Drawn Mochi Volume 2 Chapter 4.2: Living Plaster Statue *3

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“Well… I don’t think you’ll understand what I’m saying here. For now, let’s go home.” (Fay)


“Yes.” (Tougo)



 It’s almost nightfall. I guess I’ll be staying at the Redgarde house for the rest of the day. Thank you for your help.



 At any rate, Fay’s brother and father had a good laugh.


 We went out to hire a slave to help with my living condition but came back with a living plaster statue. Apparently, that was pretty amusing to them. Yeah, if it’s funny, that’s good.



“Fufu… I see. Tougo. You’re this kind of person.” (Van)


“Let’s get this slave cleaned up for now. Let’s start with bathing him.” (Roses)



 …So, the first thing I did was bathe the slave at the Redgarde family’s mansion.



 Meanwhile, I will wait in the yard of the Redgarde house.


 I was going to be responsible for giving the plaster figure a bath, but the maids of the Redgarde house said, “It’s a little too much to ask Mr. Tougo to do such a thing,” and they kicked me out, so I had to wait in the garden.


 When they asked why the garden, I said I could see the flowers in the garden from the window. When I said I wanted to see it, Fay kindly gave me permission. So now we are in the garden.



“It’s beautiful.” (Tougo)


“Yeah. Our gardener is a good one.” (Fay)



 Fay answered smiling at me. I see. I guess there is someone who makes this beautiful garden, too.


 The garden was shining with colors of flowers I didn’t know existed. Maybe these flowers are not from my world. Some of them are similar to each other, but they are slightly different from each other. I’ll have to paint this garden someday.



 …Then when I was looking at the garden for a while.



“Hey, Tougo. About that slave…” (Fay)



 Fay cut the silence.



“Can I tell you something? This slave is a criminal slave, so I’ve put a collar on him.” (Fay)


“Yeah… I thought it was kind of in the way, so I wanted to remove it.” (Tougo)



 The collar, I remember it. The one that appears to be made of iron and is a little bit wide. Because of that, it’s a little hard to see the neck. I want to remove it.



“Hear me out! …You know what? That collar is a magic tool. As long as he wears it he absolutely cannot attack his master or anyone or anything you don’t want him to attack, and he cannot move away from you beyond a certain distance.” (Fay)



 Ah, was there such a function?


 Wow, that’s amazing. Just because he has a collar, “he absolutely cannot attack his master or anyone or anything you don’t want him to attack…”? This world is really a different world. …No, maybe in my world, if they stick electrodes or something in someone’s brain, they can do something similar, but…



“So it won’t be too bad, but you have to be careful. …Look, don’t forget. This slave’s crime is ‘murder,’ okay?” (Fay)


“Yes.” (Tougo)



 Yeah. That part is a little scary, maybe.


 …But from the living plaster statue seems to be going through the procedure right now, he looks like a very quiet person, and… if he would never attack me, then there would be no problem. Maybe.



“And then! Get your life in order! If that slave won’t do it for you, you’ll have to do it instead!” (Fay)


“Yes.” (Tougo)



 And that is also difficult.


 About my living, mainly food, I have to prepare for two people from now on. I have to do my best. Mainly in the part of remembering to eat.



“Mr. Tougo. We’re done.” (Maid)



 Then the maids brought me the living plaster statue.


 …yes. It’s very beautiful.



“He’s clean.” (Tougo)



 He had a bath, got clean, and then had his hair and beard trimmed. My hair, which had been left long, was now in place. I had asked then to just trim his beard, so he really looks like a statue of Hercules. Or maybe it is the statue of Laocoon [T/N: A Trojan priest.] from the art book I borrowed from my teacher.


 Hmmm… Which is one? Hercules? Laocoon? The tight muscles are closer to the statue of Laocoon. The face looks much younger than that of Laocoon. I think he looks like the statue of Hercules when he was young. His hair is not curly, so it is a little different from either of them. But yeah, I don’t care either way.


 …Then he got cleaned up and I got to look at him properly in a bright place, and I finally got a clear idea of his colors.


 His hair is steel gray. His skin is a little darker, and his eyes are a beautiful yellow. Yellow, or gold… something like that. In winter, when the sun rises late and the morning sun shines from the side. At that time, clouds, power lines, and roads all turn this color. That’s right. His eyes are the color of the morning sun.


 I wonder. Maybe it’s because his eyes are brighter. It makes him look even more like a plaster statue. You see, plaster statues are all white, so there is no difference in the color of the eyes, skin, or hair. And the living plaster statue in front of me has dark hair and lighter eyes, so there is not much difference in contrast.


 For example, my hair and eyes are black, and my skin is not tanned… I don’t go outside I don’t have much color. Therefore, the difference between eyes and hair, and skin is clearly visible. But he doesn’t have it.


 It’s amazing. I don’t know if I would call it exotic or otherworldly. That’s how I feel. I thought the same thing when I saw Fay for the first time, but I didn’t know there were people with such beautiful colors.



 For a while, I looked at the living plaster statue. Then, the living plaster cast made a slightly awkward face. I was a little rude to stare at it for so long. I’m sorry.



“… Master. What’s your name?” (Living Statue)



 The living plaster statue asked. His voice was low and had that kind of sound, like heavy stones rubbing against each other. It’s nice.



“Name? I’m Tougo Uezora. What about yours?” (Tougo)


“None.” (Living Statue)


“Mr. Non?” (Tougo)


“…I don’t have a name. You can call me whatever you want.” (Living Statue)



 Um… I was a little confused and turned to Fay. I’m not sure if this is normal in the otherworld, but it doesn’t seem to be that way.



“Hey hey, what do you mean you don’t have a name?” (Fay)


“I threw it away.” (Living Statue)



 I wonder if it’s possible to throw a name.



“I don’t know, but if he killed someone, he must have had a reason. Well, it doesn’t matter.” (Fay)



 Oh, it’s okay. If Fay says it’s okay, then it’s probably okay.



“So, Tougo. Give him a name. Having no name is too much.” (Fay)


“Okay. Plaster Statue.” (Tougo)


“Anything but that.” (Fay)



 Oh, right.



 …That’s why I decided on a name for the living plaster cast of him.


 His name is Laocles. Naturally, I took it from the plaster statues I know.



“Nice to meet you, Laocles.” (Tougo)



 Laocles didn’t answer, just glanced at me and let out a sigh. Yes, well, that’s okay.



“Starting today, please take care being a model.” (Tougo)


“…What does that mean?” (Laocles)



 Laocles looks at me and gives me a dubious look.


“I know it’s hard for you to stay still, so I’ll paint as fast as I can. However, I’d like you to let me draw another pose when we take a break. For now, sit on that couch…” (Tougo)


“Hey, Master.” (Laocles)



 I am absorbed in preparing my art materials. Drawing paper and a pencil. A pencil sharpened with a long core for pencil sketching. Since I came to this world, I no longer get annoyed for sharpening pencils this way. Yes. I am very happy with these little details.



“It’s okay. I won’t stay up all night, I’ll finish after drawing about three sheets.” (Tougo)


“What are you talking about? Tell me what you’re going to do.” (Laocles)



 I was a little surprised, but I was happy to see Laocles sitting on the sofa while saying so.



“I want to draw a picture of you. Please let me draw you.” (Tougo)



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