Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 20.1: Dragon’s Bed*4

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 That day, we left the forest.


 The destination is the Argent family.


 Although we had no proof that Mr. Argent was involved in this matter, we concluded that it would be a good idea to at least ask him about it.


 We could think of no other approach than to contact them directly…


 I know that Redgarde territory will be in trouble if we let it go like this, but that doesn’t mean that we alone can do anything about what the Royals and the Argents are doing… or even a little bit about where things are going on. We have to know exactly what’s going on. Yeah. If the Argents are not damming it, and two spirit veins have suddenly dried up, then we have to work together to solve the problem…



 So, the four of us, Fay, myself, the secretary Ms. Croix, and the bodyguard Laocles, decided to visit the Argent family again.


 Mr. Argent seemed surprised by our visit. Well, we never thought we’d end up here.



“…So, what can I do for you today?” (Fida)



 As expected, Mr. Argent was not at all smiling and friendly. He seemed to be suspicious of our sudden visit, and above all, he was dealing with a “no-benefits” opponent.



“Let me tell you this without going through the motions. I’m sure you did something that was detrimental to us, right?” (Fay)



 …when Fay said it outright, Mr. Argent looked displeased.



“What do you mean? What are you saying, that I’m harassing you or something? Do I look narrow-minded enough to do that? Most of the time…” (Fida)


“Yes. I don’t think that the Argents would harass us in a third-rate method. But I think it is possible to dam the spirit vein that leads to our territory because the Argent family is quite the first-rate.” (Fay)



 Then, when Fay spoke even more bluntly, Mr. Argent silently shut his mouth.



“…I also think that the Royal Family is probably involved in this. The purpose is a certain large-scale magic performed using the magic of the spirit veins. What do you think?” (Fay)



 When Fay asked quietly, Mr. Argent’s eyes squinted slightly… and looked pensive about something.


 It’s like I’m not sure what he would answer. I wonder if he would try to escape or open dialogue.


 In front of Mr. Argent, who had gone silent, I decided to poke him a little. Make it easier for him to talk.



“Um, Mr. Argent, well. You didn’t do what you did because you had a grudge against us, did you?” (Tougo)



 As soon as I said that Mr. Argent looked surprised, extremely troubled, and upset… that kind of look on his face. Yeah. He seems to have a face saying, “This is unexpected.”



“But there’s a reason why you decided to dam up the spirit vein, isn’t there?” (Tougo)



 When I asked that… Mr. Argent let out a deep sigh.



“…I suppose so. I have no intention of harassing you. I don’t have any grudges. I don’t intend to be so narrow-minded as to harass you for refusing my invitation.” (Fida)



 And finally, he spoke.



“But it’s just that I have no obligation to consider you or I decline an offer from the Royal Family.” (Fida)



“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, so I’ll tell you first, this is not malicious intent or anything like that. It is not my intention to harm you. But the royal family has decided that the damage to Redgarde is not a non-issue. And I can’t protect a territory I have no connection to.” (Fida)



 In effect, this is a confession from Mr. Argent. In fact, Argent is openly and proudly reclining on the back of his chair with his arms folded.



“You see? You have no connection with me. This is your choice. I respect your decision, foolish as it may seem, but you will have to pay for it.” (Fida)



 Mr. Argent said that in a high-handed manner…



“Ah, well, you’re right.” (Fay)



 Fay saw this and scratched his cheek.



“No, if that’s the case, I understand. If it means that the royal family took the initiative and did something, then there’s nothing the Argent family can do about it. I’m very sorry for today. I didn’t mean to barge in.” (Fay)



 Then, he got up from his seat. I also got up from my seat.


 …When Mr. Argent saw that, he looked dismayed again.



“…Are you sure? I thought you were going to tell me to stop the magic.” (Fida)



 Yeah, well, I guess that’s what I thought… Fay and I no longer sat on our chairs, Fay answered.



“Hahaha. As expected, I can’t be so brazen. I know my place. It’s enough that I have proof of the cause.” (Fay)


“Sorry to bother you.” (Tougo)


“Hey wait!” (Fida)



 When we were about to leave the room, Mr. Argent called out to us. I think he’s not a bad guy after all… [T/N: You sweet summer child.]



“Then what are you going to do? Will you just wait for the spirit vein to dry up?” (Fida)


“No, well… we’ll manage somehow. Yes, we’ll do something. And so, we don’t depend on you. That’s all… But, if I request something, will you do something about it?” (Fay)



 Faye glared at him a bit, and Mr. Argent flinched a bit.


 But Mr. Argent cleared his throat, sat back in his chair… and then said.



“…Let me ask you a question. Where did you get this story? I’m willing to be a little flexible if you tell me that.” (Fida)



“I think you understand, but when someone performs a large-scale magic that uses the spirit veins, leaking of information to outsiders is expected.” (Fay)


“Yeah. I guess so.” (Fida)



 Fay answered without a twitch on his face. As if to say, “I know everything.”



“We were on high alert when it came to handling information. The fact that it leaked means… that hole needs to be filled. And the information in that hole is valuable.” (Fida)



 On the other hand, Mr. Argent seemed a little impatient. I don’t think he thinks “information leaked through the fairies.” Maybe they are thinking that there is a spy among their own allies, or that the information was stolen from somewhere.


 And moreover, this seems to be something that the Royal Family is collaborating. Then it can’t be just an issue for the Argent family. Mr. Argent probably doesn’t want the royal family to be harmed.



“Now then, let’s talk business. You tell me about the source of the information. That way I can give some flexibility to the Redgarde family in the future. If the vein dries up, crops will not grow. If there is a shortage of food, I can sell you food wholesale from my domain at a discount. Or…” (Fida)


“No, I’m sorry. We don’t have any information that would satisfy Sir Argent. About half of what happened this time is speculation.” (Fay)



 When Fay said that to interrupt Mr. Argent’s words, Mr. Argent glared at Fay and said,



“Huh. Half of it is speculation… then what about the other half?” (Fida)



 Upon receiving Mr. Argent’s gaze… Fay smiled.



“That’s right. After consulting with the head of Redgarde. Depending on the consultation, I may come here again for ‘business negotiations’. Well, if we can do something about it, I will. I don’t want to bring you any trouble.” (Fay)



 So, we decided to stay one night in Argent’s territory and then return home


 I wonder if Mr. Argent will end up with one weakness in their hands. …Hmm, but this is just what Mr. Argent thinks on his own, and for us, we just heard it from the fairies… I wonder if this is okay.



“Good. Now, we can deal with the Argents on equal footing to some extent!” (Fay)



 However, Fay was happy for the time being. …Fay seemed to be easygoing, but he seemed to be quite nervous. We left the Argent’s house, walked a short distance, came to the outskirts of town, and was about to ride the Red Dragon when, for the first time, when his limbs began to tremble, and it took him a while to ride the Red Dragon.


 …Yeah. I think it’s good that Fay is such a human.



“Now then, we need to set up the conditions as advantageously as possible for us… After that, we need to make sure we bite as big and hard as possible… Ms. Croix, can you help me?” (Fay)


“Yes, of course. Fay is my employer’s employer.” (Croix)



 When Fay asked Ms. Croix, who was on top of the alicorn, from atop the red dragon, Ms. Croix smiled and answered.



“This is the time to show off my skills, isn’t it? In the near future, the Agents will try to find out where the information leaked from. If that happens, we will be exposed. But, if we keep looking, we will naturally find out more about the weaknesses of our opponent.” (Croix)


“…sounds like fun.” (Fay)


“Yes. I like living in the forest, but I also like working as a spy. Especially if it’s a job that helps the people I like… I’ll be a spy in my own way. ” (Croix)



“I see. That makes sense.” (Laocles)



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