Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 20.2: Dragon’s Bed*4

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 When Fay asked Ms. Croix, who was on top of the alicorn, from atop the red dragon, Ms. Croix smiled and answered.



“This is the time to show off my skills, isn’t it? In the near future, the Agents will try to find out where the information leaked from. If that happens, we will be exposed. But, if we keep looking, we will naturally find out more about the weaknesses of our opponent.” (Croix)


“…sounds like fun.” (Fay)


“Yes. I like living in the forest, but I also like working as a spy. Especially if it’s a job that helps the people I like… I’ll be a spy in my own way. ” (Croix)


“I see. That makes sense.” (Laocles)



 Laocles and Ms. Croix, who were both riding on the alicorn, gave each other a small smile. They seem to be having fun. Somehow, it feels like a conversation between professionals.



“Then I’ll talk to my father and brother afterward, and I’ll have Ms. Croix listen to what I have to say… Oh, Tougo. Do you want to stay the night?” (Fay)


“I’ve got the Celeste siblings staying at home in the forest…” (Tougo)


“Ah… then I’ll send a fire spirit to have the two of them come to my house. Yeah. I’m sorry, but I think I’d feel safer if you guys were nearby…” (Fay)



 Even though Fay said that, he still looked a little worried.


 …That’s true. It’s a crisis on their territory. It would be unreasonable to say that he should relax.



“Oh, my! I feel calm when I see Tougo’s carefree face!” (Fay)


“What do you mean…?” (Tougo)



 I was told something that I didn’t quite understand, but… Well, it’s okay. If looking at me makes you feel calm, then you can look at me as much as you like. I would be honored if I could help you.



 After that, we ended up staying at Fay’s house.


 …The consultation is being held by four people: Fay, Fay’s older brother and father, and Ms. Croix. In times like this, Ms. Croix is very dependable. She seems to have been in the shadows among the nobles for a long time, and she will be of great help to us this time as well.



“… It’s a tough situation, isn’t it?” (Tougo)


“That’s right.” (Laocles)


 I’m in the courtyard of the Redgarde house with Laocles.


 In the courtyard, Lian and Ange are playing. There are so many flowers that you won’t get tired of looking at them. Apparently, there are some fairies that have stuck to Ange, and they are happy to see the colorful flowers. It’s peaceful. Only here.



“In times like this, Croix is very helpful, but I don’t like it.” (Tougo)



 Meanwhile, Laocles let out a small sigh. …I think he thinks this too.



“If we were at least a little more knowledgeable on magic, we might be able to come up with some other way to solve the problem.” (Laocles)



 And Laocles looked down with a troubled expression.



“…Can it be solved with magic?” (Tougo)


“I don’t know if it can be solved, but spirit veins are the flow of magical power. If you are knowledgeable about magic, you will be able to understand many things.” (Laocles)



 I see. Is that how it is?


 …If that’s the case, I’m also feeling “refreshed.” I still don’t understand much about the magic in this world.



“Um, then, let’s take a look.” (Tougo)



 I was a little worried, but in the end, I stood up.


 I’m not comfortable just lounging around in the courtyard. I don’t like the idea of being relaxed when Fay and my friends are having a hard time.



“What do you want to look into?” (Laocles)


“I’ve been told I can look in the Redgarde family archives, so I’m going to take a look there and see what I can find out about the spirit veins.” (Tougo)



 The Redgarde family library is not a very large room, with tall bookshelves filling all the walls, it’s not oppressive but relaxing… I like small places.



“Brother Tougo. Here.” (Ange)


“Thank you, Ange.… Oh, the fairies and Lian too.” (Tougo)



 While I was reading a book, completely buried in the space between the bookshelves, Ange and the fairy came over and piled up a few books for me. All of them seemed to be books about the spirit veins. Ange is the one who carries the books, but the one who fetches them from high places is Lian, and the one who chooses the books is the fairies. …The division of roles is wonderful.



“…Did you find anything?” (Lian)


“Hmm… I’m starting to learn more about spirit veins.” (Tougo)



 Lian peeked into my book, so I pointed to where I was reading.


 The book I’m reading is a fairy-choice book. The title of the book is “A Study of Land-Based Magic.” I am reading the part about spirit veins in the book.



“A spirit vein is a stream of magical power that runs through the land. On the surface above the spirit veins, there are many high-quality magical stones and minerals, and magical beasts tend to inhabit the surface of the ground. Creatures other than magical beasts also benefit from the magical power of the spirit veins and grow well.” (Tougo)



 This is roughly the same explanation I had heard from Lian and Fay. The river of magical power is the spirit vein.



“Many of the magic arts handed down in the land are performed by obtaining magic power from the spirit veins that run through the land. In addition, the ancient barrier and ritual magic had a mechanism to efficiently obtain magic from the spirit veins.” (Tougo)



 …Oh, I see. Maybe the reason why the forest barrier was a little weak was because it was influenced by the spirit vein.



“The spirit veins are also called “earth veins,” “spiritual lines,” “dragon veins,” etc. (Dragons are thought to be ancient creatures, but there are many theories about what they are, including that they are dragons and that they are giant serpents.)” (Tougo)



 I see. There are many different names for dragons. ……The “dragon vein” is interesting. The annotation is also interesting. I see. I guess “Ryuu” is not famous in this world. I guess when people think of dragons, I imagine something like Fay’s Red Dragon. Somehow.



 I read more books after that. I read many, many, many more books.


 I read, and so did Laocles. Lian did too. Ange is in charge of finding books and distributing them to us.


 …However, no matter what I read, there is a lot of similar information. In other words, there isn’t much new information.


 A spirit vein is like a river of magical power, and in places where there is a lot of magical power, there are a lot of magical stones, and you can get the magical power of the spirit vein through magic, and there are several different names for the spirit vein. …It’s like that.



“…it doesn’t lead to any solution.” (Tougo)


“…That’s right.” (Laocles)



 Both Laocles and I closed the book, a little tired.


 Even if you know about the spirit veins, it’s hard to take action. I’m not sure what to do. Yep.


 As we were feeling down, Lian, who had also closed his book, said irritably,



“Hey, if you don’t have magic power, why don’t you take it from somewhere else?” (Lian)



 That’s what a former pickpocket thinks. He has an outrageous mind.



“No, you can’t do that. If you do that, the person you stole from will be in trouble.” (Tougo)


“That’s fine. Because you got robbed! Then why don’t you steal it back?” (Lian)



 Hmm…I don’t understand the logic, but I still don’t think it’s a good idea.


 In this case, it would be fine if the person stealing was the Royal Capital or Argent territory, but stealing magic power from them is difficult no matter how you think about it, and in the first place, is it possible to steal magic power…?



“…If you don’t want something stolen, why don’t you just steal it back? It’s the same as money and food. Only rich people have a good amount of money and food. Then we should steal it. That’s all you can do. That’s how you live…” (Lian)



 Lian probably has a lot of thoughts flashing on his mind. He spoke in a heated tone, but midway through, he turned slumped back and the words disappeared.



 After a while, Lian suddenly said.



“…I just wish for everyone to be happy.” (Lian)


“…Yeah. That’s right.” (Tougo)



 He looks sad and frustrated, but such words came from Lian, so I’m happy.



“I don’t know about spirit veins, but, you know, it would be nice if no one would be hungry or be in trouble, you know. It’s fine if the rich could have food, but even those who are not rich can be happy and fed, like me.” (Lian)


“…Yep.” (Tougo)



 It may be difficult to achieve what Leanne is talking about. It’s impossible to share equally what is limited, and if you make some parts equal, then some parts may become unequal…



“Ah, in that case, it would be nice if everyone could be rich. I would be rich, Tougo would be rich, the king would be rich… I don’t think that would happen, though.”



 Lian laughs and talks about his wishes.


 I agree. It might be fun if everyone was rich.


 Instead of sharing what is limited, everyone would be rich, and there would be plenty of money and food, no one is lacking…



 …No, wait a minute.




 What is it that is limited?


 A spirit vein… is it something whose amount is determined?



 Is it impossible to increase the production of spirit veins?



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