Dream Life Vol 3 Chapter 22.1: “Taking Responsibility”

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 The offer of a gift of liquor from Frontier Count Roswell was turned down by the branch manager Mr. Degenhardt of the Blacksmith’s Guild.


 After that, Mr. Degenhardt and I talked about the time we broke down the gate, and left the Blacksmith’s Guild.


 On our way back, Beatrice, who had accompanied me, approached.



“What are you going to do?” (Beatrice)



 She seemed to be concerned that the request from the Frontier Count regarding the reward for the dwarves had not gone well.



“Yeah, we’ll have to think of something anyway. I’ve got a general idea from what he said today. I have an idea what the dwarves are thinking.” (Zack)



 I was beginning to understand what the dwarven blacksmiths were thinking.



 They are true craftsmen. They are craftsmen who are willing to put their lives on the line for their work. And they are completely free from the bonds of authority and power.


 If that is the case, I just have to imagine what they want.



(A friendly drink. That would be the best way. If so, then a casual banquet is the best way to go. All that remains is not where, but with what flavor will satisfy them…) (Zack)



 Back at Welburn Castle, I report to my father that I have failed to negotiate a reward for the Blacksmith’s Guild.



 Father did not expect the dwarves to turn down the spirits, and was surprised. Furthermore, I told him that they destroyed the castle gates for the Lockharts, and he is eager to repay them for their kindness.



“They have done so much for us, the Lockhart family. We must repay them for that kindness no matter what… Zack, do you have any thoughts?” (Matt)



 I gave a small nod and said, “I have an idea.”



“I need to ask a favor from His Excellency, the Governor. Of course, I need to ask my father, and then my brother, to give me a hand.” (Zack)



 My brother Rodrick was surprised to hear not only my father’s name mentioned in my words, but also his own, and asked back.



“Me too? No, of course I want to return the favor, but I don’t think I can do anything for the dwarven blacksmiths.” (Rod)



 My father seemed to be thinking the same thing and was looking confused.



 What I’m thinking is pretty simple.


 All I have to do is invite the dwarves to a dinner party hosted by the Lockhart family. Of course, I was going to call it a casual banquet, but the important thing was that the entire Lockhart family would attend and that my brother’s fiancée, Miss Rosalind, would also be there.



 After explaining the plan to my father and the others, I went to Baron Oldham’s office.


 Then asked him if it would be possible for me to throw what I believe was a casual banquet.



“…I see. I’ll talk to His Excellency about it. As for the location, I have a good place in mind. …But first, I have a favor to ask of Master Zacharias.” (Oldham)



 When I nodded my head, the baron’s mood changed dramatically from when he was talking about the banquet, and his expression turned serious.



“The truth is that Captain Grenfell will not listen to me, saying that he will take responsibility for his actions. He said he would take his own life…” (Oldham)



 As a result of discussions among the knight commanders, it was decided that the 4th Battalion of the 1st Knights would become “Guardians”, and the news was passed on to Captain Justus Grenfell of the 4th Battalion.


 However, as the Frontier Count feared, Grenfell insists that he should atone for this failure with his own death and refuses to accept the appointment as captain of the Imperial Forces.



 His immediate superior, Commander Manfred Brailsford of the First Order, is sympathetic to him and has suggested to the Frontier Count that he should be allowed to commit suicide.


 The Frontier Count was at a loss for a response and consulted the baron.



 I went with the Baron to the Count’s office. In the office, the Frontier Count and the Knight Commander of Brailsford were waiting for us.


 The count looked somewhat puzzled.



“Grenfell is still not convinced. We can’t force him to live if he wants to die… Is there something we can do?” (Manfred)



 The frontier count also seems to be unable to speak strongly against Grenfell, who wants to end his life gracefully as a knight.


 The Frontier Count asked me, the originator of the idea, to persuade Grenfell to do so.


 To be honest, I had expected this to happen and had thought of a way to deal with it. Of course, I had no obligation to go that far, but this time I had other ideas and decided to accept the request from the Frontier Count.



“I think it will be possible to convince Captain Grenfell.” (Zack)



 At my words, the Frontier Count exclaimed with joy, “I see!”



“However, there are conditions.” (Zack)


“Conditions?” (Hubert)


“The condition is that you leave everything to me and that all responsibility regarding this matter falls to me. I would like you to have nothing to do with my brother Rodrick or even the Lockhart family.” (Zack)



 The Frontier Count looked doubtful and asked, “What do you intend to do, Master?” but I refused to answer, saying, “I cannot give you the details.”


 After thinking for a while, the Frontier Count said, “Very well. I’ll leave it to you.” and he agreed.



 I went to meet Grenfell with Commander Brailsford. A great man in his mid-thirties, with his arms bound and exhausted, was sitting in a chair.


 Grenfell’s face clouded for a moment, then he bowed.



“I… cannot thank you enough for your protection of His Excellency the Count. I will continue to serve His Excellency by…” (Grenfell)



 Grenfell, who would have been giving orders in a thick voice on the battlefield, now speaks to me in a muffled voice.


 I could somehow imagine what he was thinking.



(He knows it’s unreasonable for him to hate me, but many of his subordinates were killed by me. He must be grateful for protecting the Governor, but he can’t express it in words. It must be painful… He seems quite exhausted, but it was caused by his own carelessness. I don’t understand the feeling of wanting to make amends with death. But this time, that won’t do…) (Zack)



 I tried to be as unemotional as possible and began to speak to Grenfell.



“I’m Zacharias, the second son of Mathias Lockhart. As you may have already heard, I was the one who proposed to His Excellency the Governor regarding the treatment of the 4th Battalion…” (Zack)



 Grenfell lowered his eyes and didn’t answer.



“… I have heard from the Governor that Mr. Grenfell wishes to make amends in death.” (Zack)



 He looks at me with pleading eyes and nods deeply.



“It seems that you have misunderstood, so let me explain. First of all, this plan was not out of His Excellency’s benevolence.” (Zack)


“Isn’t that a form of benevolence? Ah, I’ve heard that. I heard it’s a plan to help His Excellency the Governor out of his predicament.” (Grenfell)



 I shake my head and sharply looked him in the eye.



“That too. But for you, this is a punishment.” (Zack)



 His eyes widened as I said, “It’s a punishment,” with a surprised expression on his face.




“If I were to report directly to His Excellency the Governor, wouldn’t that mean I would be promoted? Thanks to His Excellency, I would be given a new position…” (Grenfell)




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