Drawn Mochi Volume 3 Chapter 16.1: Honey Trap and Trap Breaking *11

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 We instantly pulled out of the inn and headed outside.



“…Oh, please let me hide for a minute.” (Croix)



 But just as we were about to turn the corner of the street, Ms. Croix quickly slipped into the gap between the buildings on the side of the road. Laocles, knowingly, stood in front of the gap and concealed Ms. Croix.


 …After a rather disfigured person came out from across the street, glanced in our direction, and then left again.


 Well, the current person is…



“…now, they are the thugs used by the Scheele family.” (Croix)



 Oh, so that’s what that is? Oh, really, a thug…



“Let’s go. If we don’t hurry, they might come this way.” (Croix)



 Yeah, I guess we’d better hurry. Ms. Croix would be in trouble.



 And so, we managed to get out of the Royal Capital.


 In the end, we didn’t meet anyone looking for Ms. Croix except for the thug, and we were able to escape from the Royal Capital safely.


 Then, we walked until we were somewhat out of sight of the Royal Capital city and started flying with the alicorn and the red dragon for Ms. Croix’s first time….


 At first, it’s a low-flying flight. It would be troublesome if we were discovered by the Royal Capital.


 …When flying low, there is a strange sensation. When I fly high, I feel like I’m flying in a dream. Although there is such a fluffy feeling, when I was flying at a low altitude, I realized that the ground was rapidly flying away behind me, there is a sense of speed.



 After a while, when night had fallen, we climbed higher.


 As expected, if you come this far, you won’t be able to see it from the Royal Capital, and there are forests and hills ahead. It is a little dangerous to fly low in the dark, so it is better to get out into the sky where there are no obstacles.


 …As we gained altitude, the night’s darkness obscured most of the scenery. However, the bright moon was illuminating the area and the terrain was vaguely visible.


 Above all, the moon and stars were beautiful. The low altitude flight was good, but I like flying at this altitude, which makes me feel as if the sky is close to me, as if I am part of the sky.



“…so? Why do you feel that you weren’t able to resign amicably, Ms. Croix?” (Fay)



 Fay began to ask Ms. Croix when the flight of the Alicorn and Red Dragon had stabilized. The Alicorn that Laocles and I are riding on also hears this and decides to fly closer to the Red Dragon.



“A secret retirement is not going to be an amicable one. It seems that Scheele didn’t want to let me go because he didn’t want people like me to leak their secrets. Well, the report was that the mission had failed. I was too incompatible with the boy to charm him. I’m sure the Scheele family must be in a lot of trouble since I’ve said all the wrong things during the report on the Red Dragon.” (Croix)



 I see. Tough.



“I was given this painting as a hush money payment to keep my mouth shut, even though I wouldn’t be paid for my failure, I got this painting as hush money, plus some money for the time being, and that was the end of it. But they are very good at dealing personal punishment to those who are ‘no longer on their side’. They really went after me.” (Croix)



 …That’s tough. So, you’re saying you’ll accept retirement, but you’ll kill them. That’s a very dangerous thing to do. Isn’t that like saying that you don’t accept resignation? If there were labor laws in this world, it would definitely be illegal. No, I don’t know if there is such a rule in this world, but I think it would be illegal…



“So, I was trying to lose them, and it got late. I’m sorry.” (Croix)


“I’m sorry. No, it’s okay. I’m glad you’re okay.” (Fay)


“…If you can get away with losing the Scheele thugs and spies, that means you’re quite skillful?” (Croix)


“Oh. It’s easy enough to get away with that level.” (Fay)



 …Ms. Croix has a calm expression, and she’s amazing. She is amazing than I previously thought. She was not just beautiful and charming!



“But don’t worry. I’m sure they’re probably scouring the Royal Capital right now. They probably have no idea that I’ve been hired by Tougo.” (Croix)



 Then, Ms. Croix laughed, her hair floating in the night breeze.



Croix got a tip about the Red Dragon and took it to a place where there was more money to be made than bringing it back to the Scheele family’. That would fit better, wouldn’t it?” (Fay)


“You mean that’s what you’ve been trying to make people think, so they don’t think you’re actually going to Tougo’s forest?” (Fay)


“Yes, I’m sure of it. I’m confident that I’ve been able to fool their eyes. They have no idea that I’ve become ‘forest-like’.” (Croix)



 …I see. There are very few people who know that Ms. Croix smiles like this. It’s… a little happy, a little frustrated, but still happy, that kind of feeling.



“That’s why I think I’ll be living in seclusion in the forest for a while. Please take care of me.” (Croix)



 Yes. From now on, Ms. Croix will live secretly in the forest so that the people of the Scheele family will not find her. …Wishes do come true!



 And so, we arrived in the forest at midnight. It was late at night, so I asked Fay to stay the night in the forest. Me, Ms. Croix and Fay at my house. Laocles was able to go home to his house for the first time in a long time. Yeah, I’m a little sorry. I should have a house for guests after all…


 I went to bed, happy that everything was going so well.


 I went to bed feeling like I had a good dream, and then I woke up in the morning.



 When I woke up in the morning, I smelled something good.


 Thinking that, I went to the living room and…



“Good morning, Tougo.” (Croix)



 There, Ms. Croix was cooking breakfast for me. A fluffy omelet and vegetable soup. Bread with ham and cheese. And the tea that Ms. Croix seems to be brewing smells nice and light.


 …It’s been a long time since I’ve had a breakfast with human touch.


 I was kind of happy about that… my reaction was a little late.



“…Well, I’m going to be here in this forest for the foreseeable future. I’ll work at least this much.” (Croix)



 Then Ms. Croix said so and made a slightly awkward, sulking face. I want to draw this face too.



“Yes, thank you.” (Tougo)



 Almost as soon as I said thank you, the door to the house opened. It seems that Fay, who woke up before me, had gone to call for Laocles, and the two of them came in together.


 When everyone is here, it’s time to eat. It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a meal with many people like this. I’ve been eating alone for most of my meals.


 …breakfast was somehow very tasty. I said it was delicious, and Ms. Croix laughed happily.


 Yes. Somehow. I am happy too.


 It’s… peaceful.



 After eating breakfast, I immediately start thinking about where to build the next house.


 I’m sure that Ms. Croix doesn’t want to live with me forever, either. I promised to build a nice house for her.



“Where would be a good place?” (Tougo)



“Well, I don’t have any particular preference… but I’ll be happy if it’s somewhere with lots of flowers.” (Croix)




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