Drawn Mochi Volume 1 Chapter 13: Strange Horses and Poachers*7

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 I woke up and found myself in bed.



 For a while, I try to remember why I was here, what I could remember before I went to bed… and then I saw a horse peeking out of the window on the side of the bed and remembered various things.


 I got up and got out of bed in a hurry and approached the window. Then I saw horses, many, many horses, herded near the window.


 And at the head of the pack are the three horses that were badly hurt by the poachers. I remember the color of their feathers and manes, so I’m quite sure.



“Are they okay?” (Tougo)



 When I opened the window and reached out, the horse snuggled up to my hand. Wings flutter on its back. The wound is properly bandaged, and the bandage isn’t bleeding, so maybe the wound is getting better.



“…that’s good.” (Tougo)



 I was relieved, and then, as soon as I was relieved, my body relaxed.


 The first time I slumped to the floor, I realized that I had no strength in my body.


 …Now, how long have I been asleep? The first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that my body is not strong enough.



 I left the room while moving against the wall, and when I left the house, Redgarde was there. As soon as Redgarde sees me, he looks very worried.



“Oh, hey, you’re up. Are you okay?” (Fay)


“Yeah, I’m fine. Somehow.” (Tougo)



 I have a strange feeling that I can’t get any strength into my body… and to put it simply, that’s all. Even if I say that my body doesn’t have strength, it’s not so much that I can’t move.



“Was it Redgarde who carried me?” (Tougo)


“Oh, yeah… sorry. I left you in the hands of the Pegasi and the others and they started trying to lay you near the spring to sleep.” (Fay)



 That’s good that you carried me… I think I would have caught a cold if I had slept in the spring.



“I’m glad. Thank you. By the way, what about the poachers?” (Tougo)


“Those guys have already been taken away. They’re in the town’s jail.” (Fay)



 Oh, I see. That’s good. I was worried about my horse if those guys were still in the forest.



“…however.” (Fay)



 However, Redgard made a sour face.



“The charges against them so far are ‘intruding into the Forbidden Forest’.” (Fay)



“…not poaching?” (Tougo)


“Yeah. Unfortunately, I didn’t witness any poaching going on, and I don’t know how to disprove they weren’t poaching and that they were just entering the forest. They didn’t take the Pegasus feathers or unicorn horns yet. We couldn’t find them, so we can’t charge them with the crime.” (Fay)



 …Of course. The Pegasi and I were the only ones who caught them red-handed, and what Redgarde saw was probably three energetic Pegasi, the poachers facing us, and me fainting for no particular reason. They could say I’m exhausted. If they hid the wings somewhere or throw them away… The “We were not poaching” phrase will pass.


 When I think about it… it makes me regret that I fainted without doing anything.



“Well, I’m still glad. At any rate, Pegasus and you are both safe.” (Fay)


“Yes, thank you.” (Tougo)



 For the time being, I’m glad I found out what happened after I collapsed. …As far as the result of the situation is concerned, it is not good.



“I was really scared. You found the poacher before I did, and you were about to be attacked by them… and then you just collapsed and haven’t moved for three days.” (Fay)





 Three days…?



“Three days?” (Tougo)


“Yes, three days! What the hell did you do to be left in that state…? Every time I come here, you haven’t moved an inch. I thought you were dead…” (Fay)



 Ugh…that’s scary.


 I was unconscious for three days. With no external injuries? That’s scary… That’s very scary. What is that? What kind of condition was I in?



“Did you use some kind of powerful magic? I knew a magician who experienced something like that when he knocked a big enemy.” (Fay)


“…maybe that’s it.” (Tougo)



 Maybe it happened because I drew two horses to heal them simultaneously. After all, one horse at a time would have knocked me out for about six hours… but this was three days.



“You have to be really careful, alright? Somehow, I feel like you’re not familiar with magic… You made me worry after finding you.” (Fay)


“Umm, yeah… I’m sorry about that.” (Tougo)



 Well, it’s unfamiliar. What is magic? Is it a state of being?


 Yeah… So, for now, I’ll be careful. It seems that if I forcefully draw a horse, I will sleep for three days.



“…By the way, about the poachers.” (Tougo)


“Oh. What is it?” (Fay)



 I was more concerned about the poachers, not about the fact that I had been asleep for three days.



“Can’t you somehow bring them to justice for poaching? For example… can’t I testify?” (Tougo)



“Well, I appreciate that very much… How and what are you going to testify about?” (Fay)


“Huh?” (Tougo)


“Well, you see–Look, both the Pegasi and you are safe.” (Fay)



 Redgarde tilted his head and said,



“Currently, there are no injured Pegasi or unicorns.” (Fay)





 Oh, I see… that’s right… I deliberately erased the evidence. Since there is no wounded horse, you can’t prove the crime of injuring a horse. That’s how it is.



“Well… that’s why I’m grateful for your feelings, but it’s difficult. The only thing you can testify is ‘I saw a poacher chasing the Pegasi’, but there’s no evidence for that.” (Fay)



 Well… I screwed up, didn’t I?


 I interfered with Redgarde by healing the horses. It might not have been good for the horse either way



“…Well, don’t be so glum! The poachers, well, we’ve taken care of them for now. …but look, the Pegasi are saved! The Pegasi are happy! I’m sure they’re grateful too. And look at the proof of how much they adore you! They stuck to your window and wouldn’t leave.” (Fay)



 As if to prove Redgarde’s point, the horses rubbed up against me. And they tickled me with their feathers. I was very ticklish.



“Well, come with me. For now, you should eat something. I was able to give you some water. But you haven’t eaten anything for three days.” (Fay)



 …Having heard that I feel like I’m feeling hungry. Yes. I am hungry.


 The horses also brought me fruit, as if to say, “Eat.” The cutest one was a unicorn who brought me a peach on the end of his horn. I see. So that’s how you carry things. Of course.


  I was a little depressed that I didn’t do so well, but there was no use in being depressed. For now, I decided to eat some food to cheer myself up.



“The fruit here is so good, well, I knew it would be good. Why is it so sweet, though?” (Fay)



 I couldn’t say to Redgarde, who was picking fruit from the trees around the fountain and eating it, “Those are Japanese fruits,” so I made small talk with him while trying to hide the fact. I don’t know what kind of fruits this world has to offer, but I’m sure that the fruits that have been bred by modern Earthlings are delicious.



“…Oh, that’s right. Tougo. I forgot to mention earlier that there are ways to deal with poachers.” (Fay)


“Huh?” (Tougo)



 While I was surprised by the sudden change of subject, I was also surprised by the content. After all, didn’t you just say that you had no choice but to charge them with “trespassing in the forbidden forest”?



“We can’t prove that we caught them in the act. But if they plan to sell them, we might be able to prove that they were guilty. If there is evidence of transactions in which they sold Pegasus feathers and unicorn horns on the black market, we can use that to bring justice upon them!” (Fay)



 Oh, yeah. The poachers were catching horse horns and feathers and selling them. And if we can prove they were selling them, we can find them guilty of poaching.



“We’ll be fine. I’ll do it. I, Fay Bullard Redgarde, vow to protect the peace of this forest in the name of the Redgarde family! I promise!” (Fay)



 Redgarde said and smiled brightly to reassure me and the horses.



“…So, I have to get going now.” (Fay)



 Then Redgarde stood up. He must be busy too. However, he was probably worried about me and came to the depths of the forest. …I feel horrible to put him through that.



“I’m going to go back to town, find out where the poachers are lurking, and search their homes. If I can find even a single proof, a contract, that’s good enough for me!” (Fay)



 But when Redgarde said this, he smiled at me without showing any signs of fatigue.


 I was looking at him… Then I suddenly remembered something else.



“Um, will this do?” (Tougo)



 Combing through my memory, I remember that I put something like that in my bag. That’s why I searched my bag… and there was indeed a piece of paper that had been in there for the past three days.



“Can you read this?” (Tougo)



 I unfolded it and handed it to Redgarde, who read it… and he made a confused expression.



“…I found what I was looking for before I even looked for it.” (Fay)


“Huh?” (Tougo)


“Here, it’s a contract. It’s proof that they traded unicorn horns and Pegasus feathers.” (Fay)



 …I see. That’s good. Great even.



“No, why do you have all this stuff? Did you pick it up near poachers or something?” (Fay)


“No. I got it from a bird.” (Tougo)


“A bird… you really are a mysterious person…” (Fay)



 No, I’m not the mysterious one, the bird is the mysterious one.



 After that, Redgarde took the contract and left.


 …I couldn’t ask him in detail, but I’m sure he helped me. Once again, I would like to thank him properly.


 While I was thinking this in a daze, the usual giant bird came and started to bathe. I guess it was because I hadn’t been around for a while, and it was tilting its head at me.



“…you’re the mysterious one, you know?” (Tougo)




 I couldn’t help but say that when I saw the bird. Truly. This bird is a very mysterious one.



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