Drawn Mochi Volume 3 Chapter 21.1: Forest Colored Charm

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“I-I’m home…” (Tougo)


“Welcome back… Whoa!? Tougo!? What’s wrong!?” (Fay)



 I was sent home by the bird grabbing me. Fay, who seemed to have noticed the bird’s rustling wings, came out of the house, saw me, and hurriedly retrieved me from the bird.



“Woah, you have a fever! Hey! Laocles! Hey! Tougo’s got a fever! Well, I’ll take him to bed for now!” (Fay)


“What, did you he eat something strange again?” (Laocles)



 Eh, do I have a fever? Um… Oh, no, I try to think of something, but the forest in my head. The forest is…



“Wait, Mr. Bird! What did you feed Tougo?” (Croix)



 Both Laocles and Ms. Croix come out of the house and are suspicious that the bird might have fed me something. Yes, I did, but it’s been a good amount of time since I ate it, and the bird is just staring, but I’m not in the mood for that right now.



 Then I was carried to my room, where I lay on my bed.


 And Fay’s diagnosis was…



“This is Wisdom Fever!” (Fay)



 …Too much!



 …Then I was taken to a bed in my room, where I was treated for the Wisdom Fever.



“I’m sorry. I wish I could use ice magic…” (Croix)


“No. It feels good. Thank you.” (Tougo)



 First, Ms. Croix caused a breeze. Apparently, Ms. Croix can use not only charm magic, but wind magic as well. very. It seems that Ms. Croix wanted to make an ice pillow or something, but this feels good enough.



“At any rate, water, and fruit. Even if you can’t eat, at least drink.” (Laocles)


“Yes. I understand.” (Tougo)



 Then Laocles prepared a meal for me. I had no appetite because of the heat, so I only had water and fruit.


 …Now that I think about it, while I was in the Bird’s Nest, I lived on only mysterious and delicious fruits, but what kind of mechanism was that? Is my body weakening? I’m not very aware of it.


 Maybe I have less appetite now that I’ve become a spirit? I’m still not sure about my body.



“Okay. For now, Tougo should stick to Laocles, Ms. Croix, and me as much as possible.” (Fay)



  Then Croix sat on the edge of the bed and held my hand, and Laocles slumped into a chair by the bed, and Fay stroked my head.



“Huh? This… What is it?” (Tougo)


“Hmm? Dealing with Wisdom Fever.” (Fay)



 …Is there something different about the kind of fever in this world than the kind I know?



“The point is, if there is a sudden increase in magic power, or if you suddenly produce or retract magic power, or if you overuse magic, or if you suddenly learn new magic and the magic in your body gets mixed up, then you will get a Wisdom Fever.” (Fay)



 I don’t know what that is. That’s not a fever I know.



“It’s good to have a creature with less magical power than you around when you have the Wisdom Fever because you can recover quickly when there’s someone around to suck up the overflow of magical power.” (Fay)


“Oh, that’s right…” (Tougo)



 In other words, it’s the opposite of when the horses came to me when I ran out of magic power. I see., So this time it’s inside the house instead of the hammock outside.



“Usually, we have a younger sibling or a neighbor’s kid stay. Compared to Spirits, we humans have so little magic power that we’re probably like a child! Even when I was with you originally, I had less magic than you.” (Fay)


“I’m not that good at magic either. I’m not that good at magic either, but I can at least suck up the overflow.” (Laocles)


“Fufu, people often say that if you go to the neighborhood brothers and sisters who have a Wisdom Fever, you will grow up quickly. What should I do if I grow up some more?” (Croix)



 Yeah, that’s alright. As expected, I think that this world is different from mine.



“After that, sleep well and prepare the magic in your body, alright?” (Fay)


“Yes.” (Tougo)



 But I guess in any world, sleep is the first step to recovery. Yeah.



Then, when you’re feeling a little better, you can use some simple magic to consume your magic power.” (Fay)


“You mean, I should draw?” (Tougo)



 Okay. Then I’ll draw something big and materialize it.



“Yeah, that’s right. Then, when you’re feeling a little better, you can do something a little bigger and consume more magic…” (Fay)


“In other words, I should draw more.” (Tougo)



 All right. I’ll draw something big.


 Well, then, what shall I draw, I was deep in thought. …Then Fay chuckled and stroked my head again.



“…Alright! This is the best treatment for you! Draw as much as you want!” (Fay)


“Yay!” (Tougo)


“But only after you’ve had a good night’s sleep!” (Fay)


“Yeah. I know.” (Tougo)



 I can draw after I sleep. If I sleep, I can draw. Then I’ll go to sleep. Okay, good night. Good night.



 Just as I was about to crawl under the blankets to go to sleep, Fay said to me.



“…I wonder what happened to you when you became a spirit, but… you’ve just become fluffier.” (Fay)



 …If the change in me that happened as a result of becoming a spirit was “I’ve become fluffier,” then I’d kind of, you know, hate it.



 When I woke up, the chaos in my head had calmed down somewhat.


 Yes. I still feel as if a forest has grown inside my head, and there are still many things that are confusing me, but I’ve become much more comfortable with myself.


 …I seem to have come to understand this forest to a certain extent.


 Where and what is now? How is the barrier? That’s right.


 The area around the house where I live now, the area around the bird’s nest, the area around the ruins, and the area where I was when I first came to this forest are the center of this forest. In the center of the forest, there are almost no ordinary creatures. Here are only creatures with a lot of magical power. In other words, the bird spirit, horses with wings and horns, and so on.


 If I go a little outward from there, I see more flower gardens and other creatures. Deer, foxes, squirrels, and so on. It looks like those are there. …The forest seems to be divided to some extent in this way.


 But these things suddenly appeared in my head, or my head became connected to the forest, or something like that. …Well, I think it will take me quite a while to get used to it.



 At any rate, as Fay recommended, I decided to draw a picture right away.


 First of all, I drew a gemstone, because I was a little curious…



“Oh. It’s beautiful.” (Laocles)


“Yeah. I thought this one looks like Ms. Croix’s. This one is Laocles. This is Fay.” (Tougo)


“… that’s a hell of a gift.” (Laocles)



 The jewelry I am drawing is jewelry that looks like them.


 I’m looking at a gemstone catalog and drawing them from one side to the other. I draw big ones, small ones, and various shapes. The more I drew, the more they materialized, and soon my bed was covered with gems. Well, this is fun. And drawing seems to help with the fever. As I was materializing them, my health started to improve little by little.



“But why the jewelry? Is it a present for Ms. Croix?” (Fay)


“Ah, that’s fine. Yeah. If there’s anything you want, I’d like you to bring it.” (Tougo)


“…is a little too generous, that’s what I’m afraid of.” (Laocles)



 I see. Then let’s stop.



“I thought if I drew some jewelry, you could get an idea of my current magical power by how the jewelry turned out.” (Tougo)



 I explained why I was drawing jewelry, Fay nodded and… then picked up one of the newly finished fluorite stones and looked at it.



“I’m not that good of a connoisseur either.” (Fay)


“Yes.” (Tougo)



 …Fay was silent for a moment and then said,



“If you sell this poorly, it will start a war, so don’t do it.” (Fay)






 My magical power suddenly increased, so I thought that I might not be able to control it well. I was unable to create a “jewel that wouldn’t cause a war even if I sold it”. Yeah, that’s not good.


 …I wonder if that bird was waiting for me to learn to control my magic to some extent.


 Judging from the condition of the jewels that I materialize without thinking about anything, and the feeling I had when I materialized them, it seems that my magical power has definitely increased. I guess it’s because I became a spirit, and I think it has something to do with the taste of the fruit that the bird gave me.


 Well, I mean… if I couldn’t control my magic in my current state, I might have been in a bit of trouble. Yeah.



 For the next two days or so, I was just drawing things on my bed.


 I materialize mochis and ate them, materialize barley tea and drank it, painted and put out paints, and thought it would be useful to have a desk I could use on the bed, so I materialize a desk…


 While I was doing that… my body was feeling much better, my head was clearer, and I felt better… so I decided to build a house.



“Ms. Croix. I have something important to tell you.” (Tougo)


“Oh, yeah. What’s wrong?” (Croix)



 So, I decided to tell Ms. Croix already. Maybe it’s okay to talk about it now. The forest says it’s going to be okay.



“What I draw becomes real.” (Tougo)


“…eh?” (Croix)



 It’s just a little difficult to tell her.



“I-I see. What you draw in the picture becomes real…” (Croix)



 Ms. Croix was puzzled, but when I drew a jewel in front of her and showed it to her, she understood.



“I see. With this, I’m sure you can afford to hire me.” (Croix)


“Oh, come to think of it, I haven’t paid Ms. Croix. How much?” (Tougo)



“Nothing. I don’t need that for the time being. I got that house. I have to stay with you for a year for that alone.” (Croix)




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