Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 1.3: The Mochi Drawn In The Picture Is A Decoration

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“I see. That makes me happy.” (Teacher)



 Teacher responded with a grin.



 Then we talked some more and laughed some more.


 …He then put something in front of me, as if he had brought it especially for me.



“By the way, do you know what day it is today?” (Teacher)



 …On the desk were old art textbooks and reference books.


 My head and heart instantly filled up when I saw them, because mine had been thrown away. But here it is, similar to the one that was thrown away, but older and more magnificent….



“Merry Christmas to you, who’s trying so hard. Tougo. As a reward, I’ll give you this secondhand one of mine, which is too shabby to be a reward…” (Teacher)



 I’m happy. I’m very, very happy.


 More than any gift I’ve ever received from anyone else.



“No, I had forgotten that it was Christmas Eve until today, so all I had to offer was a secondhand gift. If only I hadn’t forgotten, I could have done a little more…” (Teacher)


“…Thank you. I’ll definitely take good care of it.” (Tougo)



 I couldn’t get the words out, that’s all I could say. But that’s all I could say. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say.


 …I really appreciate you, after all. My heart is totally open in front of you. Really.



“Look, Tougo. It’s time to go home.” (Teacher)



 I spent the rest of the day reading art textbooks and reference books. Then, before I knew it, time had passed, and I was startled when the teacher shook me by the shoulder.


 The hands of the clock had indeed been ticking for quite some time already.


 …On the way, I was about to put the art textbook and materials I just received in my bag and reconsidered.



“…Um, can I leave this at Teacher’s house? If I take it home, it will be thrown away again.” (Tougo)


“Oh, okay. I’ll leave it in the room you’re using.” (Teacher)



 The teacher laughed happily and took the textbook and the reference book from me.



“In the end, it didn’t really feel like a present.” (Teacher)



 Saying that, Teacher laughed while saying, “I failed, really bad.”



“No, it’s the best present I’ve ever received!” (Tougo)



 For me, nothing makes me happier than this.




 Volume 4: Smaller Places Than Higher Places




 It’s been a little while since I became a spirit. I am still painting and will probably continue to do so.


 The forest is still the same… but when I told Laocles that Fay had brought a painting home, he decided to take one, too.


 I didn’t expect him to take a painting with him… so it’s kind of, you know, unexpected.



“Um, are you going to hang that up?” (Tougo)


“…Is it no good?” (Laocles)


“No, it’s fine, but …… it’s kind of unexpected.” (Tougo)



 Laocles chose a picture of bamboo stretching straight up into the sky. I drew it on a slightly smaller sheet of construction paper, but he liked the cool bamboo look.



“…Well, that’s fine. Sometimes I want to do something like this…. It may not suit me, but this is probably what you called ‘food for the heart’.” (Laocles)



 Laocles said and took the bamboo painting home in a bamboo frame. Well… if it was food for his mind, well, I’m happy for him.



“Oh my, what a lovely gallery. It’s such a luxury to be able to look at such beautiful things as much as you like. It’s like being in the woods. …Well, the spirit of the forest paints these pictures, right?” (Croix)



 Ms. Croix also took a picture while looking at the second floor of my house without spending much time choosing.



“I wonder if I can take this one. I know other people are getting some, too.” (Croix)


“Go ahead, I’ll give it to you… It was a little surprising that you would choose that one.” (Tougo)


“Really? I think it’s lovely.” (Croix)



 The picture that Ms. Croix chose was a picture of a large tree with several baby birds in the nest live. In short, a picture of birds in the forest.




“These birds are cute, aren’t they? Though, their parent is a quite the cheeky bird.” (Croix)



 …Yes, well, I understand how you feel. Cheeky and cute go hand in hand. Yes.



 And so my paintings were displayed outside of my house.


 How should I put it, this is… um, I feel happy and embarrassed.



 It’s been a week since my painting was displayed in everyone’s house, a situation that makes me both happy and embarrassed. I am still painting pictures of the forest.


 But… I have started to paint more creatures instead of just trees.



“Oh, what a beautiful bird. Where are they?” (Croix)


“On the outside of the forest, on the south side. She is raising her young.” (Tougo)



 Since I became a spirit and could see what was going on in the forest, I could draw all the forest animals I wanted. …In the first place, until now, I didn’t even know that there were so many creatures in the forest.



“What about the deer over here?” (Croix)


“This one is also in the south. They often go out to the west.” (Tougo)


“Is that a rabbit? I didn’t know such creatures existed. I didn’t know that.” (Croix)


“When I go back and forth from the Redgarde house, they always go to the north side of the house.”



 That’s why there are more and more pictures of living creatures on the second floor of my house, along with pictures of the forest. I wonder if this place, which Ms. Croix calls an “art gallery,” is starting to look a little more like one.


It’s not much of an “art gallery,” but it’s still amazing how many paintings I can complete and put on display to make it look a little more like an art gallery.



“Maybe it’s time to try oil painting.” (Tougo)


“I’ve never seen you use such unusual paints. I don’t see them very often.” (Croix)



 Yes. As you have said. Since I came to this world, I have only seen oil paintings and murals. Perhaps watercolor paintings are rare in this world.



“I love this fluffy look. It’s clear, ethereal, floaty, and fluffy. Just like you.” (Croix)



 …Am I transparent, blurry, and fluffy? Isn’t that bad?



“Oh, hey, can I have this picture of a squirrel?” (Croix)


“Go ahead… I think Ms. Croix’s house will be covered in my paintings.” (Tougo)


“Yes. That’s what I’m planning.” (Croix)



 …After saying this, she carefully removed one of the paintings that I had attached to the wall. She often hangs my paintings in her house, as well as her nude painting. I wonder if it is alright. I wonder what she is going to do with the walls of her house covered with my paintings. Does she like it that much? Hmmm…



 I painted forests, animals, and many other things after that.


 I painted the sky, I painted stones. I painted jewels, I painted mochi. I painted the breakfast that Ms. Croix made for me, and I painted Ms. Croix. I painted Fay who came to play, and I painted Laocles.


 Then, Fay was amused by the mochi and took them home with him. …Why? Do you want to hang a rice mochi painting? No, if he liked it, that’s fine, I guess.


 However, I feel that Fay misunderstands the meaning of the saying, “A picture of a mochi is just a picture of a mochi.”



He said, “I mean, it’s a symbol of a big dream!” Yeah, I know. Well, he’s not wrong, but…. But umm…?



 So, I just kept painting.


 …then one day.



“Hey! Tougo!” (Fay)



 Fay came suddenly. No, when Fay comes, it is always sudden. He comes suddenly, strokes the bird bathing in the spring, watches the horses, naps in the hammock, peeks at my paintings, chats with us, and then leaves. This seems to be his pas time, so I don’t mind Fay’s sudden visit.



“I have a commission for you!” (Fay)



 So, I am quite surprised when a commission comes out of the blue.



“Yeah, I understand. Where will you hang the picture next time?” (Tougo)


“Well, I heard it’s for the entrance hall.” (Fay)



 I see. Well then, I guess it will be a bright picture. I was thinking…



“Ah, by the way, it’s not a request from the Redgarde family.” (Fay)



“A guest who came to our house liked your painting! What do you think!?” (Fay)






 This is a surprise…




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