Drawn Mochi Volume 2 Chapter 23.2: Request and Lightning*11

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 …But while I was looking at them, Ms. Intarlia suddenly turned to me.



“…I would like to ask the summoner, master Tougo.” (Intarlia)



 I felt very uncomfortable when she said, “Summoner, master Tougo,” but I’ll keep quiet for now.



“Why did you include me in your reward?” (Intarlia)



 …It seems that she brought dinner all the way here to hear my answer about this.



“Lao… uh, he, would be worried. Then again, as long as you belong to the Dioren family, I will continue to be threatened. I knew that if that happened, I wouldn’t be able to leave the Dioren family forever. ” (Tougo)



 This was quickly answered. I almost stumbled a bit on the Laocles name, but that’s okay.



“…you? So it’s not Barclaed Oriens?” (Intarlia)


“Yeah. More than anything, I hated it.” (Tougo)



 I hated the fact that it was irreversible. There are many things that can be done if it’s a serious injury. But if you die, there is nothing I can do. Even if I painted, I didn’t think I could restore a person’s life.


 That is why I wanted to prioritize this person’s life. Even if I got hurt a little, it was okay. Even if Laocles gets hurt a little, I think he will forgive me. And by the way, I think it’s better for Fay and the others to worry than to have someone die.


 …Even if that person is willing to die, or even if they want to die, I know that there is something that can be changed by avoiding that.



  When I explained it like that, Ms. Intarlia looked at me in confusion.



“…I don’t understand. I think you should have cut me off there. For your sake.” (Intarlia)



 I see. Well, there are some things you can’t have the other understand even if you explain. Yeah. It’s not that I don’t understand “A knight serves and sacrifices,” and I know that my values don’t match everyone else’s values.



“But… You might be just. I can see why he is the one you recognized as your new master. He is not wise in the sense that he cares more for his servants… than for himself, nor in the fact that he cannot give up many things, but…” (Intarlia)


“You said just said it, I wasn’t wise.” (Tougo)



 When I said that, Ms. Intarlia looked at Laocles and then chuckled.



“Yes. I guess so.” (Intarlia)


“…Well, you can now see, he really is my master.” (Laocles)



 Laocles laughed a little, too…  And then said to Ms. Intarlia.



“You… um, you found a second master, didn’t you?” (Laocles)



 Intarlia nodded happily.



“Yes. As Master Tougo is your new master, Lady Carnelia is my master now.” (Intarlia)



“Lady Carnelia visits you here often, doesn’t she?” (Intarlia)


“Huh? Did you notice?” (Tougo)


“I don’t think Lady Carnelia herself has noticed. As expected, if I don’t notice the escape of a 9-year-old girl, I would be too incompetent for an escort.” (Intarlia)



 Of course. That’s true.



“… Besides, it’s been a long time. Lady Carnelia seems to be having so much fun. She’s been in wallowing in despair ever since her engagement was finalized.” (Intarlia)



 Intarlia smiled a little sadly as she said that…. I’m sure that Intarlia also has her own feelings about Carnelia’s marriage.



“I thank you for entertaining my master. All I want is for my little lady to be as happy as she can.” (Intarlia)



 And Intarlia stared at me…  with her beautiful amber eyes and said clearly.



“So… now that it is too late, please, I beg you to not take me as a reward. I want to stay by Lady Carnelia’s side.” (Intarlia)



“I understand your circumstances. If I were with the Dioren family, I could become a tool for the Dioren family to interfere with you. But I will take care of that. I will find and present other means so that the Dioren family will not rely on your power.” (Intarlia)



 Ms. Intarlia said desperately. As I listened, I remembered that I had decided to take Ms. Intarlia as a reward, but I had not thought about what would happen after I took her.



“So, please, let me stay as Lady Carnelia’s escort. She has too few allies!” (Intarlia)



 …I see. If I were to take Ms. Intarlia, would Carnelia be left all alone? That’s what Ms. Intarlia is worried about.



“I am also worried about her current fiancé, who is a bastard and 30 years older than she is. And even if Lord Santos really does win the princess’s heart, Lady Carnelia will receive a marriage proposal for someone with a more important position, and she will only be used as a tool for that marriage… The chances of a new fiancée being on her side are infinitesimally small. So…” (Intarlia)



 But that’s okay.



“Well, I was thinking of letting you go after I get you… but if you want, you can continue to escort Carnelia, if you want, you know?” (Tougo)



“Eh?” (Intarlia)


“As long as you’re a slave of the Dioren family and you’re not in a position to be a tool against me, anything is fine. I think it’s okay for you to be an employee instead of being a slave.” (Tougo)



 It is not that I want Ms. Intarlia. As long as Ms. Intarlia does not belong to the Dioren Family, I would say anything is fine. I just want her to be safe.


 If I can make things better for Carnelia and Ms. Intarlia while doing so, that’s better.



“If you want to be there for Carnelia, then do it. Maybe that would be good for Carnelia, too. So, if she has to run away from home in earnest, help her with that… Can you do that?” (Tougo)



“…run away from home.” (Intarlia)



 When I mentioned my wishes, Ms. Intarlia just froze.



“Yes.” (Tougo)


“Th-that’s right… If Lady Carnelia runs away, if I’m not a slave, I will be able to follow her.” (Intarlia)



 Ms. Intarlia said and then sat down as if she lost her strength.



“…Hahaha. I feel strange. I always believed that I had to stay in this house to protect Lady Carnelia. I thought that I and Lady Carnelia must stay trapped here forever. And I’ll at least try to spend our limited days making her happy… but that’s all been overturned at once, hasn’t it?” (Intarlia)



 It seems that Ms. Intarlia had never had the idea of “running away from home”. Well, you don’t usually…



“I see. I was the only one who was tied up. Was I shackling Lady Carnelia?” (Intarlia)



 Ms. Intarlia said so, and her face became a little brighter.



“Then… Please take me on as a reward. And on top of that, if you let me be Lady Carnelia’s escort… Well, it would be just too good to be true.” (Intarlia)


“Well. I also want Carnelia to be happy.” (Tougo)



 I think it’s fine if the people of the Dioren family don’t come near me ever, and if one girl and one knight can be saved, I think it’s a very happy thing.



“I see… Thank you very much. I will definitely reward you. What would you like? Though, it seems to me that you don’t need much in the way of money, but…” (Intarlia)


“Reward? Then please become my model!” (Tougo)



 Reward, I decided immediately.



“……a model?” (Tougo)


“Yes. Once you and Carnelia leave home safely, please come to the Redgarde Forest. I want to draw your pictures there!” (Tougo)



 So, I got their approval for the “Reward” as well. Yay. Now I can paint a picture of a female knight in armor and her lady. I wanted to paint a picture of them, because I think it would be a good combination.


 Or maybe a picture of Laocles and Ms. Intarlia. If it’s with two knights, that would be a great picture. I’m looking forward to it a lot.


 …However, it seems that this “Reward” was quite unexpected for Ms. Intarlia. She laughed so hard. She also said to Laocles, “He sure is a fluffy guy!” I wonder if I am actually fluffy…



 And the next day.


 Both the alicorn painting and the phoenix painting just need finishing touches.


 …And I decided to call the members of the Dioren family to the basement.


 I called the lord, lady and Mr. Santos. That includes Carnelia and Ms. Intarlia.



“…Why is Carnelia here too?” (Santos)


“Because I have to do the summoning in front of the people of the Dioren Family. She is also a member of the Dioren family, isn’t she?” (Tougo)


“Well… that’s right.” (Santos)



 The fact that Carnelia was there, both the lords and Mr. Santos looked puzzled. By the way, the lady’s look on her face was quite foul.


 But that’s okay. Carnelia is also a member of the Dioren family. It was accepted. That’s it. I won’t let anyone complain.



“Now, please wait a little longer while I summon the phoenix.” (Tougo)



 And I go inside the curtain that hangs in front of them…



“What is that curtain for?” (Santos)


“Because they don’t want people while they are being summoned.” (Tougo)



 The curtain is, of course, a picture that is about to be painted… I decided to keep the summoning scene a secret since the Dioren Family probably don’t know how I am summoning the creature. By doing so, I can also keep secret that I will bring out the alicorn later.



“W-Well, that’s fine, but… you can really summon them, can’t you?” (Santos)


“Yes.” (Tougo)



 I replied and immediately went inside the curtain.


 And with the paints I had prepared there, I put the final touches on it.


 …And then.



 A song plays.


 It is a song that can no longer be heard anywhere in this world… It is the call of the phoenix.


 It was a song that rejoiced at the dawn of the world, as if celebrating the birth of life.


 And, suddenly, fire lights up.


 It is an orange fire, like the brightness of the immortal bird’s life itself. Even through the curtain, the light was strong and warm and seemed to reach their eyes.



“Ooh……!” (Santos)


“Wonderful, it is the Phoenix…!” (Sardo)



 As I heard the cheers of Santos, the lord, and lady…


 …I walked out of the curtain, holding the Phoenix with one arm.


 Yes. The phoenix chick was about the size of a chicken.



 Chirp, while the phoenix was chirping, the basement fell silent.




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