Drawn Mochi Volume 3 Chapter 11.2: Honey Trap and Trap Breaking *6

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“I wonder why.” (Tougo)



 I murmured while stroking the horse that came near me, but I didn’t know what was wrong.


 Um… I wondered why the background and the person in the image looked so incompatible. Is the perspective wrong? Is the drawing wrong? Is it because I drew the person and then looked at the background without the person?


 …I tried looking at it while thinking about this, but I still can’t find the answer. In other words, the drawing is probably imbalanced.


 So, is it because the background is too rough in comparison to the figures? So, maybe they don’t look harmonious.


 Hmmm… …what should I do? I wonder if the discomfort would disappear if I tried priming the painting.



 I wanted to do it that day, but Laocles came into the room and threw me on the bed, so I gave up and decided to go to bed.


 Come to think of it, I didn’t sleep last night, so I should certainly get to bed soon.


 …Maybe the strange feeling I have about the painting is due to lack of sleep.


 If that’s the case, I mustn’t. I must go to bed soon.



 I slept well, and it was morning. I slept well, and my body felt a little light. It was a pleasant morning.


 …but I couldn’t find anything.



“…hmm?” (Tougo)



 The picture, after all, remained somehow uncomfortable.



“…is it not going well?” (Laocles)


“Yes…” (Tougo)



 That day, I asked Ms. Croix to go outside again, where I began priming the painting. The first time I saw the picture, I thought it looked a little less strange, so I felt relieved and started to deepen the shadows and create the blotches that are characteristic of watercolor.


 The more I painted… The more uncomfortable I felt.



“Are you sick? You haven’t rested for quite some time.” (Croix)


“That’s not true…” (Tougo)



 Ms. Croix is worried about me, but I am in excellent physical condition.


 So, the problem with this picture in this painting…





“Oh yeah!? Tougo!? You’re worrying yourself sick because of the painting!?” (Fay)


“Hmm.” (Tougo)



 That day, when I told Fay, who brought more clothing, my troubles, Fay was surprised. …it’s not that surprising.



“I see… I thought as long as you can keep drawing, you have no worries! Well, I guess, even Tougo has troubles…” (Fay)


“Because I’m worried about the painting… look.” (Tougo)


“Well, I see. Yeah. So, Tougo, it’s okay to worry about paintings… Well, it’s surprising. So, which one…” (Fay)



 When I pointed to the painting, Fay looked at the half-finished painting… Then tilted his head.



“It’s pretty good.” (Fay)


“No, it’s kind of strange.” (Tougo)


“Which part?” (Fay)



 …Fay couldn’t understand what was so strange about it.



“Where is it? How is it strange?” (Fay)


“Um… The figure and the background seem to be disconnected. But maybe the drawing isn’t strange… no it’s strange.” (Tougo)


“Eh? I don’t know, but come on…” (Fay)



 I told Fay my concerns, and he groaned and stared at the painting.


 …And then, a few minutes later.



“Yeah. I don’t get it.” (Fay)



 He didn’t get it!



“Well, it doesn’t matter. Let’s take our time. There’s still plenty of time.” (Fay)


“Yes…” (Tougo)



 But this is the second week. Ms. Croix’s loan period is only a little over a month and a half away. I’m feeling impatient.



“For now, look at the stuff. I’ve got the stuff you asked for.” (Fay)



 Saying so, Fay begins to spread the luggage she brought.


 …Faye brought groceries and daily necessities for Ms. Croix. The food, you see, I felt it was a little bit wrong to draw and serve it in front of Ms. Croix, so I didn’t.



“For now, ham, cheese, and bread for Tougo.” (Fay)


“Yes.” (Tougo)


“…is this all that you asked for?” (Fay)


“Yeah. I like this.” (Tougo)



 Ever since Laocles prepared ham and cheese between two pieces of bread, I like it.



“And some other things for Ms. Croix. Salted meat, vegetables, bacon, butter, dried beans… and–yeah, that should last you another couple days.” (Fay)



 Yeah. I think it will. We also have some vegetables here in the woods. Most of the things I can harvest are edamame… And bamboo shoots.



“So. These are Ms. Croix’s clothes!” (Fay)



 After confirming the food, it’s finally time for Ms. Croix’s clothes.



“You didn’t have to prepare so many…” (Tougo)


“No, it’s a great opportunity! You can dress her in all kinds of clothes! And Tougo will draw her!” (Fay)



 Croix’s clothes are also varied.


 There are dresses and simple one-piece dresses. Or a slightly more formal blouse and skirt.


 I also had him bring me some ornaments. …I gave Fay money, just in case. In the form of jewels, though.


 Fay sold the jewels at a jewelry store and used the money to buy some ornaments. But only jewels that don’t have much magical power are used, but there are many very beautiful ones lined up.



“…well?” (Fay)



 Among them, there was an ornament that looked a little out of place.



“Hmm? Oh, that. That’s nice.” (Tougo)



 …It was a ribbon. It’s simple, even plain looking, that’s what it is.


 Among all the glittering ornaments, that one ribbon seemed to stand out.



“Look, we’re in the middle of a forest, right? I thought it would be nice to wear something like this instead of going to a ball.” (Fay)



 Fay showed me a soft one-piece dress that seemed to be made of cotton and the ribbon that I had just seen was layered on top of it.



“If you want something to match with this kind of clothing, it’s not gold and jewels, it’s a ribbon like this.” (Fay)



 …if you want something to match.


 Yes. Really.


 The simple one-piece dress doesn’t look good with sparkling jewelry. For a beautiful cotton lace dress, a ribbon would be better.


 A cotton lace dress doesn’t go with party jewelry. On the other hand, this ribbon doesn’t go with a party dress!


 I got it!



“Ms. Croix doesn’t look like the forest!” (Tougo)


“…eh?” (Fay)


“I think she looks perfect in a castle or at a party, not in the woods.” (Tougo)



 A perfect smile, like a work of art. A woman like that, like a masterpiece made by human hands… looks out of place in a virgin forest.



“Y-yes… that might be true.” (Croix)



 Ms. Croix looked a little confused but still replied with a bitter smile.



“Constantly going back and forth between parties, in front of the mirror, and in a bedroom. She’ll look more familiar.” (Tougo)



 …Really. Ms. Croix is that kind of person.


 The kind of person who shines brighter than anyone else at the party. She’s too perfect to be in the woods.



“I’m sorry. I am a woman like this.” (Croix)



 Ms. Croix said so… For a moment, I felt like she had a lonely expression.



“Please paint me somewhere indoors. The forest… it doesn’t suit me. I admire it, but…” (Croix)



 I know that her eyes are perfect for the forest… When I saw Ms. Croix when the unicorns came to play, I strongly thought, ah, I want to paint this person in the forest. Her narrowed eyes were so, so forest-like. Her skin was dazzlingly beautiful as the sun fell through the trees.


 I want to draw her like that. I want to draw her like that so much.


 However, if I look at her through the drawing paper, I am probably feeling like she’s in a mansion. I’m sure, I’ve done a lot of paintings by now.



 In other words, it’s not that she doesn’t look good in the forest… she just doesn’t fit in there.



 So, it’s decided.



“Then let’s make you forest-like.” (Tougo)


“Eh?” (Croix)


“I want you to be forest-like.” (Tougo)




 From now on, I will make Ms. Croix look like the forest.




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