Drawn Mochi Volume 1 Chapter 3.2: Searching for Paint*2

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 ……I kept at it, and in the evening, I went to bed at night, and in the morning, I continued again… Finally, I finished it.


 It is a landscape painting. The first landscape I painted after coming to this world. It is a landscape painting that does not exist.


 In front of me, in reality, there is a dried-up spring. But in the landscape drawn on the paper in my hand, there is a spring of water welling up.



 …nothing happened.


 I knew it was useless. Although it would be nice to materialize things like mochis, knives, and apples, this is just a landscape. I should have drawn a plastic tank of about 100 liters filled with water. But I wanted to try painting landscapes, so it can’t be helped.


 Well, I got to paint what I wanted to paint, so it’s fine…


 I thought so and looked down at the picture I had just painted.


 And then…



 The sheet trembled. And then, just like when the mochi materializes, the picture converges on one point…


  softly, the picture spread out and disappeared.



“…What the-?” (Tougo)



 It disappeared without materializing. I thought, “Huh,” but the water did not materialize…



 I looked up from the paper and was surprised.


 A spring had formed. Water had formed where there should have been no water.


 My drawing of a landscape that didn’t exist changed the landscape within reality.



 And as soon as I confirmed it… I suddenly felt my consciousness fading away, and I was forced to take another nap.


 …The thing is, I passed out. Probably.



 When I woke up, it was past noon. My head hurt badly.


 But there was a spring in front of me. There was a spring with beautiful, very clear water gushing out of it.



“It wasn’t a dream.” (Tougo)



 I touched the water to test it, and it was indeed water. I scooped up some water in my hands and drank it.


 It tasted delicious. It’s water, so it doesn’t have a taste, but apparently, my body was craving water. I think I didn’t even drink enough barley tea yesterday, come to think of it. I wonder if that’s what made me pass out.



 Yes, that’s it. Yes. I think I fainted.


 I remember that the spring was completed. I also remember that it was morning.


 But now it’s past noon. I think I lost consciousness at the moment the spring was completed. It was too sudden for me to have fallen asleep, and I probably fainted.


 …I wonder why I fainted. I’m a little worried.



 I thought about it, but the feeling of wasted effort is overwhelming. I feel useless just thinking about it.


 However… I think that the reason I fainted was that I materialized the spring.




 The only things I’ve materialized so far are rice cakes, barley tea, knives, mini-tomatoes, and blankets at best, so they were things that I could hold in my arms. But suddenly, I drew something as big as a fountain and made it materialize, so, well, I guess it was different from what I had done before. Perhaps.


 When I think back on it, the way it materialized was also different. Instead of materializing like a rice cake or a tomato, it was like “squeak” and “pop”, instead, it was like “squeak” and “poof”, and then it spread out and I noticed that the landscape had changed.


 …or is it because I painted something that doesn’t exist? Or because I added something that didn’t exist to the original landscape?


 Hmmm… well, never mind. At any rate, I’ll keep in mind that in the future, “if I draw something big and materialize it, I might pass out.”



 Well, after drinking some water, I remembered that I was hungry, so I decided to eat.


 Today’s meal is… meat.


 Yeah, meat. Meat. I decided on meat. I think if I don’t eat meat too, my nutrition will be unbalanced. On the other hand, I thought I can live relatively well if I eat only meat.


 I could have drawn the meat as it was already cooked, but I wanted to try it out, so I drew the raw meat.


 Steak meat like the one in the picture came out. No, it’s just a picture of meat.


 After the meat came out, I painted the frying pan. This is easy because it is all black.


 When the frying pan also comes out, I draw a lens.


 I managed to draw the lens in black and white. It is fun to draw something transparent.



 Now, let’s see. Once the lenses are done, we use the lenses to collect the sun’s light.


 The point to collect the light is the piece of paper painted black. This is the one I drew to materialize the bicycle but gave up on it in the end. A piece of it.


 When light gathered there, the paper gradually heated up and …… eventually burned.


 As soon as it caught fire, I threw some dead grass into it. When the fire grew big enough, I put branches on top of it to make a fire.


 When the fire was big enough, we put a frying pan with meat on it and roasted it.


 I realized halfway through the cooking that I hadn’t put any oil on the pan, but it didn’t matter. I decided to cook it in its own beef fat. In short, I grilled them as they were.


 The meat stuck to the pan a little, but it turned out fine. I put the cooked meat on a plate made of a leaf…



“Thank you for the meal.” (Tougo)



 I ate it.


 …it was meat. However, I didn’t use any salt or anything, so it was really just a beefy taste.


 I want salt.



 I also drew salt. …This posed quite a problem. Because salt is just like any white powder. I thought that if I did that, it would be hard to distinguish it from flour, let alone sugar.


 However, I decided to be open-minded and drew the salt crystals as they were, and it worked out well. A palm-sized transparent cube materialized, and when I licked it, I found that it tasted salty.


 I licked it and found that it tasted salty.


 …I will probably eat meat tomorrow and for the foreseeable future.



 After eating meat, I’m going to look for the next paint.


 The paints I have now are flower petal red, nut red, red clay, and blood red. Then there is yellow pollen.


 I also have ochre from yellowish soil, black from humus, gray from stone dust, light brown from sand, and some kind of flower extract that I don’t know…





“It’s mostly all red and yellow and brown…”



 I’ve learned that there are only a limited number of colors that can be easily obtained from nature.



 What should I do? I was at a loss.


 I’ve been making and making paints, but all of them are similar in color. Most of them are either slightly dull light reds, yellows, or browns. Something like that. I think white, black, red, and yellow are all the colors I can make.


 …If possible, I want blue. If red, blue, and yellow are available, most colors can be made. But I know blue is a difficult color to find.


 What is it? I remember they used to make blue paint by crushing a gem called lapis lazuli. There are many other ways to make blue, such as from cow’s blood, but there is no blue color that can be easily obtained. That’s why humans went as far as crushing gemstones to make blue paint.


 Other than that, if tulips and other plants are growing here, blue color can be made. But I haven’t seen any blue flowers so far. I wonder if there are some somewhere if I look for them.



 Also, I want green.


 If I have green, I can draw plants. There may be some situations where I can use blue as a substitute.


 I have a lot of green… but surprisingly, there is not much of it.


 Even if I crush leaves, it seems that it is difficult to make the green color.


 Even if I get a light greenish juice, it quickly turns brown in just a few minutes. I tried rubbing the grass directly on the paper and got a slightly darker color, but it was difficult to apply it evenly.


 I want green in the form of paint somehow, even if it is ……. Not just red and yellow, I want green. I want blue too. I want to use colors freely.


 I’ve come to a strange world, but if I stay here, I can paint as much as I want. So this is not such a bad world. But if that’s the case, I want to use paint freely. I want to use various painting materials freely. I want to use all kinds of painting materials freely. …I came to a world where I am allowed.



“It’s beautiful” (Tougo)



 The leaf I picked has a beautiful green color. There is no such thing as unevenness in the paint, and every inch of the leaf is green. Natural things are beautiful in their own right. It is just difficult to process them and use them as materials.



“I wish I could use this color for paint.” (Tougo)



 If I crush this leaf and take its juice and paint it, it will turn into a pale, dull green. The color of this leaf is beautiful, but it cannot be made into paint.


 Minerals are amazing in this aspect. Even if you grind them, they are still the same color. I have used sand as paint and red clay as paint, but it is nice to have the colors as they are.


 I wish I could use this leaf as an art material like sand and soil.



 The leaves reminded me of edamame [A/N: green soybeans]. No, it was because the color looked like that.


 …I was thinking of materializing edamame if I could make green paint. But maybe I’ll wait for the green paint until I find some minerals.


 I was a little sad, so I cut out the leaves with a knife for comfort. …in the shape of an edamame pod.


 That alone doesn’t look like edamame, so I cut out the brownish leaves finely to express the color of the part that is connected to the edamame branch, and to express the swelling of the pod where the edamame is inside, I cut another leaf. Try cutting and pasting.


 …Oh, what I’m using as the glue is the nectar from a large lily flower. I was indebted to the pollen when I made yellow paint, but I am also indebted to the nectar as a substitute for glue.


 Through trial and error, I was able to create a leafy edamame.


 This kind of thing is called collage, right? I had never done it before, but it was fun to try, just like making crafts. It might be more fun if I made it on a larger scale.



 And so, I was satisfied looking at my newly finished leafy edamame. It was fun to do something new, and it was fun to make things by trial and error. On paper, the leaves were bright green, which also contributed to my satisfaction.


 I was looking at the leaf edamame on the paper, while I was admiring it…



 The leaves on the paper shook and trembled, and then they gathered at one point and… a squeak and pop.


 An edamame came out.


 …Oh, so this works too…



 Now that I know that it’s time to take on the challenge. I use the tip of the knife again to carefully cut the leaves.


 Carefully, I make sure that the leaf is as even in color as possible. Match the shape of the colored part on the label of the paint.


 Once the green pieces are done, I apply lily glue to the back and fit them into the labels of the penciled paint tubes.





“Green!” (Tougo)



 The long-awaited green paint was born in my hands.



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