Drawn Mochi Volume 3 Chapter 8.1: Honey Trap and Trap Breaking *3

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 It felt kind of dreamy, or something like that. Maybe it was because I had seen something so wonderful, but I felt somewhat fuzzy, feverish, or something like that.



“Hey, hey, are you okay?” (Laocles)


“Yes……” (Tougo)



 But my job today is to be Fay’s excuse. If Fay is in trouble, I’m here to act ill and get him to leave with me. Stay strong.



“I’m fine. I can always get sick.” (Tougo)


“Oh, wow. You’re really okay with this…” (Fay)



 Fay looks at me and smiles a somewhat vacant smile.



“…Well, let’s take it easy. For now, I’ll greet His Majesty the King or His Highness the Prince, and after that, we’ll stay at the party long enough to not be rude, so that’s fine.” (Fay)


“Yes.” (Tougo)



 I got it. First the big shots. Then buy yourself as much time as possible, then retreat. If that’s the case, let’s work together that way.



 Since Laocles is treated as a ‘follower,’ I’ll ask him to wait by the wall.


 Then Fay casually walked toward the center of the room. While she was talking to me.


 If someone approached, he would laugh a little louder and pretend to be absorbed in his conversation with me, and they would leave. By the way, what we were talking about at that time was “our favorite egg dish”. Fay was talking about omelets. I like dashimaki. [T/N: Omelet rolls with stock.]


 …and then we moved to the middle of the room.



“Oh, you are from the Redgarde family…” (Voice)



 Suddenly, a calm and solid voice echoed.


 In a moment Fay stopped talking to me, and he straightened his posture.



“Yes. I’m Fay Bullard Redgarde. …Thank you for inviting me today, Your Highness.” (Fay)



 Your Highness, that means…



“Well, don’t be so formal. This is not a formal meeting.” (Voice => Prince)



 The person who smiles faintly while talking must be the prince.



 The voices around me became a little more distant. Probably because Fay started talking to the prince, everyone is paying attention to us. They are listening and trying to hear what Fay is saying. That was the feeling I got.


 In the center of the room, Fay and the prince are facing each other.


 The prince looks older than Fay, but Fay is taller. The prince is not really tall. The prince is not even large. But the way he wears his luxurious clothes with dignity… he looks like a prince.



“That’s right. The Redgarde family is one territory that had always had some problems receiving news. I’m sorry… I heard that the letter arrived two days before. You must have been surprised at the suddenness of the news.” (Prince)



 The prince said this and made a face as if to say, “I’m sorry about that.” Though I doubt if he really thinks so.



“Yes. We were surprised. But it was a happy surprise. It’s hard not to be happy when you suddenly get such good news.” (Fay)



 Fay laughs in a way that is not rude. How skillful of him.



“I see. Well, that’s good. Are you enjoying the party?” (Prince)


“Yes, I am. Of course.” (Fay)


“If there is anything amiss, you can tell me. The purpose of this party is for everyone to enjoy themselves. Father would like that too.” (Prince)



 The prince smiles broadly as he says this. There is not a shadow in his smile.



“I see. Then I will enjoy it. …I’m just a little nervous as to why someone like myself was invited, not my father or brother.” (Fay)



 …The prince looked a little nervous as soon as Fay said that.



“Is it really okay for someone like me to be invited to a place like this?” (Fay)


“Well… Of course. Yes, this meeting is an opportunity to meet with lords and ladies whom we do not usually have the chance to see. It would be unwise to have the same faces at every meeting. Yes, I have suggested this to my father.” (Prince)



 Fay’s smile is still on his face, but his gaze is a little sharp. I’m sure he’s saying in his heart, “Cut the crap and get on with it.”



“The purpose of this event is to gather promising young people and discover those who will support the kingdom in the future…” (Prince)



 The prince said this with some hesitation… However, he seemed to have made up his mind when he saw Fay’s bright, slightly challenging gaze.



“It seems that you have made the legendary Red Dragon a summoned beast. I’d like to have a glimpse of the majestic creature.” (Prince)



 He immediately got down to business.



 Fay seemed a little lost. But he smiled and nodded.



“Yes. I don’t mind. Of course, I can’t give him to you.” (Fay)



 And then, with a slightly playful, joking sharp remark, he tapped on the brooch’s jewel on his chest.


 Instantly, the Red Dragon appeared.


 The hall was abuzz.


 Eyes more dazzling than the chandelier. Scales redder than flames. Its muscular physique, its outspread wings, everything belongs to the Red Dragon.


 …The Red Dragon emerged from the hall and made a small, leisurely circle around the spot. The Red Dragon flies just above the ceiling of the hall and then returns to Fay’s side.


 The Red Dragon made a squealing cry and rubbed up against Fay. It was as if to show that it was very attached to Fay.



“……wonderful.” (Prince)



 The prince, seeing this, stared at the Red Dragon as if half-stunned… took one step closer.


 The Red Dragon is a very popular creature in this world. At that moment…


 The Red Dragon bared its fangs. The Red Dragon is a very powerful and intimidating creature. The audience was also a bit disturbed by this scene.



“Oops. Come on. Don’t get too excited.” (Fay)



 Seeing this, Fay patted the Red Dragon’s head a little happier.



“Please forgive me. This guy is a little shy.” (Fay)



 Fay said and hugged Red Dragon, as he did this the Red Dragon put his head on Fay’s shoulder and pretended to be a “shy child”. Smart.



“I-I see. I see, they’re certainly unfamiliar with this kind of setting…” (Prince)


“Yes, he is. After all, this is the first time we’ve been invited to such a big party. …You can go back now. Thank you.” (Fay)



 Fay casually sent the Red Dragon back to the jewelry. The Red Dragon glared at the audience once before returning to Fay’s jewel.



“Hmm, I see… Hmmm.” (Prince)



 …Seeing that the prince thought for a moment and said,



“That ability to actually tame a Red Dragon. And that fortune that somehow managed to obtain a magical beast whose name is only left in legend. Or maybe it’s your bloodline… Hmm, the Red Dragon must have opened his heart to you because you are a kind and jovial person.” (Prince)


“Hahaha. I’m not sure that is the reason. I just happen to be lucky and… we are like-minded.” (Fay)



 Fay laughs while answering. A little jokingly, but still, he’s not lying. I can feel it.


 Hearing that, the prince slowly nodded and said…



“Hmm. Quite interesting. I see… I would feel much safer if someone like you became the husband of my sister, the third princess Raju.” (Prince)



 …Whoa. I’m sure the Dioren family would be very disappointed if they heard about this.


 But as for Fay, I’m sure he’s not happy about it. …Oh, no, I don’t know.


 After all, I wonder if Fay has a yearning to be with the princess. Or maybe he doesn’t like the idea of being taken advantage because of the Red Dragon.


 What should I do? I haven’t heard much about Fay’s feelings.





“Hahaha. I’m not worthy to be with someone like her. You shouldn’t say such things to someone like me. I’m afraid I’m going to take you seriously, Your Highness.” (Fay)



 Fay laughed brightly, saying this. …No, he laughed it off.



“I am not worthy, but by all means, I hope you will find a man worthy of the princess, the most wonderful man. And that I will be invited to the princess’s wedding party. …Of course, I’ll just be cheering on the side while in attendance!” (Fay)




 Fay cheerfully said so.




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