Drawn Mochi Volume 2 Chapter 10.1: Sword and Jewel *5

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“That is… sh*t!” (Laocles)



 Laocles quickly turned pale and then kicked one of the people who had fallen on the floor of the store.


 Then the person groans and rolls to the floor. In his hand is a black stone.


 Does that mean that this black monster is some kind of summoned beast?



“You’re still here?!” (Laocles)



 Laocles shouted and struck the black ghost, swinging the ham. I wonder if they know each other.


 …but that’s all. The cured ham is buried under the feet of the black ghost, and then… it disappears as if it were swallowed by the black darkness.


 It disappeared. Ther cured ham is gone.


 The ham, which until a few moments ago had been beating the shopkeepers to a pulp like the club used by the mythological Hercules, vanished without a moment’s thought. The ham seemed to have melted away halfway through and disappeared.


 As I was shocked at the sight… The ghost moved.


 The ghost lifted something that looked like a hand… and then swung it down.


 Then, the place where Laocles had been until a moment before… vanished.


 It disappeared. The ceiling wreckage that should have been there, the scattered merchandise, and the floor. The only thing left is a hole in the ground where the ground has been gouged out.


 I was shocked to see the scene in front of me. …What is this guy?



 While I was horrified by the scene before me, Laocles quickly moved on to his next attack.


 He picked up an axe that one of the guests was holding and slashed at the black ghost with it.


 …For a moment, the ax seemed to glow. But that’s all… the black ghost had a faint cut, but it soon closed up. It’s like cutting a soft mochi. No matter how you cut it, it sticks together immediately.



“Damn, this is no good…!” (Laocles)



 Laocles clicked his tongue, raised his axe, and began to concentrate on something.


 But while he was doing so, the ghost reached out to him again. This time, the hand would swing down at Laocles.


 I hurriedly threw things I had around toward the ghost.


 A piece of a jar. A knife blade. A pebble. A carved wooden statue I didn’t understand. I threw these things at the ghost, but it didn’t react at all. And as soon as they hit the ghost’s body, they all disappear as if they were absorbed into the ghost’s body. It was just like the ham I had just thrown.


 Still, I kept throwing things. There was nothing else I could do. Even if I took out my art supplies and built a wall right now, it wouldn’t make much sense because the ghost can erase everything and anything. If that’s the case, at least make the ghost’s hand face me instead of Laocles…


 …It was at that time.


 A flash of light.


 Light was leaking from my hand. What I was trying to throw was something that looked a lot like the candle Fay had lent me to practice my magic.



 A rumble echoed; it seems to have come from a black ghost.


 Before I could even think about it, the ghost crawled away from me, as if trying to get away from me…



“There!” (Laocles)



 There, the ax of Laocles roared.


 This time, the axe shined bright. There was a crack, a sound like something exploding… And the axe tore through the ghost’s body with a mighty crack.



 Pah, blood splashes.



“……F*ck!” (Laocles)



 The ghost seems to have aimed at Laocles’ leg at the same time as it was cut. Part of Laocles’ thigh is missing as if it was ripped, and blood overflows from it.


 Laocles would no longer be able to walk. It would be difficult for him to attack.


 Furthermore, the ghost that Laocles had cut off seemed to have reattached itself to the body and was now back together again.




 I’ve healed Fay’s injuries before, but this was the first time I’d seen someone get hurt.


 It was a much worse scene than I had expected. As I watched this terrible scene, I wondered absentmindedly if this was how people bleed.



“Hey, you run away!” (Laocles)



 Laocles said so while protecting his wounds.


 Since he said that, I should probably run away. The store is already full of holes. The door that Laocles kicked through. Holes in the walls that the black ghost has obliterated. I can escape from anywhere.




 I think that if I run away, I will probably regret it for the rest of my life.



“…I’ll try not to be a bother.” (Tougo)



 The ghost is about to wave its hand down, this time at me, not at Laocles. I looked up at it and regained a firm grip on what I held in my hand… The “candle-like thing”.



 When I consciously pour magic into the candle, it lights up strongly.


 …When the light appears, the black ghost crouches in surprise and withdraws its raised hand.


 When I turn off the light, he stretches his body and starts reaching out, but when I turn on the light again, he withdraws.




 After all, I realized this guy is not good with light.


 It is bad with light, so when Laocles’ ax shined, I think that attack worked. the attack worked. And it’s also because he’s not good with light that this ghost was scared of the glowing candle-like thing.


 …then it’s easy. I know how to make a beam out of this candle-like thing.


 That will surely be an attack that works well against black ghosts.



 I removed the seal from my wrist and put it in my pocket.


 The light of the candle-like beam became noticeably stronger. The black ghost cowered, shrank, and grew more docile as I aimed the light at it.


 All that’s left is to be patient. endure the magic. And… endure the approaching ghost.



 I restrain the wrist of my left hand holding the candle with my right hand.


 And just like Fay did to me, I restrained the magic.



“……ugh.” (Tougo)



 I’m not used to this feeling. Itchy, itchy, hopelessly restless.


 But I had to be patient. I had to hold it in, hold it in, and get it out all at once. I just held on and held on.


 The black ghost stretched out its body, making an angry cry, “Pugyuru!” The light was not shining because I was in the middle of holding back. It would be the perfect chance to get a shot at me.



“Hey! Run away!” (Laocles)



 I could hear Laocles’ voice, but still, be patient.


 I held on, held on, held on even as the black ghost’s hand shot up in front of me, held on even as the itch swelled up inside me, held on even as the itch got itchier and itchier… And then, just as the black ghost’s hand was about to reach me.



 I fired a beam from the candle-like thing.



 I could see the sky.


 The beam pierced through the black ghost’s torso and instantly made a huge hole in it. On the other side of the hole, I saw the sky near dusk.


 The ghost looked down at the body that had been pierced by the beam and then began to scream again.


 The hole in the ghost’s body did not seem to close up. On the contrary, the hole is widening, slowly dissolving the ghost!


 Light. If there is light, we can defeat the ghost!


 Even that monster, which swallows up everything and makes it disappear, is not invincible!



 The black monster twisted its body angrily and then glared at me.


 With Laocles at my back, I held up the candle-like thing.



“If you want to eat me, try it!” (Tougo)



 The ghost seemed to understand my words and glared at me angrily, but still did not attack me.


 The ghost stared at us for a few moments and then it stretched out outside the store and tried to run away.


 That’s when I thought, oh my god, this ghost shouldn’t be out on the town.



 A cry came from outside the store. Then, a squeak, a rustling of wings, and a roar of flames. I looked up and saw the building crumbling.


 Looking up, beyond the collapsed ceiling, there was a Red Dragon flapping its wings and Fay riding the Red Dragon.



“Yo! I lost my way, but I found a big one! It’s a good landmark!” (Fay)



 Fay’s lighthearted words were just as encouraging.



“Fay! This ghost doesn’t like light!” (Tougo)


“Light? I’m sorry, I can’t even use the light magic!” (Fay)



 Fay smiled and chuckled… giving a reliable smile.



“But light is actually a follower of flames!” (Fay)



 With an absurd statement, the red dragon spits out flames.


 The flames shine stronger and brighter, redder and brighter than the setting sun, illuminating the surroundings.



“How’s that? It’s brighter now!” (Fay)



 The flames that the Red Dragon breathed out certainly had an effect. The black ghosts were shriveling up as if molten by the flames.


 The ghost was unable to resist and tried to run away. Toward the town.


 …but then the flaming wolves howled. Flaming birds flap their wings.


 The black ghost is completely surrounded by Fay’s summons and cannot escape anywhere.



“Alright! Now, for the finisher!” (Fay)



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