Drawn Mochi Volume 2 Chapter 16.2: Request and Lightning*4

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 After we were served breakfast, we decided to go out of town for a bit.


 Because I wanted to buy a ham.


 Yes, ham.


 …I ended up missing out on a big chunk of ham because it was eaten by the black ghost… I was looking forward to tasting that one, so I decided to go buy it one more time.


 However, I follow Laocles’ instructions properly, since there may be some of the “Summon a Red Dragon” people around.


 I walk on the building side of the street, and Laocles will turn to the corner first. We don’t go into the narrow streets. We don’t go into any other butcher shops except the one where I bought a ham last time.


 The town was still full of strange and mysterious things, and I wanted to look around, but we had to keep moving… We didn’t make any detour, but took what Laocles called “the best street” to buy a ham.






“Good morning, nice to meet you again.” (Old Man)



 We meet again…



 I stepped back, holding the ham I had just bought firmly in my arms. Then Laocles stepped in front of me with his shield at the ready and his hand on his sword.



“W-well, you don’t have to be so guarded.” (Old Man)


“F*ck off.” (Laocles)



 Laocles’ threat was quiet but sharp, like a thrust of his sword. So cool.



“No… You see. I am deeply, deeply sorry for my rudeness last time.” (Old Man)



 The Dioren family servant, while being stared at by Laocles, said this quickly… and signaled to the people who had been waiting behind them.


 Then he displayed, more gold coins and more jewels than last time, and after that, he showed me another staff.



“This reward is proof that hold you in extremely high regard! Give us a moment of your time and we will reward you more!” (Old Man)



 Hmm… It’s a bit painful to be wanted. Even if they give rewards, it’s quite troublesome.



“Please, will you grant the Red Dragon to the House of Dioren as you did to the House of Redgarde?” (Old Man)


“Even if you ask…” (Tougo)


“Didn’t you hear me telling you to f*ck off?” (Laocles)



 When Laocles made another terrifying gesture, the old man backed away… but left, saying, “I see you again.” I don’t want to see you again.



 That day I painted and practiced controlling my magic, and the next day I practiced horseback riding.


 Riding on the pegasus, I trotted through the garden of the Redgarde family’s mansion.


 It was difficult to keep my balance, because I was riding in a posture of a “horse rider,” not with my stomach flat against the horse.


 But it is a good experience for the future. Yes, if I learn to ride a horse here, it might be useful later on. Mainly when I draw a picture of Laocles riding a horse.


 …Then, when I have to ride a horse in public. Yeah, I’m not sure if doing that’s a good idea. But It’s good to be able to look good.



“How are you feeling?” (Laocles)


“A little tired.” (Tougo)


“I guess so.” (Laocles)



 You have to sit up straight, and you have to keep your balance as the horse walks. It’s quite tiring because you have to use your whole body.


 On the other hand, Laocles, who is riding the other Pegasus beside me, does not look particularly tired as he rides.



“You are riding a horse without a saddle, so it is natural for you to be tired. Don’t you want to put a saddle on these guys?” (Laocles)


“Hmm… if they allow me, I’ll think about it.” (Pegasus)



 I have a feeling that a saddle would be uncomfortable to wear from a horse’s point of view. That’s why I felt like I want to use it… but the horse neighed and moved his head as if nodding. Hmm, so it’s okay, right?



“I’ll get you a saddle, then. It would be easier to ride.” (Laocles)


“Yes.” (Tougo)



 If it’s going to be more comfortable, it’s better that way. Yeah. So, I was thinking that I’d like to use the saddle… At least once.



“But those guys are a pain in the ass when we go shopping.” (Laocles)


“Maybe we won’t run into each other again.” (Tougo)



  I’d like to use the saddle, but I can’t go into town to buy it. After all, it would be troublesome if I met someone from the Dioren family again.



“Then, maybe I can draw one? …Oh, I don’t know the shape of the saddle.” (Tougo)


“Is it the same as a shield? If you want to know more about it, you can ask the Redgardes and borrow one that they don’t use.” (Laocles)


“Yeah. I can draw something like that.” (Tougo)


“…can’t we just use it as is?” (Laocles)



 So, we will continue our horseback riding training without leaving the Redgarde family’s yard so as not to meet the Dioren family…






“Lord Tougo! Please, the Red Dragon!” (Old Man)



 Here we go again…



“I wish you wouldn’t come into other people’s gardens.” (Tougo)



 It’s true that I wasn’t riding in the courtyard, but in the backyard, which was larger than the courtyard. But I wonder what it’s like to have someone call out to you from the outside.



“We are prepared to visit you as many times as necessary until we receive your approval. Please, for the sake of the son of the House of Dioren, summon the Red Dragon.” (Old Man)



 No. He’s not listening to me.



“… Um, why do you want a Red Dragon so much?” (Tougo)



 So I tried, and I asked. …… and he said.



“Of course, it’s because we need a summoned beast suitable for the son of the Dioren family.” (Old Man)



 …I received an answer that I don’t quite understand. No, maybe this person is listening to me, but he just can’t understand.



“If the Red Dragon, which is only a legend, has become the property of the Redgarde family, then the Dioren family must also have something equivalent.” (Old Man)


“The dragon is a living creature. It’s not some decoration.” (Tougo)


“That’s right. The living legend of the Red Dragon has a value far greater than that of a mere decoration.” (Old Man)



 No. I really can’t get through to him. I’m getting kind of tired…


 While I was feeling troubled, Laocles let out a sigh and then patted the Pegasus’ neck lightly. …What is he doing?



“Tougo. Move back.” (Laocles)


“Huh? Alright.” (Tougo)



 I instructed the pegasus, and he did as I instructed and walked away from the area.



“Lord Tougo! Just a few more words!” (Old Man)



 Following me a short distance away, the Dioren family almost stepped into the garden…


 …At that moment, the Pegasus that Laocles rode galloped.



 *Pow*, the Pegasus spreads its wings and jumps.


 The speed that comes with just a few steps of acceleration is more than enough. A step without hesitation. And then,……, he easily jumped over the low hedge in the garden, and his front hooves were unleashed toward the Dioren family members on the other side of the hedge.





“Hiii!” (Old Man)



 The hoof extended at a speed far exceeding that of a normal horse. If someone gets kicked, it won’t be something you can walk away from. The servant of the Dioren family, who must have understood that, scattered and ran away, including the people who were standing behind them.


 …And the Pegasus, without kicking anyone, without falling, with its hooves extended, with Laocles riding was posed stepping up in the air.



“That was a good one.” (Laocles)



 Charging with the Pegasus, pretending to kick, and staying in the air. …amazing! Laocles should have a shallower relationship with horses than I do, but he is already riding them better than I do.


 The Pegasus also has a face saying, “not bad”. Yeah, maybe they found out that Laocles rides better than me on board. That’s right.



“… did they run away?” (Tougo)


“Yes.” (Laocles)



 Laocles stared in the direction from which the Dioren family members had fled.



“He was a very brave man to try to get into the yard of a nobleman who they consider a rival.” (Laocles)



 I think they’re fighting against each other… The bottom line is that they want to compete with the Redgardes, so they want a dragon of their own. But even if they are not competing with them, even if their family isn’t a noble family, they shouldn’t try to step into someone else’s yard without permission in the first place, and they shouldn’t chase around someone who doesn’t want to talk to them.



“What should I do with this…? I have a feeling they’re going to barge into the room one of these days.” (Tougo)


“I think so too.” (Laocles)



 Laocles, while dismounting from his Pegasus, made a reluctant face… and then said to me.



“Let’s go to Fay Bullard Redgarde. We have something to talk to you about.” (Laocles)



 …Laocles talk to Fay? I wonder what it is.



“Hiding from them, avoiding them, won’t make things better. We must go on the offensive.” (Laocles)



 I see.



 …In other words, it’s a fight?



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