Drawn Mochi Volume 1 Chapter 15.2: Scarlet Dragon*2

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 And… it was a huge serpent, made of water.



 My first thought was that it was beautiful.


 I don’t know about people, but a giant snake made of water is very beautiful. Beyond the transparent body, I could see the green of the forest through it. Ripples float on the surface of its body as it is hit by the rain. The body shakes as it moves, and the landscape is distorted within the body.


 …It makes me think that there are really strange creatures in the otherworld. Well, I don’t know if they are living creatures or not.


 Anyway, I looked at the group of people and felt a slight sense of emergency… but I still stared at them.



 It was then.


 One of the people spoke something, and a water serpent, apparently having heard it, swung its tail up…


 …swinging its tail down onto the roof where the horses were sheltering from the rain.



 A terrible noise. The roof, made of wooden shingles, cracked and shattered. Beams snapped and pillars collapsed.


 …The horses that had been sheltering from the rain under the roof, ran this way and that way, neighing… and finally came toward me.


 The Pegasi spread their wings and stood in front of the house. The unicorns lower their head in front of them, their horns poised in an attack position.


 I also put down my painting tools and went down in front of the house.



“Well, there’s a strange kid here. He looks like a man, but I never thought he would be able to tame a unicorn like this. Is he… a magic beast?” (Man)



 The hooded person who approached us said with a grin… a disturbing grin. I’ve seen it many times in my original world. It’s a very disgusting expression.



“…something you want with our horses?” (Tougo)



 I thought it would look dangerous if I was surrounded by the horses, but I still said that. I don’t hide the meaning of “Whether you have a business or not, please go back quickly.”



“Horses, huh? It’s interesting that you call Pegasi and Unicorns horses. …but yes, they are. I have no use for Pegasus or unicorns ‘right now’. Of course, if there is something I can have, I would take it.……”


 …When I heard the word “take”, I figured it out.


 These guys are those poachers’ companions.



“Our target is the second son of the Redgardes. He’s here, right? Come on bring him out.” (Man)



“…he’s not here.” (Tougo)


“Ha-ha-ha. I don’t care for your transparent lies. We know he’s here.” (Man)



 Yeah, well, I guess so.



“He was there, but he had already left, just before the rain gets stronger. He seems quite busy.” (Tougo)


“……I see.” (Man)


 I felt it would be difficult to go through with just “He’s not here,” so I made a slight adjusting. But I guess this isn’t really strange. Maybe.


 I’m sure that Redgarde’s personality is such that he has no hesitation in staying at my house… but apparently, the person in front of me knows Redgarde, and if so, he knows that he’s busy.


 …and so, I thought.


 I had something wrapped around my body.



 However, before I could think, my body was squeezed. The thing that was tightening around me was the tail of the water serpent that had appeared at my feet before I knew it.


 The Pegasi flapped their wings in a panic and the unicorns poked at the water serpent, but it seemed that its body made of water would not accept any attack. I tried to struggle, but my hands just slipped into the water and I could not resist at all. But the force that was squeezing me was getting stronger and stronger.






 My breath escaped from my voice. My lungs were compressed against my ribs, and the air was escaping from my body.


 My bones creaked. It was painful. Blood rushes to my head. My head is hot. But the place being touched is cold and chilly.


  The moment I thought I was going to be strangled to death, the force that was squeezing me weakened.


 Suddenly, air entered my lungs and I coughed. Water got into the wrong place.



“Poor thing. Apparently, Redgarde doesn’t trust you. If he’d known what he was up to, he wouldn’t have lied to you.” (Man)


“…Huh?” (Tougo)




 The hooded man said so and then instructed the water serpent to do something.


 Instantly, my body is lifted high. The tail of the mysterious serpent was still holding on to me, even though the Pegasi were flying around trying to help me.



“You don’t need to worry about someone who doesn’t trust you, do you? Come on, tell me. Where is he?” (Man)



 I was puzzled by the meaning of what he said, but I knew I shouldn’t tell him where Redgarde was, so I just kept my mouth shut.



“… Hmm. Then, should I drag it from inside you?” (Man)



 The tail of the snake that was constricting me reached up to my mouth.


 …Ah, I had a bad feeling about this.



 My bad premonition came true, and the tail made of water tried to enter my mouth. No, this is a horrible situation. I will drown.


 But there was nothing I could do, so I shook my head and struggled to escape the snake’s tail…



“Hey! What are you doing!” (Fay)



 …Oh, yeah. It seems that he has come.



“Let him go. I’m your target, right? What?” (Fay)



 Redgarde had gone out of the house.



 As soon as Redgarde came out, the snake’s tail stopped aiming at my mouth. It seemed to have been distracted.


 I was saved, but I was not in a situation to rejoice. I was in a bad situation, no matter how I look at it.



“Finally, you’re here.” (Man)


“Oh, yes. I heard a loud voice. You woke me up. What do you want?” (Fay)



 Redgarde came out of the front door and walked straight toward us. I wonder if it’s better for him not to come here…



“Hmm. It seems that you have a connection with this kid?” (Man)


“…Oh. He is my benefactor.” (Fay)



 …Yeah, it’s my fault. This. I think it would have been better if Redgarde didn’t come out, but he had to because I got caught. I’m really sorry.



“I see. Well then, would it be fun to strangle the kid right here and now?” (Man)


“Hey!” (Fay)



 For a moment, the constricting force became stronger, but the moment Redgarde yelled out, the grip weakened again.



“…Don’t do it… You mess with that guy you’ll get me angry. The Pegasi and unicorns too, and… probably the spirits of this forest won’t be silent either.” (Fay)


“Hmm. Spirits, huh? I wish you could have said something better. But… it is certain that the Pegasi and Unicorns will not be calm. In that case, I wouldn’t like to start any unnecessary fight.” (Man)



 The hooded man said with a nasty smile on his face…



“Throw away your equipment quietly. Well, I don’t think you can fight in this rain.” (Man)



 Redgarde glared at them. The eyes are as bright and sharp as a blazing fire.


 …and then he removed his bracelet, earrings, and his cross tie, and threw them into the fountain.


 With a plop, the four bright red jewels sink to the bottom of the water.



“…That’s quite a graceful thing to do, huh?” (Man)


“Heh. Thank you.” (Fay)



 After Redgardw spat out a reply, he sat down on the grass.



“Done. You can take me with you if you want. But leave that kid alone, will you?” (Fay)


“It’s helpful are quick on the uptake. Mr. Incompetent.” (Man)



 The hooded man signaled, and the other hooded men came and tied up Redgarde. …And then.



“Hey! I told you to let him go!” (Fay)



 Another rope was wrapped around me.



“Huh. If we mess with this kid, The Pegasi and Unicorns won’t shut up, right? …In other words, this kid a good bait. Naturally, we won’t let such a precious bait go. It doesn’t make any sense otherwise, does it?” (Man)



 After both Redgarde and I were tied up, the water serpent took me and Redgarde into its mouth.



“Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. Not here anyway…” (Man)


“You……!” (Fay)




 Then we were swallowed by the water serpent… and I fainted.



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