Drawn Mochi Volume 3 Chapter 13.1: Honey Trap and Trap Breaking *8

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 …Maybe this is the first time I’ve ever grabbed a pencil, opened my sketchbook, and still not been able to draw anything.



“Oh, um, can I turn off the light…?” (Tougo)


“…If you turn off the lights, you won’t be able to see me, will you?” (Croix)


“The moon is bright tonight, so maybe I’ll be fine.” (Tougo)



 The white skin in the light of the lamp was dazzling to the eyes, so I was allowed to turn off the light.


 In the darkened room, illuminated only by the moonlight coming in through the window, she looked even more glamorous to me.


 The darkened room made it impossible to see anything else, and it seemed as if I could hear the breathing of Ms. Croix… it’s no good.



“I’m going to turn the light on.” (Tougo)


“Fufu, go ahead.” (Croix)



 I thought to myself, “What the hell am I doing,” but it couldn’t be helped. I turned on the lamp again and then…


 This time, I willed myself to look at Ms. Croix.


 …It’s okay. What I need to do is to draw. It’s what I’ve always done, isn’t it?


 Look at the object and draw it. That’s all I have to do.



“……hm.” (Tougo)



 But the fact that Ms. Croix’s bright green eyes are staring at me makes me very, very nervous.


 I get more nervous than usual. I can’t believe I’m just being watched. I feel as if they can see through my eyes through my mind and even what I am thinking.


 I am being watched.


 I’m not sure if it’s because I’m embarrassed that I’m the one who’s looking at them or because she’s the one who’s looking at me, but I’m embarrassed.


 At the same time… perhaps because of the tension, my head is getting duller and duller. I was so hot that I felt as if I had a fever, my body was hot, and my mind was full of unnecessary thoughts.



“Hey Tougo, look at me.” (Croix)



 Ms. Croix said and smiled a perfect smile. I gazed into the green eyes that shone with that smile…


 …Ms. Croix is very beautiful, I thought with my head completely melted.


  I absolutely want to draw this person.



 Once I thought that I wanted to draw her, the rest came quickly. Strangely enough, my head cleared.


 I want to draw Ms. Croix. Ms. Croix is very beautiful. She is such an attractive person, I will definitely regret if I don’t draw her.


 I am now completely possessed by the desire directed at Ms. Croix and the desire to draw her, and everything else seems to have completely disappeared from my mind.


 …While I was moving my hands, I felt no resistance to moving my eyes.


 Even looking at Ms. Croix calmed me.


 Once I started concentrating, I was immediately drawn in. It seems like my embarrassment was just an illusion.



“…Tougo?” (Croix)


“Don’t move.” (Tougop)



 For a moment, Ms. Croix looked at me quizzically, so I asked her not to move. I want her to not change her expression because I was in the middle of drawing.



“…stay still. Please stay still.” (Tougo)



 I looked at Ms. Croix’s body, stared at it, and painted. I drew everything I could see on the paper, from the smallest detail to the largest.


 The supple arms and legs. The curves of her torso. The soft mounds. The soft corves of her body. The weight of her body sinking into the bed.


 I can’t look enough… To express all of this, I can’t say, “I’m embarrassed, so I won’t look.” That’s why I look. I have no choice but to look and draw. I have no choice but to draw. I can’t do anything else but draw.


 I drew as if I had lost all reason. I just kept on drawing.


 Specifically, I kept drawing… until dawn.



 When I came to, it was morning.


 …I found Ms. Croix asleep on my bed with nothing on, and my sketchbook in which I had drawn her.


 I flipped through the sketchbook and found several sketches of Ms. Croix, starting with the first one. The last one was apparently drawn while Ms. Croix was asleep.



“…w-what was I doing…” (Tougo)



 I looked at the sketchbook, then at Ms. Croix on my bed… suddenly I felt embarrassed as if I had just woken up from such a dream.


 Did it really happen? I started to draw and the embarrassment went away and I just concentrated on painting and Ms. Croix. …but what is this?


 I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even think about it. …At any rate, I put a blanket on the sleeping Ms. Croix and left the room.



“…why do you look sleepy?” (Laocles)


“Yeah… somehow, I’m more tired than drawing a normal picture.”


 While Laocles and I ate breakfast together, I reported what happened. Laocles was very perceptive and asked me if I had stayed up all night again, but I was embarrassed because I remembered so many things. …Laocles seemed to have figured out what I had been painting last night.



“Well, good for you.” (Laocles)


“Yeah… I’m glad to know that I can draw that properly, so I’m very glad…” (Tougo)



 Somehow, it’s awkward and I eat my breakfast bread while looking away.


 …Umm. I wonder what happened last night myself. Because my reason and memory flew away…


 I don’t know why. Is it because Ms. Croix is an attractive woman? Did I get carried away with drawing? Or did I just, you know, get into that kind of mood with a naked woman?



“…If this happens every time I draw nudes, it might be a little bad.” (Tougo)


“…It’s unusual for you to say that.” (Laocles)


“Yes…” (Tougo)



 …For the time being, I will apologize once Ms. Croix wakes up. I’m sorry. No, but what am I apologizing for? I lost my memory, right? I might have done something wrong, right? I even kept drawing after Ms. Croix went to bed, right?


 …yes. I will apologize for everything.



 I decided to apologize and waited anxiously for Ms. Croix to wake up.


 But… She didn’t wake up until after noon.


“…I guess Croix is really in your room.” (Laocles)


“Eh, was she kidnapped by the unicorns?” (Tougo)


“I doubt that more likely she escaped on her own.” (Laocles)



 I was worried about the possibility that the horses, which are very fond of Ms. Croix, had kidnapped her… but I checked my room and found her sleeping in my bed.



“Um… should I wake her up?” (Tougo)


“I guess. It’s past noon.” (Laocles)



 If she sleeps too long, she won’t be able to sleep at night. I made up my mind and called out to Ms. Croix.



“Ms. Croix.” (Tougo)



 …but she doesn’t rise.



“Ms. Croix!” (Tougo)



 …she does not wake up.


 I shook her shoulder through the blanket, hesitating for a moment, but she still didn’t wake up.



“…hey, let me see.” (Laocles)


“No, no, Ms. Croix is not wearing anything.” (Tougo)


“That’s not it.” (Laocles)



 As I panicked, Laocles looked into Ms. Croix’s face and…


 …and, with a puzzled look on his face, said.



“She is out of magic power.” (Laocles)



 I asked one of the Pegasus to go and fetch Fay. It’s a big deal that Ms. Croix has run out of magic.


 I asked Laocles to move Ms. Croix to the hammock for the time being.


 After that, I took out the Pipe Fox and put it on Ms. Croix’s stomach. The Houou took a nap next to Ms. Croix. The unicorns, who seemed to really like Ms. Croix, took the initiative and sat by her side.



“I wonder if this will replenish her magical power…” (Tougo)


“Well… we will just have to wait.” (Fay)



 I’ve run out of magic power myself many times, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone run out of magic power.


 …Umm. It’s very scary.


 Even though I knew that she would wake up once her magic power recovered, seeing Ms. Croix, whose breathing was sickly and heartbeat had almost quieted, I was really feeling anxious.



“Tougo! Did Ms. Croix really collapse!?” (Fay)


“Yes…” (Tougo)



 A little while later, Fay also came. So, Fay joins us and watches Ms. Croix on the hammock.



“…she’s run out of magic power?” (Fay)


“Well, Laocles said she was.” (Tougo)


“I’ve seen it all happen to Tougo very often. I’m sure of it.” (Laocles)



 …Yes. Sorry for always worrying you.



“I see, she is out of magic power.” (Fay)



 Fay said, and then moved past among the unicorns, looking at Ms. Croix on the hammock for a moment, then came back and said…




“So, what kind of magic did Ms. Croix use to end up like this?” (Fay)




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