Dream Life Vol 3 Chapter 9.2: “Count Roswell”

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 The second part to fueled her misunderstanding was thinking that I would use their wedding as an opportunity to settle down here. The reason was that I had brought my family, Liddy, and the others, my “fiancées”, with me. They thought I was going to settle down in Welburn.



 Once again, the Frontier Count was involved in this.



 It seems that the Frontier Count had obtained quite detailed information about me, not only about Liddy and Beatrice, but also about Mel, Sharon, and Dan.


 In other words, he also knew the two names of the “all-around, all-range harem prince,” as an example. [T/N: LOL.]


 And a letter from my father, Mathias, said that my fiancées… would be accompanying me.



 The Frontier Count told Rosalind with a laugh, “It looks like you’re getting four more sisters-in-law.”


 He did not say “one more brother-in-law,” referring to Dan, but he did not doubt that Liddy, Beatrice, Mel, and Sharon were my fiancées, and Rosalind also thought that she was bringing all my fiancées to settle down. [T/N: Nyahaha! I’m dying. Poor Dan.]



 And it was around the middle of June that Rosalind found out we were coming along. Then, about half a month ago, that is, at the end of June, I happened to pass Viscount Tysburn in the castle.


 At that time, it seems that Tysburn mocked her by saying this.



“I hear you are going to a remote place. Leave your brother and Francis to me. Well, as a lady you have your problems, but in the countryside, there will be no problems. Haha!” (Constance)



 Seeing the ridicule, she couldn’t help but say, “There’s nothing going to be bad happening with my father.”


 Baronet Gateskell, who was standing behind Tysburn, joined the conversation.



“Did His Excellency do something? That’s interesting.” (Gateskell)



 At those words, Tysburn replied, “There are no moves that can be made. Rosalie must be talking nonsense,” he added with a sneer.



 Then the blood rushed to her head, and she said, “The most gifted genius under the sun will assist his father! If the young genius becomes Francis’ guardian, the Roswells will be safe and well-protected!”


 At that time, Tysburn was said to have been calm, but shortly thereafter, he checked with the Frontier Count to see who was coming to Welburn and realized that I was going to come.



 Another reason for the misunderstanding was that the Count of the Frontier said, “I’ll be taking action.”


 A segue for a moment, the Frontier Count suspected that the rapid development of the Viscountcy of Tysburn was the result of some kind of fraud. He had sent a secret spy to the Viscount’s territory to investigate.



 The “action” that the Frontier Count had mentioned was to expose the fraud in the Viscount Tysburn’s territory and to curtail and control the Viscounts’ activities.



 The development of the viscountcy itself was a welcome development, but the source of that development was a problem.



 Tysburn was a typical aristocrat with a habit of extravagant spending, and he spent more money than his status as a viscount. As a result, the viscountcy was constantly in debt to the merchants of Welburn and Aurella, and taxes were much higher than in other lands.



 Even if Tysburn were to reform using his brilliant lieutenant, Baronet Desmond Gateskell, drastic reforms would require adequate resources.



 And reforms are often accompanied by failure. The merchants would be concerned that this failure would make it impossible to collect their debts. In other words, a reform plan that would satisfy the merchants would be necessary. However, no such reform plan was in sight.



 The fact that the economy of the Viscountcy of Tysburn, which has no significant industry other than agriculture, has grown so rapidly without any major policy was cause for suspicion on the part of the Frontier Count.



 However, about half a month ago, he lost contact with the secret agent at the worst possible time.


 The count refused, saying, “This is just my guess.”



“It is true that Gateskell is an excellent man, but he can’t do anything without dirtying his hands. In other words, Constance must have obtained funds through some kind of illegal means. Immediately after he captured the spies I sent out, Master Zacharias appeared to be coming to become my vassal. If he thinks that someone so gifted that the brilliant Chairman Wagman will give his unreserved evaluation will come to find out about him, the short-sighted Constance will put everyone, including Lord Mathias, into the grave. There’s nothing strange about him trying…” (Hubert)



 In other words, it was the Frontier Count’s opinion that Tysburn may have tried to eliminate the Lockhart family in order to prevent the discovery of his own wrongdoing and subsequent downfall.



 There was something I could not agree with.


 In that raid, they tried to kidnap my mother and her family. This was an undeniable fact, as Maddock, the perpetrator of the attack, testified.



 If I were Viscount Tysburn and my goal was to eliminate me personally, I would not have carried out such a half-hearted attack. He would not pursue the twin goals of killing me personally and kidnapping my mother but would ensure his own safety by eliminating all of us.



 As I was thinking about this, the Frontier Count said, “Sir Zacharias seems to think differently. Would you like to share your opinion?”


 I looked at my father to get his approval, then looked at the Count and began to talk.



“There are some suspicious points. This is what concerns me the most…” (Zack)



 I told him that they tried to kidnap my mother and father during the attack, that they were targeting my father more than myself, and that they didn’t have much information about us as magicians.



“… So, it seems that they targeted my father and mother more than me in this whole raid fiasco.” (Zack)



 The frontier count nodded meditatively and asked, “What does the Master think?”



“I don’t know who the attackers are, but I think they are aiming to assassinate my father and abduct my mother, and then use my mother’s custody to launch some sort of plot against my brother.” (Zack)



 The count remained silent and did not speak for a while.



“…Then, if not Constance, who does the master think is the culprit?” (Hubert)



“No, I mean that I have too little information to make a decision. However, I believe that someone in a position to influence the Northern Governor’s office, including His Excellency the Viscount Tysburn, is involved.” (Zack)



 The Frontier Count gave a small nod and urged me to speak further, “You still have something to think about.”


 I bowed and began to speak my mind again.



“If His Excellency Tysburn is the mastermind behind this, I don’t know what Sir Gateskell, who is renowned for his wisdom, is thinking. I don’t believe that Sir Gateskell would make such a poor move that would arouse the suspicion of the Count.” (Zack)



 The Frontier Count nodded and said, “I see.”



“Gateskell is certainly capable… He would not risk my suspicion… Or perhaps he is already suspected and decided to take the opportunity to do something about it. Maybe…” (Hubert)



 The Frontier Count himself was unsure of what to think of Gateskell as if he was not sure of his assessment of him.



“Are you saying that there is a possibility that there is a third party? I see… It is certainly too early to label Constance as the culprit at this stage. So, Master Zacharias, what would you do? What steps would you take?” (Hubert)



 The Count of the Frontier, perhaps having his own thoughts on the matter, was convinced by something and asked me about a way out of the situation. His expression softened and he seemed to be enjoying himself.



(I’m not the Frontier Count’s subordinate or anything… But he really took in what I said from me, then. He does not remove the honorific title “Master” for the second son of a knight’s house. There is no disrespect in his tone of voice, but it would be tricky to be taken in like this…) (Zack)



 I was thinking about this, but I immediately conveyed my opinion.



The important thing is to identify the “enemy” and not let the “enemy” take the initiative. As for identifying the enemy, if we can keep holding on to the bandit leader Maddock, they will naturally reveal themself to us. As for not letting them take the initiative, I don’t know enough about the Northern Governor’s office to have a plan.”



 I did not make any concrete proposals because I did not know the capabilities and relationships of the Northern Governor’s Office.



“You are very cautious for your age, Master. Well, that’s all right. Let’s find out who the ‘enemy’ is. Ferdinand, give them custody of Maddock and the others. And, of course, Boyette.” (Hubert)



 The Frontier Count, upon receiving the information about his brother, immediately ordered the summoning of Boyette, the Rawcliffe deputy. Since the messenger had left early this morning, he was scheduled to arrive in Rawcliffe and take Boyette into custody by the end of the day.



 By that time, Rosalind, who had been sobbing, had regained some of her composure. She seemed to understand from the conversation between me and the Frontier Count that it wasn’t only her careless remarks that had started it all.



 Later, my mother, my brother Theophilus, my sister Seraphine, and Sophia were also invited, and after some self-introductions, a friendly conversation began between the Frontier Count and the Lockhart family.



 The Frontier Count seemed to be a friendly person and gently asked the nervous Theo and my family, “How is your training going with Mister Govan?”


 Theo straightened his back and said, “Grandfather’s training is tough, but I am working hard to become a great knight!” and the atmosphere of the place softened further with his smiling face.



 The Frontier Count also approached Liddy and Beatrice and talked about how he and I got to know each other. Liddy was very shy, but Beatrice’s nervousness seemed to have dissipated.



 After chatting with her for about 30 minutes, I was beginning to think it was time for her to leave the office when I heard a commotion outside the door of the office.


 The guard said, “Please stop. His Excellency is in a meeting with a visitor.” Is heard leaking out from behind the heavy doors.


 The Frontier Count and Baron Oldham look at each other, “Not again.”




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