Drawn Mochi Volume 3 Chapter 13.2: Honey Trap and Trap Breaking *8

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“I see, she is out of magic power.” (Fay)



 Fay said, and then moved past among the unicorns, looking at Ms. Croix on the hammock for a moment, then came back and said…



“So, what kind of magic did Ms. Croix use to end up like this?” (Fay)






“What… I don’t know.” (Tougo)


“Right? Well, if she ran out of magic, then she must have used some magic, right? Maybe she was trying to do something beyond her limits…” (Fay)



 If you ask me… That’s extremely possible. She ran out of magic, so I believe she was using magic.


 But…Uh, gosh, what am I going to do? I don’t remember anything! All I remember is that I was drawing!



“So, Tougo? What’s the matter? Your face is red?” (Tougo)


“…I heard he finally started practicing the nude painting last night.” (Laocles)



 When I couldn’t say anything, Laocles explained to Fay. Yeah, um… Yeah. That’s right. Finally. I started practicing nudes.



“Oh! Finally! So, how did it go!?” (Fay)



 Fay asked me with twinkling eyes…



“Um… I don’t remember anything.” (Tougo)


“…huh?” (Fay)



 Fay gave me a questioning look, but I couldn’t help it if I couldn’t remember.



“I was painting Ms. Croix for a long time. I was so focused that I couldn’t think about anything else… I got lightheaded and feverish, and all I could think about was painting Ms. Croix. I think I was still drawing her when she fell asleep. Everything was in my sketchbook.” (Tougo)


“…Eh? Then, what was Ms. Croix doing during that time?” (Fay)


“I don’t know. When I came to, it was morning, and Ms. Croix was already asleep at that time.” (Tougo)



 When I answered, Fay groaned with a pensive face. And just like that, he’s lost in thought.



 …Fay finished thinking and finally opened his mouth.



“…I’d like to check on something. How was it, Tougo? You don’t have any experience with this kind of thing, do you?”



 After thinking about it, these words came out of his mouth.


“No, of course not.” (Tougo)


“No, but considering your atmosphere and your face, it seems like you should have such experience. …I’m sure there were a few girls who liked you.” (Fay)



 I don’t know about that.



“Well, whatever.” (Fay)



 I hope you don’t ask me that, if you don’t mind.



“Anyway… there is no doubt that Tougo is extremely innocent.” (Fay)



 I poked Fay a little. I think I have the right to poke Fay.



“…Maybe. Tougo. You were charmed, weren’t you?”






“Charm is magic that has been known for a long time… Well, the thing is, it’s a magic that captivates the magic’s target.” (Fay)



 For me, who doesn’t understand the situation at all, Fei explains. thank you.



“I’ve heard your story, and the symptoms sound pretty much like that. … Besides, did something like—like only Ms. Croix looked like she is the only one that shone?” (Fay)


“…it did.” (Tougo)



 When Fay mentioned it, I remembered it, and I did think so. I think that when I saw Ms. Croix at the party, I felt as if she was the only one who seemed to shine.



“The reason why I was so fascinated with her might have been because of Charm magic.” (Tougo)



 …In that case, was it since the party? Since that time? But even if Fay said so, I’m not aware of it. So, I can’t help but be annoyed.



“It’s not uncommon to cast charm magic to get information out of someone, or to catch them off guard and kill them.” (Fay)



 It’s very scary to be told that, but what I did was, you know, just draw. Hmmm….



“I heard that if you’re good at it, you can charm people just by staring at them. Did Ms. Croix stare at you while you were doing the nude painting?” (Fay)



 …I remember it.


 The green eyes of this green-eyed woman were so bright that it felt like my eyes were glued to hers. It’s the kind of sensation that draws you in. And after that, my body got hot, my head got fuzzy… and I probably lost reason.



“I… I think I might be under the charm magic.” (Tougo)



 The first time I did a nude drawing, I thought it might be because of the nervousness from doing it… but now I think about it, it’s strange. I was unconscious and just kept on drawing. It’s not often that I don’t remember what I was doing while I was drawing.



“Right. Then it’s decided.” (Fay)



 Fay listened to me and nodded, then approached Ms. Croix on the hammock.



“This woman tried to charm Tougo and do something to him! We should tie her up!” (Fay)



 She started to bind Ms. Croix with a soft cloth.



“Laocles! A little help here! Lift her up a little! Right there!” (Fay)


“Alright.” (Laocles)



 And while I was watching, Ms. Croix was tied up together with a blanket, wrapped in a bamboo mat, and rolled around like in a tube. …The rolled-up Ms. Croix was placed on top of the hammock.


 …It was kind of cute.



 She woke up in the evening. I was waiting in the house, and Laocles told me about it, so I went to see her immediately.



“Uh… this place.” (Croix)


“Oh, did you notice?” (Tougo)



 I went to see Ms. Croix. She was still a little out of it and had a dazed look on her face when she saw me.



“Um… Ms. Croix, you were with me when I was practicing nude painting, but it seems like you fell asleep… so, um.” (Tougo)



 I’m at a loss as to how to explain. I don’t know how I should ask her about the fact that she ran out of magic power and I knew that she was trying to charm me.



“For now, you are lying down here because you ran out of magic power. Ms. Croix, did you use the magic to charm Tougo?” (Fay)



 …seeing I was struggling with the questions, Fay simply asked for me.


 However, as soon as his words came out, Ms. Croix’s expression froze. Yeah, I thought this would happen, so I didn’t want to say it too clearly, but…



“What is your purpose? Tell me.” (Laocles)


“I’d like to hear the truth. I’d appreciate it if you did.” (Fay)



 …Laocles and Fei are merciless. Yep.



“…Um, Ms. Croix.” (Tougo)



 It’s pathetic to just leave it to Laocles and Fay, so I’ll definitely listen to her.



“Well, were you in a hurry?” (Tougo)



“…Hurry, eh?” (Croix)



 Ms. Croix looks surprised and repeats my words parroting them back to me.



“W-why did you think so?” (Croix)


“Somehow. Um… It’s the fact that you suddenly insisted on practicing the nude drawing. I think so.” (Tougo)


“Well……” (Croix)



 Ms. Croix averted her eyes from my gaze, but she couldn’t run away especially in her state, and in the first place… I think she probably didn’t have the will to run away anymore.


 Ms. Croix let out a long sigh and said,



“…yes. I was in a hurry.” (Croix)



 She was in a hurry. That one phrase is confirmation. So, it was true that she had cast charm magic on me, and that she was in a hurry.



“So, you failed from your hurriedness. As you can see.” (Tougo)



 Her expression was different from any other expression I had seen on her. It was a look of disgust, yet at the same time it was a look of bewilderment. It’s like she’s acting offended, but inside she’s troubled. She was in a hurry.



“Were you in a hurry because you only had a time limit of two months?” (Laocles)



 When Laocles asked, Ms. Croix kept her mouth shut for a bit. She sighs again… and sounding like she has given up, she says,



“There was that too… but I thought I had to complete the mission before I stopped being me.” (Croix)




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