Drawn Mochi Volume 1 Chapter 10: Strange Horses and Poachers*4

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 Human. A man. Taller than me, stouter than me.


 White shirt, rouge crosstie, vest of the same color, black slim pants, and boots. He has gold ornaments with red jewels on his ears, wrists, and tie knot.


 And dark red hair and… scarlet eyes.


 …The person, who looks a bit unrealistic, looked at me and the horse and gawked.



 I see, so Pegasi and Unicorns were frightened by this person.


 …I guess that’s why they surrounded me and “protected” me for the time being. I’m sure I’m the weakest link in this group. I know.



“Oh, oh…?” (Man)



 The human who came to the spring looked at me. Both Pegasi and Unicorns were alarmed by this, with the Pegasi spreading their wings and the Unicorns pointing their horns at the person.



“Woah, hey, wait a minute! I don’t have any intention of attacking! Because I don’t want anything! Huh…?” (Man)



 As expected, the person seemed to understand that it would be dangerous if he got any closer, so he stopped… from there, he called out to me.



“Are you the spirit of this spring!?” (Man)






“You’re mistaken!” (Tougo)



 You’re mistaken!



“Huh! What?!?” (Man)


“You’re mistaken!” (Tougo)



 Flap, flap, flap. The Pegasi all move their wings at once and cried loud.



“Hey, I can’t hear you…! Again! Please repeat it, please!” (Man)


“You’re mistaken!” (Tougo)



 This time, a unicorn walked up and started poking the redhead with its horns.



“Oh, shit! Hey, I’m not a bad guy! Don’t poke me, don’t poke me! I’m sorry! I’m really sorry I stepped in your home! I’m sorry! Spirit! I’ll let myself out!” (Man)


“No, that’s not it! Wait! Wait!” (Tougo)



 At any rate, after forcing my way through the Pegasi and the others, I managed to get out of the spring and clear up the misunderstanding. I am a human being.



“Huh? Ah… Huh? Spirit…?” (Man)


“I am a human!” (Tougo)



 I think the misunderstanding is finally cleared up. The confused redhead stared at me, tired from the horses poking him. The horses are as restless as ever…


 I’m so, so tired.



“A human, huh… Wait, I thought you were a woman, but looking at you you’re a boy, but in spite of that, the unicorns seemed to have a lot of affection for you… So, I was sure, ‘This person is a spirit!’ I thought I’m sorry.” (Men)



 After I cleared up the misunderstanding, The Pegasi and the unicorns kept following me around. So, I can’t talk to him calmly. I always have to talk with the red-headed at a distance of about two horses.


 I wonder if the horses are afraid of strangers. Are they shy? …It’s a little cute when you think about it. I decided to stroke their restless necks.



“No, I was surprised. A spring where a spirit is bathing with the Pegasi and Unicorns is definitely a sanctuary. I was in such a hurry that I thought I had accidentally lost my way and entered a sanctuary!” (Man)



 …Sanctuary, what does he mean? By the way, what is a spirit? I don’t know much about this world. I wonder if people who are on good terms with horses are called spirits. No, I don’t think so. I feel like I was even more confused.



“Well, it’s good. If you were a spirit, I might have been killed. Hahahahaha.” (Man)



 Apparently, a spirit is something that can kill people. That’s a dangerous thing to do. I would never do such a thing.


 I mean, are there that many dangerous things in this world? I’m a little scared. …This really is a different world, isn’t it?



“Oh, that’s right. I forgot to tell you my name. My name is Fay Bullard Redgarde. I am the second son of the Redgarde family. Nice to meet you.” (Man => Fay)



  And, somehow, when I heard him say his name, I thought, once again,


 I am in a different world.



“So, may I ask for your name?” (Fay)



 Redgarde asked me that…but I hesitated for a moment and then decided to answer honestly.



“Tougo Uezora. I’m probably from another world.” (Tougo) [T/N: 上空桐吾 is our MC’s name. I’m tentatively calling him Tougo Kamizora but he can also be called Tougo Joukuu. Edit: He’s now Tougo Uezora. Fay said his name in the future chapter.]



“…from another world?” (Fay)


“Yeah. Probably…” (Tougo)


“Oh, wow… that’s amazing.” (Fay)



 Redgarde had an ecstatic expression, or rather, a face that looks like a mass of curiosity, and rushes at me.



“I had heard rumors. Sometimes there are people who wander in from other worlds. But I thought it was just a fairy tale.” (Fay)



 And he smiles wide.



“Welcome to another world, my otherworldly guest! Welcome to our world! It’s an honor to meet you!” (Fay)



 …I saw that and I thought, “Oh, he seems like a nice guy.


 I don’t have any proof. Maybe it’s not good to trust people just like that.


 But somehow. I was a little bit like my teacher, because of his innocent expression of curiosity.



“There are many other lands and forests out there, but thank you for coming to our Redgarde forest!” (Fay)



 ….Also, if this person is a bad person, I’m already in a lot of trouble.


 He seems to be the rightful owner of this forest… which means I am staying on his family’s land without permission…



 For a while, I was bombarded with questions.


 What was the world like where I was from? Why do the fruits growing around this spring taste so good? How did I tame the Pegasi and the Unicorn (which apparently means the winged horse and the horned horse)?


 …In the process of explaining these things, I felt like I couldn’t hide it anymore, so I told him that I could materialize what I had drawn in my mind. Redgarde’s eyes lit up and he asked me a lot of questions about “materializing pictures”… But to be honest, there were many things I couldn’t answer because I didn’t really know what I was talking about.


 Even so, Redgarde didn’t seem to mind it in particular, he was just looking at me with bright scarlet eyes like a mass of curiosity.


 He was just curious. …On the way, he also told me a little about this world.



 It seems that this is a different world after all. I knew this, but I didn’t know about others.


 And this place is a part of the land ruled by the Redgarde family. Yes, I now somehow knew this, too.



“Well, the lands in this area are like a poor winning. It is moderately close to the capital and moderately large in area… but, still, most of the territory is uncultivated forest. The forest is right in the middle of the territory. In effect, Redgarde territory is just a thin ring around the forest.” (Fay)



 Well… How can I say it, as a Japanese, I have some thoughts about that. Japan is like that too… because there is a mountain range in the middle of Honshu, it’s a country with little farmland compared to the land area.


 As I listened with a slightly strange relatable feeling, Redgarde laughed a little mischievously.



“This forest may belong to the spirits. If we go into the forest, we will incur the wrath of the spirits. We cannot cultivate the land. If anything, they might even be reluctant to allow humans to enter carelessly and uninhibitedly. This is that kind of forest. …so you and I might be in trouble, you know?” (Fay)


“Huh?” (Tougo)






 …This forest is the spirit’s forest, and the spirits get angry when humans enter the forest…?


 Does that mean… I have already angered them…?


 I froze for a while… Redgarde eventually erupted in laughter as if he couldn’t take it anymore.



“Hahahaha, just kidding! It’s okay! No, I was being ridiculous, it’s just a joke, so don’t make that face.” (Fay)



 From the look on his face, it seems that I was being teased.


 …I’m from another world, so I don’t know what’s going on in this world. I’m not sure if something is a joke or the truth, so please don’t make fun of me too much.



“……really?” (Tougo)


“Come on. I don’t know how spirits think. Well, even if I’m no good, you’ll be fine. Unicorns and Pegasus are fond of you.” (Fay)



 Will it really be, okay? I still don’t really understand what a “spirit” is, but I have a feeling that it’s something like the “mountain god” in Japan. Then, having their anger on you, well… That’s really bad, right?


 In my case, the fact that I ended up in this forest was a kind of overwhelming power. I found myself here, so it can’t be helped. I hope they can forgive me for that.


 But Redgarde probably came here himself, right?



“…Um, why did you come here? Isn’t this a forest you didn’t want to go into?” (Tougo)



 I was curious and asked.


They are people who are so afraid of “spirits” that they didn’t want to disturb the forest. I don’t understand why they would go to the trouble of going into the forest for no reason at all, even though the spirits might be offended.



“Hmm… Well, that’s right, but I’m in a situation where I can’t not move.” (Fay)



 I asked, and Redgarde scratched the back of his neck with his face painted with frustration… Then, softly, he answered,



“It seems there are poachers in this forest. I’m here to find them.” (Fay)



“…Poachers?” (Tougo)


“Yes. Apparently, they are after Pegasus feathers and Unicorn horns.” (Fay)



 That’s when I had an epiphany. Because all the horses were injured. Many of them had cuts and other wounds that could not have been caused by natural causes… Some of the horses had their wings clipped and their horns broken.



“…Do you have something on your mind?” (Fay)



 Seeing me like that, Redgarde sharpened his gaze a bit. He is not a bad person, in fact, I am sure he is a good person, but he is a little scary.



“…the poachers themselves, no. There were wounded horses.” (Tougo)



 I answered, and Redgarde nodded his head in understanding.



“I see. I see. You’re their good friend. Would you like to come and show me where they were injured? …Hmm, you’re really trusted, huh?” (Fay)


 I don’t have that close of a relationship with the horses, but… It’s okay.



“Well, I don’t doubt you. You don’t look like someone who could. You’re thin and you seem to have no physical strength. You don’t have the ability for poaching, right?” (Fay)


“Yes……” (Tougo)



 I didn’t want to nod my head, but I nodded my head because I knew that’s what it would definitely look like. I’m sure it does. I’m too thin, too weak, and too feeble to do anything about it.



“Somehow, you don’t seem to be good at blood or fights.” (Fay)


“……yes.” (Tougo)



 I nodded honestly.



“Still, the Pegasi and Unicorns like you this much. There’s no doubt about it. I know you’re a good guy, so I guess that’s why they like you.” (Fay)


“I do not think so.” (Tougo)


“Oh. Oh, you don’t think so. …Eh? Were you bullying them?” (Fay)



 I didn’t bully them. I don’t hate them, but… still.


 If the horses think I’m a “good guy” and they like me, I’m happy.



“Ah… I don’t know what to do. I don’t have any clues.” (Fay)



 And Redgarde let out a sigh as he said that. He seems to be in a state of shock.



“I know that Unicorns and Pegasi gather here so much that they can poach as much as they want. But it’s hard to catch them red handed.” (Fay)



 Yeah, that’s true. I think that’s true. Poachers are not stupid. They might do something in secret. It’s not like they just come out at a certain place at a certain time.



“…and it’s getting dark.” (Tougo)



 Besides, it’s almost dusk. It’s a little difficult to walk in the woods.



“I’ve lost my way coming here.” (Fay)



 …I see.


 I don’t know what to say.


 But sure, yes. As far as I can see the forest from the sky with the Pegasus, it seems that this place is quite deep in the forest. The forest is not a place where you can get lost, but rather it is a place where you can find your way around. Unless you get lost.



“…so, that’s it.” (Tougo)



 Redgarde bowed his head vigorously toward me.



“Its fate that we met here! So, can I stay here for a night?” (Fay)



 …Hmm, I can’t say no.



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