Dream Life Vol 3 Chapter 5.1: “Interrogation”

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 It was July 7, 317 in the Tria calendar.



 While assisting Brett and his team of vigilantes in capturing the bandits, I gradually stored the bandits’ equipment in my Inventory.



 This storage magic [Inventory] has an almost infinite storage capacity.


 To be precise, there is a limit to the capacity of a single “storage space”, but theoretically it is infinite because any number of storage spaces can be created.



 The magic power used to maintain the magic is quite large when creating a storage space, but very little magic power is used to maintain and move things in and out. For this reason, increasing the number of items was not a problem at all.


 And the nice thing about this storage is that I can call up a storage space with a simple thought.



 If there is a problem, it is that the contents cannot be easily viewed on the menu screen as in a game.


 The storage is called “Inventory,” and if I don’t remember what I put in the storage space, I won’t be able to retrieve it.


 I came up with a surprising solution to this problem. At first, I wrote it down on a piece of paper, but then I remembered that I had a useful skill.



 It’s [Reference].


 Reference is the ability to know the name and a brief description of what I touch, but I had little use for it beyond being able to see the name of the metal I had separated during the magic of extract abstracts.


 This time, however, I came up with the idea of using this reference as [Inventory] aid.



 When creating a storage space, I strongly remind myself to number the space. Then the name of the storage space becomes a number, and it becomes easy to call it up.



 Furthermore, if I store items while strongly imagining the name of the item to be stored, the stored item will be registered as information.


 Incidentally, a certain rule is set for the numbering, such as A for weapons, F for food, etc., and a child number is assigned to each item using numbers. This makes it look like a real “inventory”.



 As for the capacity limit of one storage space, there are limits to the weight and volume of items that can be stored. The weight limit is what I can lift, which is about 70 to 80 kg.



 As for the volume, even if I try to put a lot of large objects in it, I cannot put more than a certain size in it. The reason for this is unknown, but it may be a mental safeguard, as it feels as if the previous item is still in there.


 In other words, I think that since the condition is that I have to put my arm in to touch it, when I can no longer touch it, it judges on its own that that is the limit of what it can hold.



 At the moment, the volume is about one cubic meter. Of course, the storage capacity varies depending on the shape, and stick-shaped objects can hold relatively more.



 Also, due to weight limitations, even the small quarter barrels used for short-term aging cannot be stored. It is possible to accelerate the aging of scotch by using even smaller barrels, but this has not yet been experimented with.


 As for weight restrictions, I am trying to see if gravity can be controlled by earth magic, but I have not yet reached a point where I can do so.


 When we return to the village, I will try using small barrels, but for now I am experimenting with aging acceleration with a certain liquor.



 I store about fifteen men’s worth of armor in that inventory and put the rest in the gaps in the wagons.


 I pick up one bastard sword and ponder the nature of the discomfort I’m feeling.



(It’s not unnatural, but it’s too high-quality for the thieves to use this time. Maybe it’s good because it was stolen, but for bandits’ use, it’s been properly oiled and has a little rust on it. Without a blacksmith in the group or a blacksmith’s help, it should be impossible to maintain this condition. The leather armor I saw earlier also looks like it was intentionally stained, and it would be more apt to say that it belongs to a mid-rank mercenary or an adventurer…) (Zack)



 As I collected the weapons, my initial feeling of discomfort, that they were too well controlled for thieves, turned to suspicion.



 After the armors were loaded, the bandits who had been tied up were gathered up.


 The bandits, perhaps still paralyzed, swore in a lisping tone and were being dragged by Brett and the others to the side of the wagon.



 It had already been more than thirty minutes since Enos had returned, and still there was no signal to leave.


 My father used this time to interrogate the bandits, but the man who seemed to be the head of the bandits did not yield to the intimidation of Byron and Guy, but only smiled fearlessly.



 The other bandits are also calm, although they are in danger of being executed or reduced to criminal slavery.



(If they are handed over to the garrison of Rawcliffe, they will have to be executed or, at best, live as criminal slaves. Knowing this, how can they remain calm? A long time ago, the bandits who were captured at Karsh Pass will have their own futures. They sould be disheartened and dumbfounded, but these guys are as calm as if they had no reason to be pessimistic… Are the Rawcliffe garrisons in on it, or are there big wigs behind them can force the garrison?) (Zack)



 My father interrogated them, but they won’t even give their names, so we got no information at all.


 I asked my father to not interrogate the head of the group.



“Could you leave it to me?” (Zack)



 My father nodded slightly, saying, “It’s fine.” But he added a word in a low voice.




“Don’t use suspicious magic. Also, no torture.” (Matt)



 I nodded broadly, smiled and replied, “I won’t do anything so tactless,” and approached the bandit boss.



 The bandit boss looks suspicious for a moment at the approach of a fifteen-year-old boy, but soon realizes that I am the magician who used the black butterfly spell and the cause of their captivity and gave me a look of murderous intent.


 I place my hands on the shoulders of the bound bandit boss,



“My name is Zack. It’s about time you at least told me your name?” (Zack)



 The head man smiles foolishly, as if to say, “What are you asking me for?” But the next moment, his expression changes.



“Well, it doesn’t bother me if you don’t tell me. Don’t you know, Maddock?” (Zack)



 As soon as I mentioned the bandit boss’s name, his eyes widened and he began to scream ready to chew me out.



“You’re using some kind of weird magic! Damn you! Don’t come any closer!” (Maddock)



 I had only used my “reference” skill to look up his name when I put my hand on his shoulder, but he seemed to have a strong impression of the magic of the [Dancing Black Butterfly – Spangle Waltz] and seemed to think that I had used some magic that he didn’t know.



“You think I don’t know anything? Well, it’s fine.” (Zack)



 I start acting like I know everything.



“Now, what’s this Rawcliffe’s messenger you’re expecting…” (Zack)



 I cut off my words there and watched the other person’s reaction from the corner of my eye. Maddock was greatly upset by the words “Rawcliffe’s messenger”, although he did not speak.



(He is a simple man. Well, it can’t be helped if he’s upset. …But I didn’t know he was really working for Rawcliffe…) (Zack)



“I don’t know what you expect to find at Rawcliffe, but you guys are going to get obliterated. No doubt.” (Zack)




 Maddock is still upset, but seems to have managed to regain his composure, and has room for a smile.




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