Drawn Mochi Volume 2 Chapter 24.2: Request and Lightning*12

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“Look! It’s a magic stone! Hurry up and become my summoned beast…” (Santos)



 It was at that time.


 The alicorn’s horn glowed.



 It made a cracking sound… and then a powerful light shot out from the end of the horn.


 It was not straight like a ray of light, but bend, branched off, and in a split second, ran through the air… and reached the jewel in Mr. Santos’ hand.


 …And the jewel, struck by lightning, shattered into pieces.



“Wh…” (Santos)



 Mr. Santos is stunned as he sees the pieces of jewels falling out of his hand. But there, the alicorn goes for a follow-up.


 The horn was pointed vigorously toward Mr. Santos…


 *Gakkin!*, a harsh sound echoed.


 The shield of Laocles, which had leaped out in front of Mr. Santos, blocked the alicorn’s horn.



“Damn, you seem to be quite proud of your strength…” (Laocles)



 Laocles said as he blocked the alicorn’s horns, and managed to push the alicorn back.


 But the alicorn seemed to be a bit preoccupied and would not retreat. He is still comparing strength with Laocles.


 Meanwhile, Mr. Santos crawled away. The alicorn’s lightning broke his jewel and almost stabbed him with its horn, causing him to buckle.



“A-alicorn…” (Santos)


“Stay back!” (Laocles)



 I tried to approach the alicorn to calm it down, but Laocles stopped me.



“If I’m going to make him my summoned beast, I can’t just back out of this.” (Laocles)



 With that, Laocles put more effort into it. I can feel his muscles straining. And then he saw the alicorns exerting themselves in the same way.



 …It was at that time.


 It seems that the alicorn suddenly relaxed his strength.


 While Laocles was about to lose his balance was surprised, the Alicorn stared at the shield… Then, as if the show of strength until now was a lie, he moved slowly around from the side of Laocles’ shield and turned his nose to Laocles. He began to come closer.



“What is it?” (Laocles)


“Hmm, maybe he is simply smelling you.” (Tougo)



 Laocles was just confused. But the alicorn didn’t care, he put his muzzle close to Laocles and puffed, then he came up to me and puffed again. I wonder what. For the time being, he seems to have calmed down…



“…Will you become my summoned beast?” (Laocles)



 Laocles produced a golden jewel and gently presented it to the alicorn.


 Then the alicorn stares at it…


 Then he turned away with a huff.



“Huh?” (Alicorn)



 This was unexpected. No way, you don’t like Laocles?


 …But my worries were unfounded.



 The alicorn swished his tail lazily as if to say, “It can’t be helped,” and brought his face closer to Laocles’ shield… Rubbing his cheek against the jewel set on the shield.



“…that one was what he prefers, I guess.” (Tougo)


“It seems so.” (Laocles)



 Apparently, the Alicorn preferred the jewel set on Laocles’ shield more than the newly prepared jewel. No, if you like it, you can go anywhere. Though it was kind of unexpected.


 When Laocles shook his shield a little, the alicorn came out of it. He went back into the jewel and came back out again, and then he whinnied and neighed in satisfaction… Apparently, it’s quite cozy.



“Alicorn. I’m going to ask you to do a job with me right away.” (Laocles)



 While saying that, Laocles stroked Alicorn’s neck, and Alicorn narrowed his eyes slightly and looked quite relaxed… He turned his body to the people of the Dioren family and lowered his gait. Yeah, maybe it’s a posture that readies himself to stab them.



“Sorry, not that.” (Laocles)



 Laocles saw this and turned his alicorn the other way. Yeah, please don’t stab people.



“Can you fly with me and this guy on you? I’m not light, but he is.” (Laocles)



 I’m worried about my weight, so please don’t comment on it.



“How about it? Shall we go?” (Laocles)



 When Laocles asked, the alicorn neighed with a face that seemed to say “Of course”.



“…That’s right. You want to get out of here?” (Laocles)


“Yes.” (Tougo)



 We got the confirmation from the alicorn, so let’s wrap things up and go home. …My consciousness is starting to unravel.



“We’re going home. The deal is all done, so we’re leaving now.” (Tougo)



 I say this to the lord.



“Wh-why is something like this happening…?” (Sardo)



 But the lord was like this, he didn’t seem to hear what I was saying.



“Damn it, wasn’t I supposed to get the summoned beast!” (Santos)



 The lord grabbed me, so I’m a little troubled.


 …However, Laocles came from behind me with the contract, so he had to let me go. I was a bit troubled by the fact that a lord grabbed me. But the contract guarantees our safety and freedom, and also it’s a very good contract that says they won’t cause any trouble for us or the Redgardes, so as soon as they do something, it would be a breach of contract.



 I was then asked to summon another one, but the Dioren family’s jewelry was shattered, to begin with, the contract says “to cause no trouble,” and I was at my limit, so after some back and forth, they had to let us go. Yup. The deciding factor was probably the alicorn, which got angry and posed ready to skewer them.



“Then, sorry to bother you.” (Sardo)



 So we leave the mansion. Thank goodness. If they didn’t let us leave, we really would have had to break the ceiling to get out…



“I wonder if Carnelia and Ms. Intarlia will be all right.” (Tougo)


“I’m sure they’ll be fine. From the looks of it, one of the horses is gone.” (Laocles)



 The first thing that Laocles noticed when we went outside was that one of the horses had disappeared. That’s amazing.



“…Does that mean they ran away from home?” (Tougo)


“Well, I guess you could say they ran away from home.” (Laocles)



 I see. She’s quick.



“I hope it goes well.” (Tougo)


“No problem. Intarlia is an excellent knight.” (Laocles)



 Yes, she’s a good knight. Then, they’ll be fine. If that’s what Laocles said, they must be alright.


 While thinking about Carnelia and Ms. Intarlia, we immediately decided to ride the Alicorn.





“Okay. You get on too.” (Laocles)


“Hmm, um, wait a minute.” (Tougo)



 When Laocles gracefully jumped on the alicorn, I was a little troubled. After all, this alicorn is huge. I was a bit troubled by the fact that Laocles just moved on top of the alicorn. It’s a little difficult for me to jump up.


 I’m not sure how I’m going to get on it, but it would be a problem if I couldn’t get on it, so I try to climb on top of his leg. I’m not sure if the alicorn saw me doing that, but it lowered its head and… Scooped me up with his horn, and lifted me up. Thank you very much. I was able to slide down the alicorn’s neck and settle on his back.



“…Doesn’t this guy like you more than me?” (Laocles)


“I don’t know. I wonder why. I wonder if I have a smell that horses like?” (Tougo)



 I try to smell myself, but I am not sure.


 Well… If they like me, that makes me happy.



 So we ride on the alicorn’s back, a two-person ride. The alicorn took a few steps and immediately took to the air.


 It was smooth and windy, and then it was moving through the air at a great speed. From the ground, it must have looked like a streak of lightning in the night sky.



“By the way, you don’t seem to be running out of magic power this time.” (Laocles)



 While flying in the night sky, Laocles suddenly comments.


 Yeah, but this is the limit.



“Actually, I might be at the end of my rope…” (Tougo)



 I’m quite sleepy, or rather, the feeling that my consciousness is being dragged away is quite strong.


 I don’t know what it is. I wonder if the increase in the time between finishing a picture and running out of magic power is a result of my training. If so, I wish my body would become so powerful that I would never run out of magic…



“…Then go to sleep. I won’t make a mistake like dropping you.” (Laocles)



 I see. Well, then, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to sleep for a bit…


 So I decided to leave it to Alicorn and Laocles to get us home and let me sleep. Good night.





  While I was sleeping, I had a little dream.


 In the dream, there was Phoenix, who had grown up to a ridiculous size while still looking like a fluffy chick, and Carnelia, who had also grown up a bit, was taking a nap.


 Then Carnelia said to me, “Stay next to me, Tougo!” So I decided to take a nap on the Phoenix chick futon, too.


 Buried in fluffy feathers while listening to the melodious chirp, sleep in a good mood…



 …When I woke up, I was surrounded by horses. Apparently, as expected, I was lying in the hammock in the forest.




 …And for some reason, the Phoenix chick was on my stomach.




 …chirp, chirp.




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