Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 18: Dragon’s Bed*2

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 …That’s what I thought.


 After all, it will be an angel’s summoned beast, but what is an angel summoned beast?


 Since it’s an angel summoned beast, it should be able to fly. It should have fluffy wings. For some reason, angel siblings don’t have wings, so I want to make a summoned beast that can compensate for that. …Oh, how about making angels grow wings? It’s a good idea.


 …No, let’s stop. It would be bad if something irreversible happened.


 Yeah. I think it should have wings and be fluffy. And something that will keep the siblings safe. Strong and big? Well, it better not be too strong, because Ange might become scared of it. Ange was scared of Laocles at first, too…


 Also, a warm one. I want one that I can get under the covers with in the winter and get warm and cuddly. I’m sure most of the ones with fluffy feathers would meet this requirement.


 …As I was thinking about this, there was suddenly a tap on the window of my room. What is it.


 I looked out the window and… well, to be honest, I didn’t need to look too hard… there was the large bird. When its eyes met mine, the bird chirped.



 I knew the bird wanted to take me outside, so I went out the window.


 Immediately, the bird put me on its back and started flapping around.


 …This guy wasn’t just able to grab me and fly, they were also able to carry me and fly. Then why did they just grab me the last time they took their nest? Oh, to grab me so I couldn’t escape, and then just abduct me…



“Did something happen?” (Tougo)



 When I asked, the bird was heading towards the center of the forest while chirping. …So, I guess it’s related to the barrier.



“Maybe it’s a little weak?” (Tougo)



 When I said that, the bird chirped. I’m probably correct.


 …I see. Is the barrier getting weaker? I wasn’t really aware of it, though.


 Anyway, if the barrier is weakening, we are in trouble. I was taken in front of the ruins, went straight into the ruins, and poured magic power back into the barrier. I was a little tired.


 It seems that the barrier activation device has regained its power and is now able to maintain the barrier while shining brightly. Yeah. This is fine. The bird is also chirping with satisfaction.



 …As I was leaving the ruins, I looked at the bird and thought to myself.


 The angel’s summoned beast, I think it should be this one.


 It can fly. It’s big. It’s fluffy and warm…



 I felt that it would not be good to use a former spirit as a summoner, so I drew a new bird.


 It’s a little smaller than the original robin, but that’s about right if it’s going to fly with a child.


 I thought the color would be white like an angel’s feathers, but… since it was a good opportunity, I decided to make a bird with various colors of blue-ish feathers, from sky blue to blue.


 I heard that it is called “Luan”. It is a blue version of the Houou. In other words, a blue bird.


 Blue birds are said to bring happiness, and I thought it would be perfect for a child who is going to grow up quickly.


 For now, we have two Luan birds. …one for Lian and one for Ange. And, also the Luans won’t be lonely with each other.


 …I’m a little worried though, because I’m sure they’ll have no trouble carrying the two of them around and they can handle a little roughhousing. It would be better to have someone small and light like my Pipe Fox.


 Ange will probably have a fairy with her, but Lian… The horse seems to like Lian quite a bit, but it can’t be said to be portable…



 …After thinking about it, I decided to materialize an ice spirit. It’s an ice type of the one Fay is taking with him.


 It is a creature with a body of ice, and even if the ice is broken, it can regenerate itself using the water around it, and even if it melts, it will regenerate itself in time. It is a very hardy creature.


 The reason why I chose an ice spirit is because Lian uses ice magic. Maybe. When I first met him, I think he was using ice magic. I’ve never seen it since then, and I’ve never heard of him being able to use ice magic.


 But even if he can’t use ice magic, I think the ice spirit is perfect for Lian. Sparkling, whitish, and sometimes pale blue, the ice nymphs are the perfect shade for Lian.



“Um, I have something I need you two to take care of.” (Tougo)



 The next day, I went to Lian and Angel’s house and handed them the jewels. I drew a picture of it in its processed state so they wouldn’t lose it. Both are pendants. For Lian’s, I also prepared a bracelet for the ice spirit to live it in.



“Oh, what is this?” (Lian)


“Um, a summoned beast’s house.” (Tougo)



 The two of them looked at each other with a stunned look… and then Ange’s smile suddenly became bright.



“…Mr. Fox’s house?” (Ange)


“Well, it’s not a Pipe Fox, but something like that.” (Tougo)



 Ange loves the Pipe Fox. The Pipe Fox also seems to enjoy getting into the gaps between Ange and Lian’s clothes, and often asks them to play with them. That’s why when Ange heard about “summoned beast,” the first thing she thought of was the Pipe Fox.



“What is are they…” (Lian)



 And there I showed them the Luan. The Luans also saw the angel siblings for the first time.


 …they seem happy.


 Chirping, the two birds approached the two angels, pressed their heads against the pendants and went inside. …They seemed to hit it off right away, which is the best part.



 The two angels were at first puzzled by the big blue birds. But Ange immediately began to get along with her Luan, patting her and nuzzling her cheeks. The Luan, on Lian’s side, saw this and began to tickle Lian with his feathers and play with him. …Yes. Birds are good for angels, after all. I’m satisfied.



“And for Lian, this one too.” (Tougo)


“Eh?” (Lian)



 I called Rian, who was being buried by blue feathers, and drew an ice spirit on the spot.


 And out came five little ice birds. They all tilted their heads and looked at Lian… and then immediately went into Lian’s bracelet jewel. There are five jewels, about the size of a thumbnail, fitted into the bracelet. The ice birds were nestled in there, side by side.



“W-what are they?” (Lian)


“Guardians for you and Ange.” (Tougo)



 I called out to them, and they all came out and perched on Leanne’s head and shoulders. Seeing this, Lian was stunned, but… he timidly reached out his hand and touched the little ice bird.



“…they are not cold.” (Tougo)


“They say they are never warm or cold to someone they like.” (Tougo)



 Fay also rides on or is grabbed by the fire spirits, but it seems that the fire spirits are careful not to burn the person they love. In other words, if someone with hostility to Fay were to touch the fire spirit, they would be severely burned.



“…Do they like me?” (Lian)


“Yes.” (Tougo)


“W-why?” (Lian)


“Well… I guess it’s because they know you’re not a bad person.” (Tougo)



 “I see,” Lian said as he gently stroked the little ice bird… And then, making up his mind, he went towards the Luan and buried himself in him. The Luan seemed a little surprised, but then chirped in satisfaction. For a while, Lian was buried deep in the blue feathers, but eventually he came out and said to me.



“…hehe. Thank you.” (Lian)


“Yep.” (Tougo)



 This will ensure the safety of Lian and Ange to some extent. They are angels, so I have to be careful not to let them get kidnapped.



“Now I can go run errands!” (Lian)



 …Ah, did you want to work that much? Oh, my goodness.



 In the end, delivering the letters became Lian’s job.


 Lian and Ange would take the Luans to Fay’s house to send and receive letters from Fay’s house.


 …Since the angels are still small, it seems that they can fly on top of the dragon. My Houou is able to grab me and fly, but it seems like it’s a little difficult to put me on top.


 Both Lian and Ange enjoyed the walk in the sky on the Luan, and flying on the road to Fay’s house seems to be a nice distraction. Yup. Please keep up the good work.


 …so, the forest carrier pigeon plan has been put on hold. Well, for the time being, I’ll ask the two of them and Fay to help me out, as they and Luans both seem to be having a lot of fun…



 It’s been a few days since the number of friends increased in the forest.


 Lian and Ange were riding the Luans smoothly, and the Luans were accepted by the horses as a member of the forest, my Houou seemed to think of the Luans as a younger sibling, so he was a little caring and they had a lot of fun. Then one day,



“Here. Today’s letter. I brought it.” (Lian)


“Thank you.” (Tougo)



 I received the letter that Lian brought from Fay’s house. Yes, I have a new commission. I’m happy.



“I saw something amazing while we were flying over.” (Ange)


“Amazing?” (Tougo)



 Before checking the contents of the letter, Lian and Ange started talking excitedly, so I decided to listen to them. What is it?



“You know, there are a lot of fairies! When I looked from the sky, I saw a lot of sparkling lights flying around!” (Ange)



 …A lot of fairies?


“It looked like they were moving, but they were so sparkly and beautiful! It was like they sprinkled silver dust on the ground…” (Lian)



 Lian and Ange then became engrossed in telling me about the fairies moving in together.


 Fairies are sparkly and beautiful, but how beautiful would it be if there were many of them gathered together?



“I’ll take a look.” (Tougo)


“Are you going to paint?” (Lian)


“Yep!” (Tougo)



 If they are so beautiful, there is no way I won’t see them. I asked a horse that was nearby to give me a ride, and we immediately took to the skies.



 Once I was above the forest, I remembered what Lian had told me about the painting, and I started to look around.


 I knew it. It was the Great Fairy Migration. Even at dusk, when the light was faint, I could see it was sparkling. There must be a lot of fairies on the move.


 …I wonder if fairies moving around is becoming popular these days.


 I wonder if something happened that caused so many people to move all at once.


 The mass of fairies appears to be coming towards the forest.


 Um… maybe there are fairy rumors spreading about how nice it is to live in this forest, or something like that? Hmmm…


 I don’t know… but I drew it anyway because it is beautiful. While looking around the world that is gradually turning into night, I watched the sparkling fairies moving about and sketched leisurely on a Pegasus in the air. Well, it was luxurious.



 …The next morning.



“Brother Tougo! Brother Tougo!” (Ange)



 I was awakened by the sound of a small hand slamming my door.


 I went outside to find Ange and Lian all together.


 …And behind that, fairies.


“…There were quite a lot of people here.” (Tougo)



 The horses came out in droves and looked at the fairies gathered there, like they’re wondering “What’s the commotion?” There were so many fairies that they could have filled the spring. It was amazing.



“Oh, I heard they were evacuees.” (Lian)



 Leanne explains about the large number of fairies. …evacuees? Not just moving around?



“Ange told me that the fairies said they came to the place with the most magic power in the neighborhood because the spirit vein had been dammed.” (Lian)




 What does that mean?



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