Drawn Mochi Volume 2 Chapter 24.1: Request and Lightning*12

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“Th-This is……?” (Sardo)


“It’s a phoenix.” (Tougo)



 A fluffy orange chick cries. It is a chicken-sized chick with distinctive decorative feathers on its head. In other words, it was too big to be just any chick.


 It’s probably just the right size for Carnelia to hold with both arms.



“…a phoenix.” (Santos)


“Yes. A phoenix.” (Tougo)


“This is a Phoenix, huh…?” (Santos)


“Yes. A phoenix.” (Tougo)



 Again, chirp, chirp, the chick cried.


 Santos, the lord and lady, and also, Ms. Intarlia, were stunned to see the phoenix, which they could not have imagined from based on the name “phoenix”. Carnelia’s eyes light up when she sees the “Phoenix”. And the only one behind me, Laocles is quietly shaking his shoulders and laughing.



“…Um, may I touch them?” (Carnelia)



 It was Carnelia who moved before anyone else.


 She was completely unfazed by the “unexpected” appearance of Phoenix, because to her, the Phoenix did not need to be magnificent.



“Okay. Go ahead.” (Tougo)



 I moved the Phoenix chick into Carnelia’s arm.


 The phoenix struggled to stay with me, looking a little anxious, but when Carnelia started petting him, he stopped squirming. The phoenix, who had been petted for a while… became completely quiet as he looked up at Carnelia.


 It seems that the Phoenix has taken a liking to Carnelia.



 While stroking the phoenix, Carnelia is smiling happily.



“This child is so warm!” (Carnelia)


“Well, it’s a phoenix.” (Tougo)


“Cute… pretty… how is can such a creature be.” (Carnelia)



 The phoenix looked a little proud, as if he could tell that he had been praised. Perhaps. It looks as if it stretched its neck a little and puffed out its chest. It seems that this Phoenix is rather clever.



“Hey… wait a minute. Hey, Tougo. What the heck is this?” (Sardo)



 But he wouldn’t just remain quiet about it.


 The lord rushed over to me.



“As you requested, I have summoned a creature as rare as a Red Dragon. The contract is now complete.” (Tougo)


“…Um, you said that you were summoning a phoenix?” (Sardo)


“Yes. And it is a phoenix.” (Tougo)


“Well, umm, I haven’t heard of summoning a chick…?” (Sardo)


“Excuse me, that’s rude. It’s a Phoenix, this is a Phoenix.” (Tougo)



 When he looked back at the phoenix, the phoenix in Carnelia’s arms, chirping… and then suddenly spitting fire. Maybe it sneezed.



“…this is not good enough. This is not a force to be reckoned with!” (Santos)


“Strength? Did you intend to use it to fight?” (Tougo)



 I asked, and Mr. Santos seemed to be at a loss for words.



“…Could it be that you wanted a Red Dragon for that?” (Tougo)


“No, no, that’s not what I meant…” (Santos)



 …So, if you think about it, it means that “the king or princess of this country wants something that can be used in battle,” right? Hmmm… That’s kind of disturbing.



“But I hadn’t heard of that. That’s why I summoned a Phoenix.” (Tougo)


“B-but… This is… That, return…” (Sardo)



 Both Santos and the lord had a troubled look on their faces… but I had no choice but to smile.



“And Phoenix seems to have taken a liking to her, too.” (Tougo)



 I can hear Carnelia’s small scream of delight.


 There, the phoenix stretched out its neck in Carnelia’s arms, found a jewel pendant hanging from Carnelia’s chest, and pressed its head against it.



 In front of the stunned Santos and the lords, Carnelia just gawked at the phoenix that had been sucked into her pendant.


 She poked the jewel of the pendant with her fingertip, and the phoenix emerged from it and nestled back into her arms.


 The phoenix was very happy and chirping.



“It looks like you’ve become the summoned beast of the Dioren family, Phoenix.” (Tougo)



 Phoenix now belongs to Carnelia. I won’t accept any returns or refunds.



“Hey, you’ve got to be kidding me! Hey! Carnelia! What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” (Santos)



 Mr. Santos shouted loudly as he approached Carnelia. Carnelia cowered, but hugged the phoenix in her arms protectively…




 …Along with such a cry, the phoenix breathed fire. The hem of Mr. Santos’ clothes was instantly scorched.


 Mr. Santos has no choice but to froze.


The dependable phoenix looked, as if to say, “Next time I won’t miss.”


 Yes, that’s it. Case closed.



 Leaving the stunned Mr. Santos behind, I talked about the contract with the lord.


 First of all, I confirmed that the contract had been properly executed. The lord had to nod his head in agreement. Because I had presented the phoenix in front of the Dioren family, the phoenix belonged to the Dioren family, and most importantly, I asked him if it was okay to present the phoenix. I asked, and they said yes.


 …So I decided to get my reward.


 It’s our safety and Ms. Intarlia’s custody.


 As for Ms. Intarlia… Fnow, I allowed her to act freely by saying, “You can do as you please.” I’m not sure what she’s going to do. But after that, she can decide whether she will be employed by the Dioren family again, or whether she will kidnap Carnelia and run away.


 So, I signed the documents regarding Ms. Intarlia’s ownership, and I was ready to go home.



“That… Tougo! Please, can you please summon another legendary magic beast!” (Sardo)



 But then, as expected, he asked me for another request.



“The reward would be anything you wish! I’m even willing to give you three weeks, not just three days! Please!” (Sardo)


“Even if you say so…” (Tougo)


“Besides the Phoenix, you mentioned an alicorn! You can summon the alicorn, right!?” (Sardo)


“Well, I can, but…” (Tougo)


“Then do me a favor! Then, please, summon it! It doesn’t matter if it’s not the Phoenix at this point! Please!” (Sardo)






“I’ll summon one then. But I can’t make it your summoned beast.” (Tougo)


“That’s fine! Carnelia leave this place! Hey! Take Carnelia away! …totally, how could that guy receive a summoned beast when she was summoned at the last moment? She’s really, really useless!” (Santos)



 I don’t think carnelian heard the words that followed, since Ms. Intarlia was moving quick with Carnelia in tow when the words “leave this place” were uttered.



“Then, could you also do me a favor?” (Sardo)


“You don’t even have to ask me.” (Tougo)





 It’s time to go home.



 I then finished the alicorn picture.


 …The materialized alicorn was incredibly muscular. The shadows of the muscles were clearly defined, and his expression was very dignified. His horns and wings are magnificent, and above all, his mane and tail look as if they were made of threads of lightning.


 I drew a horse like that… and said, “Come here.” I thought.



 Maybe it was lightning.


 I thought so because my vision was suddenly dazzled.


 And at the same time, a tremendous sound echoed through the air.


 After the sound and light of thunder had subsided, when I opened my eyes… there was a horse that was immensely magnificent.


 The big wings and magnificent horns. A fearless face. His muscular body showed the shape of his muscles. And his mane and tail, which looked like strings of lightning, swooped down and sniffed me.


 I wonder what it is, I wonder if I smell. I’m feeling a little embarrassed as the alicorn keep poking me with his nose.



“Oh, it’s an alicorn!” (Sardo)



 Upon, seeing the alicorn, the two members of the Dioren family were delighted.



“Now, now become my summoned beast…” (Santos)



 Mr. Santos pulled out from his pocket a pale brown jewel.



“Hey, Alicorn! Look at this!” (Santos)



 Santos approaches the alicorn, holding up a jewel.



“I’ve prepared a magic stone for you! Come on, be my summoned beast!” (Santos)



 As he approaches the alicorn, he is also approaching me.


 And if I pull myself back a bit, the alicorn will see this and start moving with me. I wonder what this means… Does it like me? Or does it think I’m its parent?



“Alicorn! Not him, come to me!” (Santos)



 Santos-san, who saw it, cut in between me and the alicorn. I was pushed a little and staggered.



“Look! It’s a magic stone! Hurry up and become my summoned beast…” (Santos)



 It was at that time.



 The alicorn’s horn glowed.




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