Drawn Mochi Volume 3 Chapter 9: Honey Trap and Trap Breaking *4

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 Where I am looking, the lady is sitting on a chair, getting what seems to be water, and drinking it. I wonder if that person is not feeling well.


 She looks somewhat tired, and the way she sits makes her look a little tired. But it’s amazing that it also makes a good picture. I don’t know what it is, but it’s the way she looks a little lazy that makes her look so determined. The way she gently brushes up her slightly disheveled hair makes it impossible to take one’s eyes off her.


 The woman looks more radiant and special than anyone else.



 …Fay poked at me, who had been watching the woman for so long.



“…about that, can’t you go talk to her directly?” (Fay)


“Well.” (Tougo)



 I’m sorry about this. If this place was a slave shop, I would buy her without hesitation, take her home and draw her while carefully watching her… but she’s not a model. She doesn’t do that kind of work, so it felt out of place to ask her to be a model. So, so as not to annoy her, I would just have a look.



“Is that going to satisfy you?” (Fay)


“No……” (Tougo)



 Of course, if I could, I’d like to take a closer look at her and draw her, not for an hour, but even just for 10 minutes.


 …but I know I shouldn’t say it here.


 This is a social gathering, Fay’s battlefield. I shouldn’t let my selfishness push Fay away. Even if Fay is brandishing me, that would be one thing that I will not do.



“I see. Then talk to her, now!” (Fay)



 …Fay said and emptied his glass immediately. Seeing that, I panicked and drank up the drink I was given. The drink was kind of thick, sweet and sour, with a hint of bitterness. … I’m aware that this is a childish impression.



“Okay, Tougo. Are you ready?” (Fay)


“Huh? Uh, um, wait.” (Tougo)



 I followed Fay, who got up and started walking away. But, I was so excited to see the woman who had just arrived at the end of Fay’s path.



“I’m sorry, milady. May I have a word with you?” (Fay)



 Fay asked the woman.


 The woman looked up and looked at Fay curiously.



“What is it?” (Woman)



 And the way he tilts his head is also wonderful. With just the hair that flows smoothly according to the movement of the neck, it seems that an entire sketchbook can be filled.



“Well, you’re so beautiful, I felt like talking to you. …Would you mind if I talk to you for a minute?” (Tougo)



 Fay is smart, I thought, and suddenly the woman looked at me.


 …her green eyes caught me again and wouldn’t let me go. It’s the kind of feeling that makes the back of your head go poof. I wanted to draw her more.



“Alright, just a little bit.” (Woman)



 The woman smiled and straightened up a little on the sofa.



“…Good for you, Tougo!” (Fay)



 And then Fay pokes me and laughs, which again makes the woman give a confused stare, but I…


 I’m going to have to talk to her soon.


 Because I’m the one who wants to talk to her. I’m not going to be a man if I’m indebted to Fay forever.



“Um, may I draw you?” (Tougo)



 Okay, I said it.



“…Draw? Huh?” (Woman)



 I asked, and the woman looked amused. Then the woman, who looked too well-dressed to be a work of art, started to look like a person. Yes, that expression is also very good.



“…Tougo, you’re skipping over the process–a lot….” (Fay)


“I thought it would be better to start with the reason.” (Tougo)



 I was a little taken aback by Fay, but I think I should tell her how I feel. yes.



“Umm, my name is Tougo Uezora. I’m a painter employed by the Redgarde family.” (Tougo)



 First, I introduced myself. …Here in front of me is a benefit of being a painter in the Redgarde family’s service.


 “I am a painter in the service of a noble family” is more credible than “I am a painter as a hobby.” I am glad that I became a painter for a noble family!



“You are a painter. You look quite young…” (Woman)


“Yeah, he’s young, but he’s definitely skilled. He’s a good painter.” (Fay)



 Fay followed up by looking at the woman who was looking at me a little curiously, but also with some interest. Thank you. Even without the follow-up, I’m glad to hear it.



“I saw you getting a drink at the venue earlier, and I thought you were, you know, really beautiful.” (Tougo)


“Oh, thank you.” (Woman)


 She must be used to getting compliments since she is so beautiful. The woman giggled and said,



“I can’t stop thinking about you since a while ago. You’re the only one who seems to shine in a special way, and now that you’re looking at me with those eyes, my heart is really loud.” (Tougo)



 I’m sure they are used to this, so forgive my poor choice of words and let me be honest and tell you what’s going on in my head.



“I could fill up many sketchbooks with just you. I could search the woods all day long to find the perfect paint to paint your eyes… It may be arrogant of me to want to paint you when you yourself are like a work of art. But I really wanted to paint you…” (Tougo)



 I stared into her green eyes, and as if it was the only thing left in the world, I told her,



“…Well, I think I fell in love with you at first sight.” (Tougo)



 The woman blinked her eyes several times. Then she let out a little shaky breath… then began to giggle as if she remembered.



“That’s–quite an impassioned confession. I’ve never met anyone like you before.” (Woman)



 Her cheeks are a little red as she giggles. Wow, I love this look too…


 The woman laughed for a moment… then gently shook my hand.



“But I’m sorry. I can’t decide on my own.” (Woman)



 That’s… um?



“I’m sorry about that. Are you someone’s wife, by any chance?” (Fay)


“Fufu, do I look like a married woman?” (Woman)


“You don’t look that old. But, well, I guess with someone as attractive as you are, it’s not surprising that you already have a particular partner.” (Fay)



 Listening to the conversation between Fay and the woman, I was a bit confused.


 Well, this woman has to have someone’s permission to be a model, so it’s not like she’s someone’s wife…?



“…maybe she is someone’s exclusive model?” (Tougo)



 If that’s the case, I thought it wouldn’t be good, so when I asked about it, the woman burst out into laughter, like bells ringing.



“Fufu, that’s not right! You’re the first person to ever say you wanted to paint me! I am…” (Woman)



 Then, after a round of laughter, the woman… looked toward the door.


 A man just opened the door and walked in.



“I am Croix Scheele.Daughter of the Scheele family, I guess you could say.” (Woman => Croix)



 The man who came through the door looked at us and at Ms. Croix and made a small nod.



“Let me introduce you. This is Tryphen Scheele. He is a civil servant in the royal castle and my adoptive father.” (Croix)



 Really? …So, I guess that means they are not a real father and daughter. Yeah, that makes sense. Because Mr. Tryphen Scheele and Ms. Croix don’t look too much alike.



“Hello. I’m Tryphen Scheele. I work as a civil official and am in charge of managing rituals and ceremonies.” (Tryphen)



 Mr. Scheele shook my hand and Fay’s. He had an affable smile on his face and then turned to Ms. Croix.



“I was surprised to hear you weren’t feeling well. Are you alright?” (Tryphen)


“Yes, father. I’m much better now.” (Croix)



 Come to think of it, Ms. Croix looked tired until just a little while ago… I wonder if she’s okay. Maybe because we talked to her, she didn’t get much rest.



“When I was talking to this person, my tiredness was blown away.” (Croix)



 …But, since Ms. Croix always giggles when she sees me, I can only think that she is a really nice person.



“I see. Thank you very much. By the way, may I ask your name…?” (Tryphen)


“I’m Fay Bullard Redgarde. And this is… our Painter, Tougo Uezora.” (Fay)



 Fay introduced me and I bowed my head. Then, Mr. Scheele, a civil official, had his eyes shining.



“Hmm. About the Redgarde family, I’ve heard stories from many places. Apparently, you’ve summoned a Red Dragon?” (Tryphen)


“Hahaha, no, I didn’t summon the Red Dragon, but just happened to have met the red dragon by chance and we hit it off.” (Fay)



 While saying that, Fay made a slightly troubled face. Yes. Because he doesn’t want to talk too much about the Red Dragon.


 …I cannot get sick here either as an excuse… So I thought I would at least try to change the subject.



“Father, Master Tougo Uezora here wants to draw a picture of me.” (Croix)



 Ms. Croix cut in.



“Um, Mr. Tryphen Scheele. Please let me draw your daughter.” (Tougo)



 I hurriedly asked him to let me paint her daughter.


 When Ms. Croix said, “I can’t decide on my own,” I guess she meant that I would have to get permission from her adoptive father, Mr. Scheele.


 Even if he’s biologically not, well, she is sort of her father, I think I should ask him.



“Hmm. A painting of Croix?” (Tryphen)


“Yes, by all means.” (Tougo)



 When I said that, Mr. Scheele stared at me intently…



“Father, I’d like to have one. So, I would like to ask you to accept. His enthusiasm is incredible. If you would allow it, please do.” (Croix)


“Umu, I see. I understand if that’s the case.” (Tryphen)



 With Ms. Croix’s support, Mr. Scheele approved.



“I would love for you to paint Croix. She seems to want that, too.” (Tryphen)






 I can do it! I can paint this beautiful person, like a living work of art, like something out of a mythological world!


 I am so happy. I’m very, very happy! It’s like a dream!



“Thank you!” (Tougo)



 When I thanked him, Mr. Scheele smiled with a friendly smile and said…



“But, well… If you accept my request and paint one for me, I’ll lend you a Croix for two months.” (Tryphen)






 If I accept the request, I can borrow Ms. Croix for two months.


 …two months.



“During that time, I can draw her as much as I want?!” (Tougo)


“Hahahaha. You’re an interesting person. Yes. Please draw her as much you like.” (Tryphen)



 That’s… that’s great!


 All I can draw for 2 months! I can draw this, work of art-like person, for two months as much as I want! Amazing! I wonder if such a thing is possible!


 …No. But I shouldn’t be too happy. Don’t get carried away.


 I haven’t heard the details of the “request” yet.


 …It’s a very tempting offer, but if the price is something like, “Summon a Red Dragon,” I’m going to have to turn it down.



“So… what is that request?” (Tougo)



 Please, please, please let this be something that has nothing to do with Red Dragon.


 With that prayer in my heart, I asked that question and…



“Alright. One nude painting.” (Tryphen)



 That’s what is what I heard.



“Can I think about it?” (Tougo)



 I’m really in trouble.




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