Drawn Mochi Volume 3 Chapter 20.2: The Mysterious Egg*4

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 Once again, I look at the forest from in front of the house.


 There is a spring, a house, a forest… There are horses, birds, and even bamboo.


 I like it here. I think I like this place.


 At first, I stayed here because I came here, but now, I can probably go anywhere, I still want to stay here.


 So, I want to stay in this forest from now on… and if it is necessary for this forest, well, I will become a spirit, too. I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to do.



“I thought I’d go after talking.” (Tougo)



 The first thing I did was to tell everyone at the breakfast table over breakfast that Ms. Croix had made for me.



“I’m going to hatch a spirit egg.” (Tougo)



“Eh, are you sure!?” (Fay)


“Yeah. I’m okay.” (Tougo)



 Fay stood up from his seat, but when I answered clearly, he quietly returned to his chair.



“…Well, if you are already decided, I won’t stop you.” (Laocles)



 Laocles looks a little worried while saying so. But I appreciate it that you are not stopping me.



“I can’t say anything about it, but, um, it’s a little aggravating. I feel like that bird is going to take you away from me. …That bird is quite cheeky.” (Croix)



 Yes. I think Ms. Croix’s impression is quite good. Somehow, instead of worrying about it, it’s really as she just said, “That bird is quite cheeky.”



“No… but is it really okay? Even if you don’t do it, look, there might be other ways…” (Fay)


“Still, it doesn’t change the fact that I can do it.” (Tougo)



 Among them, Fay might be the most worrisome. No, I know it’s a blessing.



“I know I can do it, so I want to do it. I love this forest, and I’m happy to work for something I love.” (Tougo)



 When I said that, Fay said, “I see,” and made a slightly puzzled, yet happy face.



“Well, even if you don’t have to do it, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to find someone else to do it anytime soon. I’m sure the bird would be happy to have you as the spirit.” (Fay)


“Yeah, well… I’ll try to do something while learning from the bird. And… look, if I don’t have to do it, I’d like to do it even more. I love doing useless things.” (Tougo)



 I don’t know what I will become when I become a spirit, but… surely there is something to be gained.



 I’m going to eat the wasteful thing and feed my heart.” (Tougo)



 The power of the spirit and this forest feed my heart.



 Then I went back to the bird’s nest, where I decided once again to hatch the egg.



“Well, I decided to become a spirit.” (Tougo)



 When I told the bird this, it ruffled its feathers to express surprise or excitement, then came up to me and rubbed itself against me.



“But, I’m not from this world… is that okay? I don’t know how I came to be in this world, and I don’t remember. I don’t know why I came to this world, and I don’t remember it, so I may have to leave suddenly, and I may not be able to choose to do so. But as long as I can choose, I will make sure to find someone to take over me before I leave.” (Tougo)



 Next, a disclaimer. The bird nodded with some mysterious look on his face. At any rate, that seemed to be okay.



“I’m from another world, so I don’t really know what’s common knowledge in this world. Is that okay?” (Tougo)



 To this, the bird nodded with pride then puffed its chest proudly. It certainly didn’t look like they also have common knowledge. Then I guess it’s okay.



“…I think you will have to lend me your strength often in the near future. Okay?” (Tougo)



 And to the last question, they answered with a loud chirp. They seemed to be saying, “Yes, that’s fine.”



“Um… then, I look forward to working with you.” (Tougo)



 Now that I had a good understanding with the bird, I was ready to start the egg-hatching process.



 I stroke the pearl-like egg and gently hold it between my stomach and lap.


 The bird looked very satisfied when it saw me… and flew away for a bit, then came back again and began to give me the fruit… Yes, it does come with the fruit as a set.



“Well, that’s fine. I’ll eat it.” (Tougo)



 But since I decided to become a spirit, it can’t be helped that the temperature is suitable for egg-hatching. This seems to be the bird’s way of expressing affection, and eating it seems to increase my magical power.


 Yeah, I guess so. When I think about it, it’s a good thing that it increases my magical power. If I can have a body that can handle a lot of magic, I can build houses as much as I want. After this, I was thinking of building a house for guests somewhere in the neighborhood of Ms. Croix house, so this might be a good time to do it.


 Also, yes. I guess I will be able to draw and produce large buildings, and maybe even large living creatures. I might even be able to draw landscapes and create very beautiful landscapes depending on my whim.


 That would be extremely fun. …Yes. What should I paint from now on?


 While stroking the eggs, I became sleepy and decided to go to bed. I feel like I’m going to have a good dream now.



 …It was evening without any dreams. It was a little disappointing.


 When I woke up, the bird was waiting for me and fed me the fruit again. I wondered if they could make it taste a little better.



“I think this might be just the thing to use as a secret ingredient in curry.” (Tougo)



 When I replace the spirit, I want to do something like this, paying attention to the taste. I think these fruits would be perfect for curry. The spicy, rich sweetness, bitterness, and mellow texture of the berries are accompanied by a hint of savoriness when added to curry.


 When I made curry at my teacher’s house, I had tried putting various things in the curry, but, well, except for bananas, most of them were okay. The aroma is so strong that it fights with the curry. The teacher said, “Oh my God! Bananas have the potential to fight with curry and win? You rebel! You should have lost properly!”


 …from that, these fruits have a certain taste, but almost no aroma, and I think they are just right for curry.



 Then it was night, and then morning.


 When I woke up, the sun had already turned white and the trees in the forest were shining green. The bird’s nest is a little high up, so I have a good view of it.



“…oh.” (Tougo)



 And while I was looking at the forest, there was a change in the egg I was holding.


 *Crack*, and cracks run on the surface, and light leaks from there. …eh? Should the inside of this egg glow?



“Um, it’s kind of glowing.” (Tougo)



 I asked the bird, worried that it would explode, and it woke up and started to watch the egg with me. As far as I can see the bird is calm, this seems to be normal for the egg.


 …As I watched the egg tensely, the cracks gradually spread.


 And then, when the cracks finally got bigger… with a snap, part of the eggshell came off.



 Out of the egg came a translucent, pearly… small, bird-like, dragon-like, or something more…


 The shape was indistinct, translucent and glowing, and I couldn’t make it out.


 But it floated in front of me… and suddenly rushed toward my chest, and then disappeared.


 The mysterious creature that melted into my chest, or was sucked into it, or disappeared inside me and never came out.


  I knew that it was probably the “power of the spirit,” although I had never seen it before.


 After the mysterious creature disappeared, it felt like something warm had gradually spread inside me.



 …and that was it.



“…Huh? That’s it?” (Tougo)



 I wondered if there was more, but it seemed that was the end. The bird nodded in satisfaction, but I warmed up a little and that was it.


 Let’s see…



“Am I a spirit now?” (Tougo)



 When I asked, the bird happily nodded and chirped.


 Yes. I seem to have become a spirit. I don’t feel like it at all. I don’t know what has changed. Well… have I changed so much but I’m not even aware of it? That’s scary.


 But I’m glad it’s only like this. I haven’t gotten any bigger, and I can hold a brush and a pencil.


 As far as I see myself in the bird’s eyes, there seems to be no change in my physical appearance. I’m glad. That’s good.



 …But is this really alright?


 I was puzzled at how little I had changed, and the bird grabbed me and took off. I flew straight… to the ruins under the big tree.


 The bird took me with it into the ruins and into a room at the far end where a pearly ball of light was floating on a pedestal.


 Then, they gently grabbed my wrist and pulled it toward the ball of light.



“Um, can I touch it?” (Tougo)



 When I asked, it released my hand from its beak and chirped. Apparently, I’m going to touch this one.


 A little nervous, I faced the pearly ball of light.


 The pearly ball of light was similar in color to the mysterious creature that had just hatched from an egg. I wondered if this was also the power of a spirit.


 Thinking about all this, I touch the ball of light. I wonder if touching this ball of light will have any positive effect on the barrier of the forest.


 When I touched the ball of light, it immediately began to shine brightly.



 Light spreads out.


 It flowed along the pattern of the pedestal and went to the floor. To the walls. To the ceiling.


 And the light that continued to spread reached the forest and… became a boundary that protected the forest, I guess. Probably.


 At the same time, something… the forest appeared in my head.



 Like this, and then pop… the forest in my head.


 The forest. Well, there is something. Is it a bird? Oh, is that out of the forest…? There’s also a deer-like thing. What is it? I’m not sure. Have I become a part of the forest? The forest is me? Can I see them? No, I can’t see, but I can hear, but it’s not… and, uh, what is this? It’s like I have one more sense inside me that is not one of my five senses…



 This is… Hmm, maybe I am really no longer human.


 Yeah, maybe, as expected, I’m no longer human…



T/N: I noticed Tougo was a little too detached and almost too innocent/naïve for a Japanese web novel protagonist. No lust for the opposite sex at all. Maybe his nature might be why he was chosen as a spirit. 




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