Dream Life Vol 3 Chapter 28.1: “Knight Harrison Gunnel: Part 2”

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 July 19th, 317 of the Tria calendar.



 The marriage ceremony between my brother Roderick Lockhart and Rosalind Roswell, the daughter of the Frontier Count, was scheduled for tomorrow, and the place was overflowing with people who had come to watch the ceremony.



 In the midst of all this, I was wondering how Harrison Gunnel, a subordinate of Baronet Desmond Gateskell, would behave.


 So far, there is no information on Gunnel. The Knights have been conducting a fairly extensive search for security reasons but have not been able to gather much information at all.



(If he got the information yesterday, he’ll probably attack today… Or maybe he hasn’t gotten my information yet? He’s aiming for the Count, even if the possibility is low. Is he betting on something…?) (Zack)



 We were deliberately spreading rumors that Gateskell died in order for him to target me and daringly told the gate guards that I was going on a date with Liddy and the others.


 The gate is guarded by soldiers belonging to the First Order, and I have explained this to them in advance through Baron Brailsford, the head of the First Order. Therefore, to the extent that it is not unnatural, they laugh and spread the word about why I am going out on the town.



 However, I have not received any information about Gunnel. Even though not much time has passed since I began to disseminate information, I thought I could see some movement.


 According to the information from the gate guard, he only talked to his acquaintances, and no one tried to get information out of him.


 Were there no collaborators left? Or, have the collaborators been working with the Knights since before the soldiers became suspicious of them?


 If the former, it would not be a problem for the time being. Even if we were to attack the frontier count at tomorrow’s ceremony, it would most likely end in failure if we were to go it alone.


 However, in the latter case, there is a possibility that our movements will be read, and the strategy to capture Gunnel will be at odds. Not only that but there was also even a possibility that an ambush on the Frontier Count would succeed.



 Yesterday, I thought the chances of being attacked were slim, and we were having a good time. Of course, I was wary of places where there was a possibility of an ambush.



 And today it was Liddy’s turn.


 She was dressed as usual in a white linen shirt, dark brown riding pants, and long boots, with her slightly greenish blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her slightly greenish-blond hair is pulled back in a ponytail. She looks like a beautiful woman in masculine clothing, and she is so dashing that she attracts the attention of women more than men.



 As usual, I say a few words to the gate guard and we head out into the city, arms entwined.


 Today, at Liddy’s request, we were to visit food-related stores. At the banquet the other night, she had hit it off with Hede, Mr. Degenhardt’s wife, and she had introduced us to some good stores.



“I hear they have some delicious cheese. And some fish in oil. I think it would go perfectly with sparkling wine.” (Zack)



 Before I knew it, she had asked me what I thought would go well with sparkling wine.



“But tomorrow is like a festival, so there may not be a lot of choices…” (Zack)



 Mr. brother’s wedding had become such an event that tourists came not only from neighboring towns and villages but also from all over the northern region. Rosalind, or Rosalie, was originally very popular, and my brother was no stranger to fame as a young hero. The two were about to tie the knot, and the town of Welburn was in a celebratory mood.



 The town was even more crowded than usual, and it was a challenge to get to the west district, but we managed to arrive at a grocery store near the Blacksmith’s Guild.


 The place was also full of people, and Liddy, who does not like crowds, was hesitant to go in.



“Should we stop for a while? It won’t be too late to wait until there are fewer people.” (Zack)



 Just as Liddy was about to nod, a voice came from behind her.



“Oh, it’s not Lydia and Zack. What’s wrong?” (Hede)



 The voice belonged to Hede, Degenhardt’s wife. She was about 140 cm tall and slight in build, but her voice was loud, and she sounded like a strong-willed mother. She looks to be in her mid-thirties, but she has a son who is over 30 years old and in his mid-sixties, about the same age as Degenhardt.



 When we said that we were hesitant about the crowd, Hede pulled our hands and said,



“You can’t be frightened by something like this. Come on, follow me.” (Hede)



 We walked into the store. I think Liddy screamed a little, but Hede didn’t care at all.


 The store was not very big and was more crowded than outside, but Hede called out loudly to the owner, and a path was soon made to the desired place, the cheese cabinet.



“This cheese.” (Hede)



 Hede pointed to a hunk of orange cheese that looked like red cheddar or mimolette. It was about 40 to 50 centimeters in diameter and 20 centimeters thick. When I held it in my hand, it was very heavy.



“It’s really delicious when you cut it into thin slices and lightly roast it over a fire.” (Hede)



 In the end, I bought the cheese, a jar of fish in oil that looked like a sardine in oil, and a jar of dried fig-like fruit. That alone weighed about fifteen kilograms, and I asked the store owner to keep it for me, saying I would pick it up on my way home.



(It would be easier if I could put it in [Inventory], but I’m not sure if I’m going to take that with me on the way back… or when the ambush is going to happen. Well, with this many people, it shouldn’t be easy to get to us…) (Zack)



 However, that naive thought of mine was soon betrayed.



 It was when I finished shopping and left the store.


 A man suddenly attacked me.



 I didn’t feel any murderous intent at all until just before because I was in the doorway of a crowded store, and he was allowed to get very close to me.


 If he had been aiming at me, it would not have been too difficult to avoid him, even though people would have been in the way. But the man had attacked me from my blind spot, from behind Liddy.


 I was just in time to see him move. I pulled hard on her arm to protect her from the deadly blade. Surprised by the man’s sudden action, but perhaps sensing his killing intent, Liddy braced herself without falling.


 However, I was on my feet, stepping on both of his legs, creating a slight opening.


 The man was already in front of me, aiming precisely at my heart with a slender dagger with a blade of about 30 cm in length.


 Although I was standing on a stick, I managed to dodge the deadly thrust by leaning halfway forward. However, my half-prepared posture is a bad thing, and I received a shallow slash across my left shoulder.


 I felt a sharp pain but knew it was not a deep wound. Convinced that it would not interfere with my ability to move, I quickly reached for my kunai-shaped dagger. In this narrow space, I cannot use a bastard sword if I am this close to the enemy.


 In the meantime, “Zack!” Liddy’s scream echoes through the city.



 The man once again throws a thrust with his dagger.


 It was a sharp thrust, but as a man who specializes in evasion, I didn’t feel much of a threat. I succeeded in evading and had enough time to try to counterattack with the kunai.



Perhaps because I had more time to spare, I felt a burning pain in my shoulder. While enduring the pain, I checked the face of the man who had slashed at me.




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