Drawn Mochi Volume 2 Chapter 25.1: Request and Lightning*13

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“Oh, it was a dream… huh?” (Tougo)



 At first, I check the Phoenix chick. Yeah, it’s okay. It’s not the size it was in my dream, it’s the size of a chicken. Yeah, it’s okay. It seems that Phoenix chick was just a dream, because even if Carnelia and I were buried in it, it would still be too big to hold us. Thank goodness.



 The Phoenix chick must have noticed that I had woken up, because it started chirping. Then, the horses around me also woke up quietly, pushed me up from under the hammock, put me on their backs dexterously, and started to carry me away.


 I was carried by the horses with Phoenix chick in my arms and carried towards the house.


 …I’m not surprised by this anymore. I am.



 When I was carried to the house, a unicorn came along separately and knocked on the door with its horns.


 Laocles came out from inside… saw me being carried by the horse and the unicorn that knocked on the door, and made a face like, “I’m not surprised by this anymore.”



“…you have just woken up?” (Laocles)


“Yeah. How many days?” (Tougo)


“Six days.” (Laocles)



 …We’re over three days!



“Oh no, what should I do? Contact Fay.” (Tougo)


“I already did. And then he said to call him as soon as you’re up and about and you’re feeling better.” (Laocles)



 I see. That’s… Yeah, I’ll talk to him first.


 In the meantime, the horse left me with Laocles. I was feeling a bit sluggish and it was hard for me to move on my own, so that’s helpful. Thank you for your help.



“Do you have an appetite?” (Laocles)


“What? Well, I can eat a little… I can eat some fruit.” (Tougo)


“I see. Well, eat this then.” (Laocles)



 As for me, I felt as if I had just eaten a few minutes ago, so I was not very hungry. But just in case, I decided to eat a little of something.



 I contacted Fay first. I left the letter to Fay with one of the Pegasus that came by, and asked him to go on an errand to the Redgarde house. Thank you.


 Then I asked some of the unicorns to bring me some fruit, which they competed with each other who would get me.


 And while we were eating, I was about to ask Laocles about the current situation when a visitor arrived…



“Oh! Tougo! Thank goodness you woke up!” (Visitor)



 It was Carnelia. I see.


 No, I kind of knew it when the Phoenix chick was with me, and it seems she really came. That means…



“I heard you ran out of magic power, you didn’t move at all, so it was a pretty chilling scene.” (Intarlia)



 There is also Ms. Intarlia. …I wonder what this is all about.



“Well, I’m sorry to wake you up so abruptly, but I’d like to stay here… for a little more than a week or so.” (Carnelia)


“Yeah, that’s fine.” (Tougo)



 Apparently, Ms. Intarlia and Carnelia escaped here.



“As expected, it is difficult to keep running away from the pursuit of the Dioren family. So, we would like to disappear here for a while.” (Intarlia)



 Apparently, “It is difficult to keep running when you are being chased for a long time, but once you disappear, it is easy to hide and survive.”



“So, I was wondering if I could stay here with the owner of this forest, but I didn’t think that Lord Tougo would collapse…” (Intarlia)


“The fact that the forest is actually a very good place to live. We allowed ourselves to be here because I thought you would allow it. If there is any problem, you can get rid of me.” (Carnelia)


“I’m not going to turn you away. I don’t have any problem. You are welcome.” (Tougo)



 I am happy to see a happy Carnelia, an apologetic Ms. Intarlia, and a Laocles who looks like he already knows what’s going to happen. I’m happy for me. There are a lot of models.



“By the way, both of you are here for a while, but what after that…?” (Tougo)


“I’m not sure. We’re going to be traveling after the Diorens are in jail.” (Carnelia)





 Are they going to jail?



“I’ll explain that. The Dioren family is currently facing charges of ‘Threatening, Kidnapping, and Imprisoning a Young Boy’, ‘Unlawful Entry into the Redgarde Estate’, and ‘Attempted Assassination of the Second Son of the Redgarde Household.’ It’s being hung.” (Laocles)


“Eh?” (Tougo)



 I understand the first two. Sure, I was somewhat threatened… but I went on my own instead of being kidnapped, but sure, I was somewhat confined. yes.


 I also understand the unjust intrusion into the Redgard house. yes.


 But… Fay’s assassination? Could it be that something happened to Fay while I was at the Dioren house?



“Don’t worry. It’s all over.” (Laocles)


“I hope so…” (Tougo)



 It’s like I don’t know what happened. However, while I was asleep, things were moving in a big way.



“First of all, why was my information leaked to the Dioren family?” (Tougo)



 Oh, that’s a good place to start. I know it goes back quite a way, but it has been bothering me for sure, so I want to clarify things.



 Well. I’d like to talk about where my information leaked to the Dioren family. ……


 First of all, they know that Fay has the Red Dragon. Fay had the Red Dragon ran all over town.


 However, I don’t think there was any connection between where he got the Red Dragon and my existence. I was the one who suddenly started coming in and out of the Redgarde house, but there was no connection between that information and the fact that someone else had summoned the Red Dragon. It’s a mystery.


 At the same time, the people of the Dioren family didn’t know that I can materialize the picture I drew. In other words, they just thought of me as just a “Magician with a lot of magical power”.


 Therefore, in order to arrive at the information that “there is a possibility that Tougo Uezora summoned the Red Dragon,” two pieces of information are necessary: “Tougo Uezora is a magician with a lot of magic power” and “Tougo Uezora is close to Fay Bullard Redgarde”.



“Is it the doctor, by any chance?” (Tougo)



 When I asked that, Laocles nodded with a reluctant face.



“Yeah. It seems that the Redgarde family’s family doctor was secretly working for the Dioren family.” (Laocles)



 …Ah, that doctor leaked it? I see.


 That means… Wow, I’m glad I didn’t accidentally say “I can use magic to materialize what I drew”. Was it great that Fey’s father didn’t deceive me? It’s very good.



“…Apparently, Fay Bullard Redgarde was once tortured by a black market organization, and that doctor was the one who treated her at that time. And at that point, that doctor knew about the Red Dragon.” (Laocles)



 Ah, the time when Fay got a terrible injury, to his eye and hand… That said. His eye and hand were bandaged. So it was that doctor who treated him, too.


 As I learned more information that I didn’t know before, I felt like the pieces of the puzzle were fitting together in my head. Gradually, I began to understand what was going on.


 I was thinking…



“I heard that there was a plan to poison the second son of the Redgarde family and assassinate him.” (Laocles)


“Eh?” (Tougo)



 I heard the most ridiculous line.



“The Dioren family, well… Just as I heard from Miss Carnelia, wanted summoned beasts because they wanted to be connected with the royal family.” (Tougo)


“Yes.” (Laocles)



 I understand. I understand that, but…



“Suddenly, a nobleman who made the legendary Red Dragon into a summoned beast appeared. For the Dioren family, who want to win over the Royal Family, the Redgarde family, which became superior to them, is an eyesore. Therefore, they tried to kill them. It seems that it was supposed to be.” (Laocles)





 My head feels cool and clear. I’m not sure what to expect.



“That… what about Fay? Is Fay okay?” (Tougo)



 As far as I’m concerned, I can’t think of anything else to say, and when I ask that anyway… Laocles let out a sigh of dismay.




“Oh. He would have been fine. It seems you cured him.” (Laocles)




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