Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 17.1: Dragon’s Bed*1

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 Then I continued to work on the commissioned paintings.


 In the meantime, the paintings at the gallery sold well, many people started coming to the gallery not for the purpose of buying, especially children, and the fairies started to bake and give out cookies as well as candies. …The seasons changed.



“It’s gotten really cold.” (Tougo)


“That’s right.” (Laocles)



 It seems that there are seasons in this world. It’s winter now, I guess that’s what this means. The first time I came to this world, it was spring, and the time when Ms. Croix came was summer. It was certainly a good season to bathe in the spring back then… but, uh, this world is mild in the summer, isn’t it? It wasn’t sweltering hot.


 I like the cold, and I don’t like the heat, so I think this world might be the best place for me.



“How are the commissions?” (Laocles)


“Yep, it’s going well. I’ve made a lot of progress. The ones that came first are all done.” (Tougo)



 While talking to me, Laocles is chopping wood to make firewood for the fireplace. …It was cold, so I created a fireplace. The sound of the wood crackling and the flickering fire is warming in itself, and I like it because it’s so soothing to watch.



“I see. Are you getting any new commissions?” (Laocles)


“Hmm… it’s decreased a lot. I only have about 4 commissions now.” (Tougo)



 Maybe it was unusual when I received 20 requests all at once, or maybe my reputation has settled down, but since then, the number of requests for my paintings has decreased.


 …I can’t help but wonder if Mr. Argent might be doing something behind the scenes, but I have no proof.



“…Is this Argent’s work?” (Laocles)


“No, I don’t think so. In the first place, it was strange that 20 cases came at once.” (Tougo)



 By the way, I am painting Laocles right now.


 The tension in his muscles as he swings his axe down toward the firewood and the rounding of his back as he bends over to place the next piece of firewood on the stump are things I can only see here. As I watch Laocles in constant motion, I sketch the part-by-part as I go. It’s fun.



“…Doesn’t it get cold in there?” (Laocles)


“Yep. I quite like the cold.” (Tougo)



 As I answer, I hear the cracking sound of wood splitting. The color of the cross section of the wood is quite bright. Laocles chopping firewood is a highlight of the day, but it’s also a great way to learn about firewood, or rather, wood. It’s fun.



“Sounds like you’re having fun.” (Laocles)


“Yeah. It’s fun.” (Tougo)



 While painting them, I wondered what kind of picture I would paint next. For some reason, many of the commissioned paintings are of forests. I often mix in pictures of angels, fairies, fruits, and flowers.


 But I also want to paint pictures to hang in my gallery, so I do that separately. Because it is cold these days, I often paint pictures of fireplaces. A fire burning in the fireplace, an angel lying on the carpet in front of the fireplace, a beautiful woman sleeping in a rocking chair in front of the fireplace, a knight cleaning his sword in front of the fireplace, and so on. …It’s wonderful to have models.



 I want my next painting to be wintery. I want to paint leaves on a tree with frost on them. If it snows, I want to paint it.


 While thinking that, I suddenly looked up at the sky…



“It’s snowing.” (Laocles)


“Snow?” (Tougo)



 As I held out my hand and waited, it slowly fell and landed on my palm.



“It’s a fairy.” (Tougo)



 It wasn’t snow, it was a fairy.



“…Did a fairy drift down?” (Laocles)


“Yep.” (Tougo)



 A fairy fell. The fairy is limp in my hand. ……That’s a big problem!



“I’ll have Ange look at it!” (Tougo)



 I wrapped the fairy gently in my hand and hurried to Angel. She seems to understand the fairy’s language.



 The Celeste siblings, Lian and Ange, were in their house. …In the end, they are going to stay here until the winter is over. For now. Yep.


 The fireplace is warm here, and the recently installed “hot shower” seems to be in good shape. It’s not a bad place to stay over the winter.


 …It is warm and cozy, and probably because of that, there are quite a few fairies living in this house. Well, it’s probably cold outside in the winter, so if it’s okay with the two of them, it’s fine.



“She said she came from far away.” (Ange)



 Angel told me after hearing the fairy’s words.



“So, I guess she’s tired.” (Ange)


“I see” (Tougo)



 It seems that the fairy was just tired. Right now, she is drinking a small cup of warm milk, nibbling on a small cookie that the other fairies baked, and wrapped in Ange’s handkerchief, smiling warmly. …She seems to be getting better now that she’s warmed up. Thank goodness.



“…This is a nice place, isn’t it?” (Ange)


“Thank you very much. If you like, you can live in this forest, too.” (Tougo)



 The fairy seemed to like it here. When I asked her, her face lit up and she nodded repeatedly. She also hugged my fingertips and said something else.



“I am very honored to have been given permission to live in Lord Spirit’s home so soon.” (Ange)



 Apparently, this is a fairy’s way of shaking hands or something like that. I wonder if it’s because of the difference in body size. Yep.



 The other fairies who came to see the newcomer immediately began to make friends with the newcomer. When I saw the fairies flying around with a relaxed look, I thought, “This is beautiful. They are so sparkly and beautiful.”



“…It’s been happening a lot lately.” (Lian)



 Lian, who was eating cookies made by fairies while looking at fairies, suddenly said.



“Fairies. They come from other places.” (Lian)


“Really?” (Tougo)



 I observed the fairies flying around for a moment. I was sure that I saw a few unfamiliar faces among them. I see. They are newcomers, too.



“I heard that they didn’t feel comfortable in their original home, so they followed the spirit veins and came here.” (Lian)


“…Spirit Vein?” (Tougo)



 I wonder what a Spirit Vein is.



“…Don’t you know?” (Lian)


“Yep… What is a Spirit Vein?” (Tougo)


A river of magical power that flows…? Uh, that kind of thing.” (Lian)



 Oh, I see. Yep. I’ll ask Fay later.



“In the meantime, did these fairies move in from someplace they don’t feel comfortable?” (Tougo)


“Apparently. Ange said so.” (Lian)



 I see. Maybe winter is the season for fairies to move about.



“You know what? Her friend has decided to live in the garden of the house with the blue roof, just before this forest. ” (Ange)



 …A house with the blue roof. Just before here. Hmmm, I wonder where it is.



“…That’s the house, isn’t it? There is a picture of an angel just inside the house. The picture looks just like Angel and her big brother!” (Ange)



 Ah, Mr. Saphir’s house! The roof was definitely blue!



“I see. Then you must have been surprised to see Ange and Lian.” (Tougo)


“Yes, she said she was surprised. She’s a city girl, but she’s glad to be here in the forest. …She says she’s glad to meet an angel…” (Ange)



 Ange is playing with the fairy by poking it with her fingertips while shyly shrinking back. This fairy is a city dweller and a fan of angels. I see.



 Maybe the city dwellers live in Mr. Saphir’s yard, and the nature-lovers come over here, I don’t know. …I heard that fairies have various reasons for moving.


 As I’ve been thinking about this, and I received one of the cookies made by the fairies. The cookies have a simple taste that cheers you up. Yes, they are delicious. I wonder what’s in these cookies. Anyway, I want these cookies to have a place in my heart.


 The fairies were happy when I told them they were delicious. It’s important to put things into words. Especially when complimenting.



 Leaving aside the moving fairies, I went to the fairy house with the Celeste siblings for a snack, and then started painting again. …No, before painting, I write.


 It’s a letter. I have to send them a letter to say that I have finished the painting.


 This is surprisingly difficult. I have to write many letters with the same text, and I have to ask Fay to deliver them.


 …Because I don’t have a fixed address.


 I live in the forest, but I’m not sure if it should be included in my address. Addresses have not been assigned, or rather, if a poor delivery man goes into the forest, he will get lost.


 …So, letters addressed to me are delivered to the Redgarde family, and letters sent by me are sent out by the Redgarde family. Yes, I’m sorry. Sorry about that.


 I wonder if I should buy a house somewhere or something so that I can send letters from there. Or deliver letters without a delivery person? …No, that would be unrealistic. Even though there is the Houou, I don’t have enough hands to fly all over the country to deliver letters.


 I was just writing letters and putting them in envelopes when Lian, who was watching me, suddenly said,




“…Hey. Is there anything I can help you with?” (Lian)



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