Drawn Mochi Volume 2 Chapter 4.1: Living Plaster Statue *3

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“Hey, Tougo. Don’t tell me you decided on him?” (Fay)


“Yes.” (Tougo)



 I show Fay, who has caught up with me, the plaster figure behind the bars and I say,



“I choose that person.” (Tougo)



 Fay took his time, looked at the living plaster statue behind the bars… looked at me… then looked at the plaster statue again… and said,



“…what’s going on with your hobbies?” (Fay)


“I want to draw him.” (Tougo)



 I told him exactly what I desire. And drawing is my hobby.



“No, no, no, there’s more to drawing! There are cute things and beautiful things!” (Fay)


“Yes. I’ll take this one.” (Tougo)


“Are you insane!? He’s a man!?” (Fay)



 I am sane. What are you talking about, Fay?



“Because we’re buying a slave! It should be a woman! You should choose a woman!” (Fay)


“…nude drawings of women are still kinda… yeah.” (Tougo)


“Wait! You’re going to do a nude drawing of a man! Are you insane!?” (Fay)



 Well… yeah. If it is a drawing of this person, I think I could learn a lot from him. He is like a specimen of how muscles look.


 It’s not that I want to draw nudes, but I want to draw many pictures of these muscles. I want to draw it from many angles.


 He is mostly a plaster statue. Plaster statues are a typical motif for pencil sketching.


 And I have a living plaster figure in front of me. I have no choice but to draw it!



“…so, you like men…?” (Fay)


“No, I don’t.” (Tougo)



 No, I don’t. But I’ve always wanted a plaster statue.



 Then I began to explain to Fay about plaster statues.


 A plaster statue is a replica of a good sculpture. It is a motif that every sketcher must draw at least once in his or her life. I could not visualize a plaster statue clearly in my mind, so I would not be able to draw a plaster statue and materialize it with just my imagination.


 More than that… I always dreamed of drawing plaster statues.


 …It was a longing. Drawing plaster statues. I was envious when I saw people in the art club making plaster statue drawings.


 When I went to see the art club’s exhibition at a cultural festival or something, there were several plaster statue sketches.


 I wanted to try it, too. But plaster statues are expensive. It was a little too expensive for a high school student to buy with his lunch money. I was too busy buying oil canvases, watercolor paper, paints, and pencils, so I couldn’t afford a plaster statue.


 …That’s why I want to draw plaster statues.


 If there is a living plaster statue, I want to buy it.


 I want to draw this person.



 While I was explaining the situation in unusual flowing words, Fay’s face became indescribable. I think he was thinking, “This guy is an idiot,” but at the same time he has an expression like he is thinking, “But if he wants to do it that badly, I don’t want to stop him if he wants to go this far”.


 …and Fay groaned and groaned some more… as he approached the grate.



“Ah, fine… hey, you over there! Can you do housework!?” (Fay)



 And he began to speak to the living plaster statue behind the bars.



 …Then the living plaster statue moved.


 The head moved, and the eyes turned toward us.


 It was amazing. When his body moves, the muscles also change shape. The skin also stretches and compresses, and the impression changes depending on the angle! Amazing! I want to draw it all!



“Do you want to buy me?” (Living Statue)


“It seems so! So, can you take care of this guy!? Can you take care of this ready-to-fly, fluffy, head-in-the-clouds guy who is so detached from life that he forgets to eat and sleep?! Make sure he is sleeping and eating, and remind him to do one more thing a day!” (Fay)



 …I feel like I’m being given a ridiculous introduction… Sure I forget to eat and sleep a lot, but I don’t think I have my head-in-the-clouds, and fluffy. No, what do you mean by “ready-to-fly”? Is that how they see me? I feel like… hmmm.



“Are you insane? All I can do is fight… Look at the tag.” (Living Statue)



 The living plaster statue said, and then, with a flick of its chin, indicated the tag attached to the bars.



“…geez.” (Fay)



 And Fay grunted when he saw the tag. …what does it say?



“You see. I kill people. That’s why they locked me up in here.” (Living Statue)



 …Ah, could he be a criminal…?



 Apparently, this living plaster statue has killed people before. I see. That’s terrible.



“Hey, hey, Tougo. Don’t you think it’s better not to use this guy as your plaster statue…?” (Fay)


“I don’t want to. I’ll definitely choose him.” (Tougo)



 Hate the sin, don’t hate the plaster statue.



“Exchange the magic stone of the sealing tool and assist in living, right? Anyone can change them, but we’re here to find slaves to do housework for now, right? …Hey! Slave! Can’t you do any housework besides fighting? Hey! Tell me you can! Tell me or I’ll break down!” (Fay)


“If you want someone to do housework, choose another slave. I’m confident in my strength and stamina, but don’t expect anything else. You’ll understand looking at me.” (Living Statue)


“Yes, I understand looking at you. I can see. It’s wonderful. I look forward to working with you.” (Tougo)



 I knew it when I saw him. The more I look at him, the more I see him as a plaster statue. That’s right.


 And if I am going to have a model, he needs to be physically strong. A living plaster statue with physical strength. …Yeah. That fits the bill.



“No, no, no! Tougo! Come to your senses! Let’s try another one! Let’s find others!” (Fay)



 Fay says so, but I want this plaster statue.



“Look, Tougo, think of your life? How are you going to live?” (Fay)



 Life. Life…


 …After thinking for a moment, I approached the bars.


 The living plaster statue behind the bars looked a little doubtful… but I knew exactly what I was going to say.



“…I’ll do my best to keep you healthy.” (Tougo)



 The living plaster statue looked extremely puzzled. Oh, it looks less like a plaster statue when it has an expression on its face. But this is it…



“…I know I’m the one who’s being bought, but are you guys sure you’re happy with me?” (Living Statue)


“Yes.” (Tougo)


“I’m not alright. I’m not alright at all, but… I can’t stop Tougo, it can’t be helped…” (Fay)



 So I ended up buying a living plaster statue. I am very satisfied.



 I did it. I got a living plaster statue.


 It’s amazing. The more I look at him, the more he looks like a plaster statue. I wonder if you could call it deeply chiseled. The face, the body. And the atmosphere. He doesn’t talk much and doesn’t move much. That makes him look more and more like a plaster statue. It’s amazing.


 What should I do? I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to ask him to live in my house and model for me.


 Oh, maybe it would be better if he doesn’t live with me. Then I should make another house for him.


 Then, I need to clean him up. After all, he’s a criminal slave… He’s unkempt and doesn’t seem to cut his hair or take baths very often. Since we are going to have him model for me, let’s make sure he gets that done.


 So, I think I should build a bath. I think it is a little too rude to bathe a plaster statue of a person. I want him to take a proper bath to warm up his body and improve blood flow.


 I feel as if I am taking care of him, not that he is taking care of me. I’ll take care of him.



“…Tougo…. You, you… No, I won’t say anything. It’s my best friend’s choice. It’s not my place to say anything.” (Fay)



 Yeah. I’m really glad Fay is this kind of person.


 …By the way, the Redgarde family is paying for this living plaster statue. I tried to decline, but they said, “Well, then, we’ll give you a villa in town,” so I decided to be the bigger man and take this.



“Hey, Tougo. Do you want to buy another slave? Someone who will take good care of him. He is a criminal slave, so he was much cheaper than I had budgeted. If you wanted to hire another slave, we could…” (Fay)


“No, it’s fine. Because there was no one else I wanted to draw.” (Tougo)


“… Um, we are not looking for a model, we are looking for a slave to take care of you… Ah, I should stop.” (Fay)



 Yes. That’s how it is.


 So I got a living plaster statue. I got permission from Fay, so it’s okay. I did it.



“Well… I don’t think you’ll understand what I’m saying here. For now, let’s go home.” (Fay)


“Yes.” (Tougo)



 It’s almost nightfall. I guess I’ll be staying at the Redgarde house for the rest of the day. Thank you for your help.



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