exhaustion over lunch, Baron Ferdinand Oldham, the Frontier Count’s chief advisor, visited us in our room.



“He finally spoke up!” (Oldham)



 The baron, who usually gives the impression of a calm butler, began to speak excitedly, and I was taken aback by his appearance. And we all tilted our heads, unable to come up with a reason why Gateskell had suddenly spoken up.



 My father, on behalf of all of us, asked the question, “Why?” he wondered.


 The baron, still in a state of excitement, began to speak quickly.



“We found the evidence! We found out the drug Gateskell used!” (Oldham)



 I wondered how he had found it, but the baron immediately told me. It was through an unexpected route.



“…The name of the drug that Gateskell traded with Ouellette Trading Company in a document left by Boyette of Rawcliffe…” (Oldham)



 The baron had seized the belongings of Armand Boyette, the deputy of Rawcliffe, the northernmost trading city of the empire on the Aurella Road, and had his men investigate. It was Baron Oldham who originally recommended Boyette, and he was well aware of his character.



“…Boyett was a timid man, but he was a man with good administrative skills. And he always had a habit of keeping detailed records…” (Oldham)



 Boyette was what is called a record-keeper, a man who would write down every single detail of anything. Thanks in part to his notes, his practical skills in internal administration were highly regarded, and he was appointed as a deputy in Rawcliffe.



 Of course, the records of his illegal activities were kept strictly confidential so that they would not be discovered, but the baron was convinced that he had heard from Boyette’s family and subordinates and that there was evidence of wrongdoing in places that only he had access to.



 Through the efforts of the baron’s subordinates, they found a memo containing information linking Gateskell and the Ouellette Trading Company. Among them was the name of the drug in question.



“It is called ‘Blood of Lucidus’ by the Light God Church.” (Oldham)



 The memo also carefully described the potency of the drug, and we now know how Gateskell manipulated the knights.



 According to the memo, Blood of Lucidus is a drug used by Lux Holy Kingdom, and its effects include blind obedience to the commands of superiors, forgetting fear, and becoming more resistant to pain.


 However, simply drinking the drug has no such effect, which is why Gateskell was able to sip the drug with no effect. And the Blood of Lucidus was produced in Viscount Tysburn’s domain and sent to Lux through Aurella.



“When I showed him Boyette’s memo, Gateskel confessed everything…” (Oldham)



 Gateskell confessed easily, but this seems to have been because he conceived that he could not remain silent if Blood of Lucidus was used on him.



 Gateskel’s confession was a shocking story.


 The Ouellette Trading Company is a special organization belonging to the Holy King’s Office of Lux, the executive branch directly under the Holy King, and Gateskell was taken advantage of by them.



 In return for financial support, they made him produce the drug Blood of Lucidus’. Gateskell use the funds to develop Viscount Tysburn’s domain and gain prestige. Although this appears to be a kind of symbiotic relationship, Gateskell is in a weak position. And that symbiotic relationship was ruined by Lux, who feared the Frontier Count.



 As a measure of recovery, Gateskell plotted to obtain the distilling technology possessed by the Lockhart family. However, his plan was crushed by us.



 He came up with an even more aggressive plan. That was the rebellion of the Fourth Order.


 I heard that Lux first suggested the rebellion, but Gateskell seems to have carried it out single-handedly without consulting Ouellette, who suggested the rebellion, or Viscount Tysburn, his lord.



 The reason Lux suggested the rebellion, and the independence of the north, is simple. They originally planned to cut them off after using them to some extent. Of course, the Lux side knows that even if the Gateskelles succeed in their rebellion, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to make the northern part of the empire independent.



 But for the Lux, it would not hurt at all if Gateskell failed. The only disadvantage would be the collapse of the drug production base, and considering the disrupting effect on the enemy empire, the return would be enough.



 The baron’s excitement seems to have cooled off after talking this far. His tone has returned to normal.



“…The Count seems to be wondering what should be done about this fact. This time, a lot of blood has been spilled. But I am afraid that if this fact becomes public, it will cause chaos in the land…” (Oldham)



 The Frontier Count’s concern is not that he will be blamed for failing to prevent the rebellion, but that the emperor and nobles in the capital will make a fuss that Lux and Aurella have conspired together to plot against the empire.



“If that were to happen, there would be an outpouring of arguments for an invasion of the City-State Union, including Aurella, in retaliation. There will also be calls for a stronger offensive against Lux… and the northern Count’s army will be the spearhead of such an offensive…” (Oldham)



 In other words, there is a possibility that the emperor and the nobles of the imperial capital might force the Frontier Count to dispatch troops in order to reduce their power. It is true that if this fact is made public, there is a high possibility that even here in Welburn, there will be talk of sending troops to Aurella and Lux.



“That’s why I would like to borrow Master Zacharias’ wisdom…” (Oldham)



 Baron Oldham bows deeply to me as he says this.



 I panicked and all I could say was, “Please raise your head. I don’t have wisdom like that…”



“I’m sure milord would like to hear what Master Zacharias has to say. However, he seems to think that this is the responsibility of the Northern Governor, so he hasn’t said anything…” (Oldham)



 This situation is certainly very bad. However, it’s not like I have a good idea after just hearing about it.



(I think the baron overestimates me. I don’t think I can give a quick answer to such a complicated question. But then there is also the matter of my brother. If we get into trouble here, there is a possibility that the marriage will be ruined…) (Zack)



 I had no choice but to listen to Baron Oldham’s request.



“I don’t have a grand plan, but I hope it will ease His Excellency’s worries even a little.” (Zack)




 Together with Baron Oldham, my father, and my brother, we went to the room of Count Roswell.




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