Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 2: Operation Capture an Angel*1

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 Later that day, I was taken to the Redgarde house. The sooner we talked, the better, I thought.



“What should I do? What should I do? I’m getting nervous.” (Tougo)


Hmm? It’s all right, there’s no need to be so nervous. The guest is the son of the lord of Austkaia. He’s a nice guy.” (Fay)


“That’s why I’m nervous.” (Tougo)


“I-Is that so? …You should take it easy. He likes your painting. Don’t worry about it.” (Fay)



 I’m not fine at all. It makes me nervous. Because if someone likes my picture, that’s, that’s… amazing.


 And if they don’t know me, but they liked my picture just by looking at it… isn’t that really amazing?



“…come to think of it, apart from the one at Ms. Croix’s time, this is the first commission from someone else, isn’t it?” (Fay)


“Yes…” (Tougo)



 The one with Ms. Croix’s time was an exchange, so I wasn’t that troubled or nervous. Since, I wanted to draw Ms. Croix, I wouldn’t have had time to be nervous.


 But this time was different. They want my picture and they put a price on it, right? Wow, it’s… I’m getting nervous.



“You haven’t changed, even when you became a spirit…” (Fay)


“Noisy.” (Tougo)


“Hahaha. That’s normal for you, right? Well, it’s actually more normal that you can say ‘I’m nervous’.” (Fay)



 I thought this should be someone else’s problem…



 The Houou flew me while I was nervous, and we arrived at the Redgarde house.


 And just like that, I was taken towards the garden. It is indeed a refreshingly cool day today. It would be just right to have a cup of tea in the garden.


 I was thinking about this when I was brought in front of an unfamiliar person who was having tea with the Redgarde family.



“Mr. Saphir. This is the artist I was telling you about earlier.” (Fay)



 Fay said and showed me to the unfamiliar person.



“My name is Tougo Uezora. Nice to meet you.” (Tougo)



 I can’t think of anything else to say, so I decided to just say that and bowed. …Well, what else can I say.



“So, you’re Tougo! I’ve heard a lot about you!” (Saphir)



 However, the person approached me took my hand with a smile, squeezed it, and then introduced himself.



“I am Saphir Cure Austkaia. I am the eldest child of the Austkaia territory.



 …Just as Fay said, he’s a “good person”. yes. A good person. He is a bit like Fay’s brother. He has a soft demeanor, yet he’s firm and confident.



“I just saw your paintings. Starting with the unicorn and pegasus at the entrance, the forest in the drawing room, the portrait of the Redgarde family, the spring in Fay’s room, and the picture of the ‘mochi’. Yes, the ‘mochi’ thing, well…? Fay said it was a dream painting or an abstract painting.” (Saphir)



 …This is difficult to explain.



After a little explanation about the “mochi,” Mr. Saphir realized that Fay’s interpretation was strange. He laughed a lot, and I can’t help but laugh too.


 After the conversation had become a little more relaxed, Mr. Saphir smiled and said,



“Your drawings, including the one of the mochi, are all soft and warm. So, I thought that the person who drew this must be like that… and it seems that I was really right.” (Saphir)



 What shall I do? I know it’s a compliment, but that’s why I don’t know what to do. What is the right way to react to this?



“Oh, thank you very much…” (Tougo)



 So, for now, I’ll just say thank you. My teacher told me that if I say thank you when I’m confused, I can usually get by.



“Fufu. That’s why I wanted to meet you first. I asked Fay to bring you here. I’m sorry about that.” (Tougo)


“Well, uh… it’s an honor to meet you, too.” (Saphir)



 I was speechless, but I probably said what I needed to say. Yes. …This is more difficult than explaining the mochi. Yes.



 Then I showed some of the pictures I had brought with me to Mr. Saphir.



“Saphir. I don’t think a picture of a forest in the daytime is suitable for your house. The wallpaper is sky blue, isn’t it? At least in your room and the parlor.” (Roses)


“Roses remembers well… that, yes, indeed, this shade might stand out a bit.” (Saphir)



 …I thought he felt like Fay’s brother, but it seems that he’s also good friends with Fay’s brother. They seem to be close in age and have a similar atmosphere, so it’s almost inevitable.



“Hmm… then, can I have this picture?” (Saphir)


“Yes, you may. Here.” (Tougo)



 Then, Mr. Saphir chose a picture of horses in the forest at night. Under the pale blue moonlight, the horses, unable to sleep, are playing in the spring. I tried to create a bluish finish throughout the painting, so I think it will look good in a room with sky blue wallpaper. I think it would look good in a room with sky blue wallpaper.



“And I have one more request.” (Saphir)


“Yes.” (Tougo)



 Mr. Saphir put the painting of the horse in the forest at night away carefully and then said to me again.



“Apart from this, I would like to request a painting.” (Saphir)



 Here it comes.


 I knew that he was going to ask me for a commission, but I was still nervous when he started talking.


 …I was listening to Mr. Saphir’s story while feeling nervous. …He smiled happily and said a little shyly,



“A picture of an angel… I want you to draw me a soft, warm, angelic picture to bless my unborn child.” (Saphir)



“…your child?” (Tougo)


“Oh. In fact, my child is due to be born soon.” (Saphir)



 Mr. Saphir smiled shyly as he said that.


 I see. A child. …That must be a wonderful thing.





“Oh. Thank you. It’s just, well, my wife can’t go out much anymore since her stomach got heavy. She’s bored. She likes paintings, so I thought I’d buy her something to take home, but I never thought I’d come across such a nice painting.” (Saphir)



 Looking at Mr. Saphir’s face, I think, oh, they are so close. With his wife and maybe even with his unborn child.



“Fufu, you look happy, Saphir. Still the same when you got married.” (Roses)


“Oh, yes. Yes, I am happy! …you’ll understand when you take a wife too.” (Saphir)



 I wonder if Fay’s brother and Saphir are about the same age. Mr. Saphir is married and seems to have a child already. Well, the pace is different for everyone.



“So, what do you think? Can I ask this of you?” (Saphir)



 …Now. Here comes the problem.


 The request is a picture of an angel. The request was for a picture to be drawn for his newborn child and his wife…



“Well, what kind of angel would you like?” (Tougo)



 There are many kinds of angels, aren’t there? There are those with bird feathers on the back of an adult, neither male nor female. Or a naked child with wings and blowing a trumpet. Or a creature with more than three arms. You know, all kinds of things.



“What do you mean… Hmm, well, I’ll leave it to you.” (Saphir)



 …Ugh. I’ve been told the one I hate the most.


 So maybe… there aren’t that many different kinds of ‘angels’ in this world, right?



“Do you have any preference for the size of the picture or the painting medium?” (Tougo)


“Hmmm… Yes. I would like it to be as big as the picture of the mochi in Fay’s room. I’ll also request that you make it a little bigger.” (Saphir)



 I drew the picture of the rice cake on a large sheet of drawing paper to the extent that I don’t know why I drew it that size. Really, it’s a mystery why Fay brought that painting home to display.



“You can use the same painting medium as this one. It’s something you don’t see very often but it’s nice and soft… So, like this one.” (Saphir)



 The painting medium is watercolor. Well. I guess watercolor painting is rare in this world.



“…I understand. The size is rather large, and the painting material is watercolor. So, it’s a painting of an angel, right?” (Tougo)



 Well, yes. At any rate, I’m glad to hear that he didn’t leave it all up to me.



“I accept the commission.” (Tougo)



 I am not very confident. But I felt a little uncomfortable to say no at this point. And… well, I just wanted to give it a try.



“And I’ll make it a shade that goes with the sky blue wallpaper.” (Tougo)


“Oh, I appreciate that.” (Saphir)


 …And so, for the first time, I received a request from someone who saw my painting and requested it.



 …Well, I’m in trouble.



“What is an angel…?” (Tougo)


“What? You accepted a commission for a picture of an angel without knowing what an angel is!?” (Fay)


“Well… I’m not sure if the angels I know are the same as the angels in this world.” (Tougo)



 The angels in my world are something else… because there are so many different kinds.



“Let’s see… Well, angels are like this. They have wings on their backs and rings floating on their heads.” (Fay)



 They are living things.



“They say they are usually wary of humans, but when they find a human they like, they bring blessings to that human. I’ve never met one. Oh, I met a spirit before I met an angel…” (Fay)



 Yes. I’m that spirit.



“Well… It’s hard to sound persuasive in front of you, but angels are very rare to meet, and they bring blessings and good luck. That’s why many houses have angel wings on their crests, and they are often used as motifs on celebratory items. You see, it is often used as a motif on accessories. They say they make them good luck charms…” (Fay)



 Ah, that’s how it is. yes. After all, I feel that the angel is different from what I thought.



“Well, they are human beings with wings and rings! Most of the time they are dressed as beautiful women, beautiful girls, or beautiful boys. Sometimes they are beautiful young men, though.” (Fay)


“Umm, what about ones like a baby?” (Tougo)


“Baby? Well… I haven’t seen any pictures of angels like that.” (Fay)



 I see. A nude infant with wings and a trumpet is a strange angel in this world, isn’t it? I guess it’s weird for an angel in this world.



“Well, why don’t you get Ms. Croix to model for you?” (Fay)


“Hmm…she doesn’t look like an angel.” (Tougo)



 I wonder what it would be like for a heavenly being that seduces humans. Small devils and fairies are somehow more like Ms. Croix.



“Then, Carnelia?” (Fay)


“If it’s that girl’s color, it probably won’t go well with the sky blue wallpaper. She’s also on the run.” (Tougo)



 Carnelia is certainly angelic, but she is more of a fairy. And since her shade is orange-ish, it’s hard to match her with the sky blue wallpaper.



“Well, what about drawing entirely from your imagination?” (Fay)



 …I’ll think about it.


 I can do horses and birds to some extent. I could draw dragons, alicorns, Houous, and Pipe Foxes.


 So, I can draw a human being, too, using only our complete imagination…



“…I, well, it seems I can’t do it with a person.” (Tougo)



 I can’t do it. No. It’s useless. I couldn’t imagine it.



“Well, I see. I wish I could do something.” (Fay)


“Yes…” (Tougo)



 I don’t know why, but it seems that I’m not very good at drawing a human being entirely from my imagination. “I can’t do it” is in my head… No, I feel like something else is saying it. Yes.



 I was wondering for a while, and Fay said without hesitation,



“Well, I guess you’ll just have to find a new slave. You can draw while watching someone, right?” (Fay)






“It’s easier to buy a human being than it is to get an angel, right?” (Fay)



 I think that’s a great idea.



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