Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 12.1: Around the Open Gate*3

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“Then it’s a dragon after all! When it comes to the guardians of treasure vaults, it should definitely be a dragon!” (Fay)


“Hmm… The Redgarde family is going to be a house of many dragons.” (Tougo)



 Even with the arrival of the Red Dragon, the Redgarde family got into a lot of trouble, so I wonder if it’s a good idea to have more dragons around them.



“Well, it’s too late for any of that! If anything, we should just go through with the whole house being full of dragons!” (Fay)



 I see. Then, dragons are a consideration, too…



 Then I went back to the forest and opened the picture book.



“What are you looking for?” (Laocles)


“Um, a new summoned beast. I’m going to have him guard the gallery. Fay recommended a dragon, but…” (Tougo)



 When I answered Laocles, who was peeking in from the side, Laocles nodded and said, “Hmm…” Then, looking like he got an idea, he said.



“Then why don’t you leave it to the fairies? There are so many of them. They could at least take turns keeping an eye on things.” (Laocles)



  fairies? No, but is it right to leave the guarding to such small, ethereal creatures? Let’s look into fairies for a bit.



“Oh. You’re looking at something.” (Lian)


“…Are you reading about fairies?” (Ange)



 The Celeste siblings who came there also peeked into the illustrated book from the side. Ange’s face lit up noticing I was just looking at the fairy page. She seems to be on good terms with fairies.



“Yes. I wondered if I could ask the fairies to guard the gallery.” (Tougo)



 I’m a little worried, after all, they are fairies, they’ll probably try to do whatever I want, but I’d feel bad if I forced my whims on them…


 That’s what I thought.



“Oh… isn’t that a good idea? They’re little guys, but they’re pretty capable and they do a lot of work.” (Ange)



 …Capable, huh?



“If there is a group of them, they can easily overpower one or two humans. Their role is to catch thieves, right? Then I think they can do it too.” (Ange)



 …They can do it, huh? I see.



“I just… I’d like you to plant flowers around the gallery if it is alright. They like flowers.” (Ange)



 I see. Flowers. Yep. If that’s the case, I can make them grow. Should be fine!



“I think I’ll ask the fairies to do me a little favor. I’m sure they’ll do a good job, and I’ll feel a lot safer if they stay…” (Tougo)


“Well.” (Ange)



 Just as I was about to go to the fairy’s place to talk to them, Ange suddenly grabbed the hem of my clothes.



“…You know, I think a Treant is also good.” (Ange)



 …Apparently, there is also a recommended watchman.



 Anso my art gallery was opened.



“…At first glance, it looks like it’s deserted.” (Fay)


“Yep.” (Tougo)



 The resulting gallery was a slightly old-fashioned-looking building with ivory walls and wild roses.


 The building is surrounded by a field of flowers and trees. Two large trees stood like gates right next to the entrance of the building.



“Security, thank you for your hard work.” (Tougo)



 And when I called out to them… All the trees around the gallery rustled and shook their branches and leaves at once. Some of the trees even move their roots forward.


 …Yeah. They are the treants. Trees with their own will and can even move.


 All the trees around the gallery are torrents. The wild roses on the wall are also torrents. I’ve asked them to catch any thieves as soon as they appear.


 The treants were not summoned. Well, they are planted in the ground.


 However, in exchange for listening to my requests the Treants receive a salary.


 Treant’s salary is magic. Specifically, a spring and some magic jewels.


 I drew a new spring. As a result, spring water is flowing out a little distance from the gallery. …The treants and their friends liked this fountain. I was wondering if it was because they were a plant that they liked water, but it turns out that my magic power is infused in the spring, which makes them happy.


 I thought that if they wanted magical power, they would also like jewels, so I materialize some as well, and they were well received. All of the treants keep their jewels in their hollows. Although they didn’t become summoned beast, they seem to enjoy the jewels like that.



“Oh, there are fairies too, right?” (Fay)


“Yep. You seem excited.” (Tougo)



 And then there are the fairies. They seem to get along well with the Treants, and they fly around the gallery, playing with Treants’ branches, leaves, flowers, and so on. They are guards, too. Of course, I’ve told them to take turns, so I think they’ll be fine.


 The fairy was given a flower garden and jewel flowers as a reward.


 They seemed to like the flower garden behind the gallery, and the jewel flowers became the favorites of the fairies right away.


 I prepared one jewel flower for each fairy. After presenting them to each fairy, they began to enjoy taking them back to their own homes, exchanging them with other fairies they liked, or collecting them into jewel flower bouquets and displaying them in a place like a meeting place. I’m glad they liked it.


 …Then I also allowed them to take up residence in the bamboo. They make a hole in one of the bamboo joints to hide and sleep in. I wondered if it was safe for them to live in living bamboo, but then again, they are fairies. I don’t know what it is, but they seem to be doing well. The bamboo does not seem to have any complaints.



 …Then, when you pass through the outside of the gallery where Treant and the fairies are waiting and enter the actual gallery, you will find an ordinary building. There is a small hallway at the beginning, and when you enter the room from the hallway, you will find a large room. There were pictures on the walls… Well, it was just a normal art gallery. There are fairies inside, so it’s sparkling.



“Hey, Tougo, will this be, okay? There’s a sign saying, ‘If you want to bring a painting home, please put money here and take it home.” (Fay)


“Yep.” (Tougo)



 And at the entrance of the room, there is a basket and a sign. The contents of the sign are just as Fay said.



“…Are you sure this is going to be okay?” (Fay)


“Yep. Yes, it’s fine. I’ve asked Treants to block the entrance if a painting is taken off the wall.” (Tougo)



 If anyone leaves without paying, Treants will block the entrance and exit, so they won’t be able to get out. Unless they leave the painting or leave some money, the doorway will not open.



“Um, what about those that steal the money here?” (Fay)


“The fairies are watching. Then the fairies will tell the Treant to block the entrance.” (Tougo)



 And by the way, if any of those kids, like Lian or Ange, come in and try to take a little bit of money… Then I’ve told them that they can miss it if they’re in the mood. Yeah. Well, it depends on the fairies’ mood.



“Anyway, they are very reliable for uninhabited looking creatures.” (Fay)



“Yep.” (Tougo)



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