Drawn Mochi Volume 3 Chapter 16.2: Honey Trap and Trap Breaking *11

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 After eating breakfast, I immediately start thinking about where to build the next house.


 I’m sure that Ms. Croix doesn’t want to live with me forever, either. I promised to build a nice house for her.



“Where would be a good place?” (Tougo)


“Well, I don’t have any particular preference… but I’ll be happy if it’s somewhere with lots of flowers.” (Croix)


“I see. Then, Ms. Croix’s house will be in a place with a lot of flowers… So, where should we build the guest house?” (Tougo)



 The location of Ms. Croix’s house is important, but a house for guests is also important. We want to make sure we have a place for unexpected guests and unexpected models to stay.



“…By the way, are you going to build a house in a place like this? Are you going to call a carpenter?” (Croix)


“Yes, well, something like that.” (Tougo)



 …Somehow, I haven’t had a chance to say it, and I haven’t told Ms. Croix about how my paintings can be materialized.


 What should I do? It’s not that I don’t trust Ms. Croix, but she was once a spy, and it’s possible that the disturbance in the Royal Capital was set up, and that she’s actually still continuing her spying. It’s not like I don’t want to believe her.


 …Hmm, what should I do?



 At any rate, I decided to start building Ms. Croix’s house that day.


 I asked Ms. Croix to stay at home, and while she was there, I called a lot of horses to make her busy and made it so that she didn’t know what I was doing or whether I was there in the first place. …In the process, I painted a picture of the house.


 I thought I could paint a small house without running out of magic, but it would be against my promise to make Ms. Croix’s house small and compact.


 So, I wanted to make it a great house, so I decided to draw the foundation first.


 The ground in the forest is uneven, so I decided to build it on stilts to make it level. I imagined that I would put up pillars on the ground, put the stilts on top of them, and build the house on them.


 I’m confident that my amount of magic power has probably increased somewhat since I drew my house, and I’m confident that I can control it better than when I drew my house. So, I don’t draw it in sections like I did before. I decided to divide the house into three parts: the foundation, the pillars and framework, and the walls and roof. In this way, I can show the house with a lot of flexibility.


 But I couldn’t stop there. I wanted to furnish the rooms with interiors that would suit Ms. Croix, and I also needed to make the house more functional.


 A kitchen designed to be easier to use than my house, lighting with a magic stone, and a bath. A bath. Yes, a bath is especially important. In this forest, she is the lone woman, and I don’t think she would want to take a bath with men. Yeah, I’m sorry about that until now.



 That’s why it took me more than a week to get the interior and other facilities ready.


 Actually, I think it would have been better if we had gone to the furniture store in town together to pick out what kind of furniture we wanted, but I think it would have been troublesome if I took her to the town now… So, until things cool down. I’m sorry, but she’s going to have to put up with the furniture I drew up.


 …but the interior turned out to be satisfactory for me.


 The furniture is a dark brown, calm and elegant. Furniture with legs usually have cat legs. I thought it was because the image of Ms. Croix is curves. Yes, that’s right. Ms. Croix is an Art Nouveau person.


 The flooring is also finished in dark brown wood, and a deep green rug is laid on top of it.


 The curtains are lace curtains and light green curtains. The light green ones have an antique gold-like color with a vine pattern woven into them. The rug and carpet on the floor have the same pattern.


 The wallpaper in the room is ivory. This pattern also has a curved vine pattern. The lamp on the ceiling is made of milk-colored glass and looks like a lily of the valley.


 As for the bed… I was a little hesitant about whether I should make it myself, but it would be a problem if she didn’t have a bed, so I materialized one. The large bed has a fluffy futon and a soft blanket. Then I covered it with a deep green cloth and a light green thin cloth. …Yeah, Ms. Croix’s looked good on a bed with a canopy.




 …I tried to keep the overall color palette low and subdued. The furniture is also in the same color, and there is a gold inlay at one point, so it’s not too ornate.


 And the overall design is curvy. The curtains, wallpaper, and rugs are patterned with flowers and grasses. The forms of furniture and lighting fixtures are also curved. ……I think that a design with lots of curves is more suitable for Ms. Croix than a design with straight lines.



“What do you think?” (Tougo)


“…when were you able to prepare this much?”


 For a while now, I have been working on the house and furniture, while Ms. Croix has been guided around the forest by some of the horses, so we haven’t seen each other much. But today, when the house was finally finished, I finally invited her to come over and show off the house, which was going to be her home.



“It’s a lovely house. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a lovely house… Wow, amazing. This lamp is just what I want!” (Croix)



 Ms. Croix looked around the house for a while. Excitedly and with a twinkle in her eye, she looked at all the rooms.


 And when she was done looking through all the rooms, I got a little worried and said, in passing,



“If you prefer a different house, I’m thinking of turning this house into a guest house, but…” (Tougo)



 …and then.



“No way! I will definitely live here!” (Croix)



 Ms. Croix says and smiles happily. She seems to like it a lot. I’m glad to hear that.



“It’s just……” (Croix)



 However, this time Ms. Croix made a slightly difficult face and looked around the room…



“Where should I put that painting?” (Croix)



 …Yes. I didn’t think about where to hang that painting.



 Then, with the help of Laocles, she redecorated the room a bit and was able to hang the painting in the empty space. It had almost an entire wall to itself, so she could probably hang a few much smaller paintings.



“How does that look?” (Laocles)


“Yeah. Very good.” (Croix)



 The walls of the room were decorated with watercolor paintings in simple frames in subdued colors, and with this, Ms. Croix ‘s house was finally completed. It’s very good.



“Thank you for such a lovely house.” (Croix)


“No, it’s fine. I decided to hire you, so this is a matter of course…” (Tougo)


“I didn’t think I’d get such a nice house. …you’re really a kid who’s easily tricked. Hey, I am also being stirred by Tougo in such a wonderful way you know?”  (Croix)


“…I don’t understand but it’s nice, and you are being led around.” (Laocles)



 We were having this conversation on the way home from Ms. Croix’s new house. Yes, I’m being pushed around. Sorry, Laocles.



“Well… if you like living here, don’t run away or betray us.” (Croix)


“No. I wouldn’t betray you. What other job could be so good? You won’t get such a good deal even if I am hired at the castle. ” (Croix)



 Laocles warned Ms. Croix, but Ms. Croix took it and said, “There is absolutely no merit to betray him.”



“Besides, if I were to betray you, I would only do so after I so much more. And… maybe, as long as I’m in this forest, I’m sure I’ll get hungrier and greedier. There will be no end to it, I’m sure.” (Croix)



 Ms. Croix said that and laughed… Then looked into my face.



“My heart a bit of a picky eater, probably because I haven’t eaten in a long time.” (Croix)



 …yes. I see. If so, let’s eat a lot of different things. It’s not Fay, but let’s feed Croix with food for her heart.


 Yes, that may not be a good idea, but…



 …that’s when I was thinking about it.



 The sky suddenly darkened.


 The sun seems to have quickly set.





“Tougo!” (Croix)



 A moment after hearing Ms. Croix’s scream.


 “Crash”, and. I was grabbed firmly with such force that I could hear such a sound, yet the force didn’t hurt…


 …and I just took off.



 The giant bird, which has been letting me hold its eggs and using the spring as its own, grabbed me and took off.


 …Yes. What should I do with this? 




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