Dream Life Vol 3 Chapter 29.2: “Aftermath of Confession”

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“That’s right. We’re going to put pressure on Lux and declare war. If they don’t cooperate, the dwarves will be forced to withdraw. The Merchant Guild will also have no choice but to cooperate with us in this case. The Blacksmith Guild. If the Merchant Guild moves, Lacus and Saltus will have no choice but to move as well. Of course, Caum too.” (Hubert)



 The Frontier Count, through the Blacksmith Guild, would threaten each country to move the allied kingdoms of Lacus and Saltus and the Kingdom of Caum, which are neutral, and also to influence the Merchant Guilds so that the cities belonging to the City-State Union would join the war.


 If the Frontier Count’s plan is correct, Lux will make enemies all over the world, and the country will collapse in an instant.



(The Count seems to be completely furious after he hears that his eldest son was killed. If he thinks about it calmly, he should immediately realize that this was far beyond the authority of the Governor of the North… but Baron Oldham, who should have acted as a brake. Even they don’t realize that… I have no intention of cooperating, but I wonder how I can convince them…) (Zack)



 To be honest, I do not intend to agree with the ideas of the Frontier Count and others. I have no intention of using the dwarves as a political tool.


 But I was hesitant to say so in this atmosphere. The atmosphere in which they were dressed made me feel as if they were declaring that they regarded all those who opposed them as enemies.


 I gave them a common-sense opinion and sought their reaction.



“How would you explain this to the Imperial Capital? I believe that such diplomatic issues are beyond the authority of the Northern Governor’s Office.” (Zack)



 The Frontier Count did not respond to my question. Instead, the Knight Commander began to speak.



“Sir, you are asking us to leave Lux alone! They have not only deceived us using the name of god, but they have also used such despicable means as assassination! If we leave them alone, they will continue to use such despicable means in the future. We can’t just let them get away with it!” (Manfred)



 Blood was rushing to his head, and he seemed unable to make a calm decision.



“I also think that Lux should not be left alone.” (Zack)



 At my words, the Frontier Count asks, “Then will you lend me a hand?”


 I shake my head as I answer, “No.”



“Why! If you don’t cooperate with us, I won’t be able to crush them, these fanatics!” (Hubert)



 Then, he turned his gaze to Father,



“Sir Mathias! I’m sure you’ll understand! The Lockhart family is like the Roswell family. Well soon be tied together. In that case, please help me avenge my son’s death…” (Hubert)



 I wasn’t worried about how my father would respond. He was basically not good at talking about things like politics and diplomacy, and I was worried that he would nod to the Margrave’s words.


 However, my father hesitated but did not nod his head.



“If there is anything I, my Lockhart family, can do, I will cooperate with you at all costs. If you order me to go to my death in the war against Lux, I will gladly go…” (Matt)



 The Frontier Count’s expression lights up for a moment at those words.



“…However, I cannot accept using the blacksmiths.” (Matt)



 The Count was surprised by Father’s answer, and did his best to utter, “Why not?”



“They are not masters, nor are they allies of the Lockhart family. They are merely bound together by friendship. Your strategy is to cause a war based on personal grudges. I will not involve my ‘friends’ in a war without a cause.” (Matt)



 My father said this without any fear, even though he was under the strong gaze of the Frontier Count and the knight commander.



“You say it’s a personal grudge, but they sent an assassin to an important person in the empire. If it’s retaliation for that, then it can’t be called a personal grudge.” (Hubert)



 At the Frontier Count’s words, my father shook his head again.



“The only evidence we have is Gunnel’s testimony. It becomes a personal matter for us to believe only that and to seek to avenge his death.” (Matt)




 To support my father, I interrupted the conversation and said, “I have the same thoughts as my father.”



“Your Excellency must have seen it the other day. I cannot involve those honest dwarves in such a conspiracy.” (Zack)



 The Frontier Count’s group is silent at my father’s and my words.



“Of course, we cannot leave Lux alone. I won’t deny that they are plotting and scheming for the sake of conquest, and they should be taught that they will get what they deserve.” (Zack)



 Baron Brailford asks, “What kind of retribution are you planning to send?”



“I’m going to teach a lesson to the leaders of Lux Holy Kingdom, no, the Light God Church. If you do something like this, the Light God Church they are trying to spread will be a doctrine best forgotten. Believers of the Light God Church will disappear from all over the world…” (Zack)



 The Frontier Count asks, “What exactly do you plan to do?”


 I explained my own plan.



 The facts of this case will be made public.


 We will have Harrison Gunnel, the perpetrator, testify publicly that Lux frequently uses poison to assassinate people, and that they are trying to eliminate not only the empire but also anyone who is to their detriment. It is also a plot to say that Gunnel is a member of the Light God Church and an agent from Lux.


 Lux is building churches in various countries in order to use them as bases for its inhumane schemes. They are now giving food and other things to the poor under the guise of helping the weak, but soon they will mix drugs with them to control them. In fact, the slaves sent to Viscount Tysburn’s territory were the poor people of Lux, and most of them were addicted to “Blood of Lucidus”. They were sent to the enemy’s country after being addicted to drugs. The Light God Church uses and discards even their own followers. In other words, if they accepted them, Gunnel would testify that the same thing would happen everywhere.


 Most of what we will make Gunnel testify is true. It is not true that Gunnel himself is not a Lux agent and that all Light God Churches can be agents, but it is true about all the other points. It is easy to assume that if a part of the story is true, the whole story must also be true. Especially for those who resent the Light God Church, the story will be true enough.



 But Lux would still be unmoved by this degree.


 It is obvious that they will ignore the slander from the enemy. However, it is possible to damage the Lux’s “Holy King Office” by making one more move.


 The public will realize that all the schemes of the Holy King’s Office have ended in failure.



 The Frontier Count was beginning to regain his composure after hearing what I had to say. He then told me that he had two questions for me.



“…One is whether Gunnel will obediently follow. The other is how to prove that they failed even though we don’t know the whole story of the Holy King’s plot. In particular, some of the Holy King’s plots have been successful. There is no doubt that assassinating Patrick caused chaos in the northern part of the Empire.” (Hubert)



 I gave a small nod and replied, “I understand your concerns.”



“There is a way to work out those two points. However, this will require a decision from Your Excellency.” (Zack)



 The Frontier Count quietly asked, “Require?”


 In a calm voice, I told him,



“To declare that the Viscount Constance Tysburn and the Baronet Desmond Gateskell are innocent of any wrongdoing.” (Zack)



“Are you saying Constance and Gateskell will not be held accountable for their crimes? Those people tried to ruin us, including Master, and the Lockhart family. Due to Master’s plan, they became the victims of Lux’s schemes, but that is not the case. You know that don’t you?” (Hubert)




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