Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 21.2: Dragon’s Bed*5

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 Yep. I’m no good either.



“I think the reason they spread magic stone powder on the fields is because the crops absorb the magic power of the magic stones. Plants are good at absorbing magic.” (Fay)



 Is it so. …Hmm, maybe bamboo? Yeah, it kind of makes sense.



“So, like, you plant plants in the magic stone powder, grind up the plants that have grown, mix them with water, and then spread it around, or something like that…? Well, that would take quite a while.” (Fay)



 Hmmm, I guess it wouldn’t work after all. It would take a lot of time and effort.


 But I guess that’s what making a spirit vein is all about. After all. It might be impossible to just draw a picture and fix everything.



 While we were struggling, Lian, who was playing with the books, looked at me and said,



“…Um, Tougo, can you draw something like a picture?” (Lian)



 Oh, I hadn’t explained in detail, but I drew things in front of Lian and Ange and materialized them. Like ice spirits.



“Yes. To some extent.” (Tougo)



 When I affirmed, Lian tilted his head and said,



“In that case, you could just draw a tree that grows on a magic stone and spits out water.” (Lian)





 A blind spot.



 We quickly returned to the forest.


 And then… I found the perfect place and headed there.



“I’m thinking of making a spring here.” (Tougo)



 It’s a cave. A cave with a slightly open ceiling.


 If I build a spring here, it will be like a semi-subterranean lake. If it’s underground, it won’t freeze in the winter. Maybe.


 Also, it’s not far from the barrier ruins, so it would be easy to manage. Also, it would be in the center of the forest, so no other creatures would carelessly enter.


 I immediately started drawing the spring.


 …I drew a large lake. If I didn’t make it big enough, there would be a shortage of water.


 When I finished, I was very tired. I was tired of drawing big things.


 …As soon as I materialize the lake, I start drawing the next thing.



“It’s huge.” (Lian)


“Yeah. It’s a good one.” (Tougo)



 I drew a small island in the middle of the lake. The island is made of very transparent crystals.


 In addition to the islet, the lake also grows a number of giant crystals from within the lake. They are transparent, sparkling, and large, and when they are finished, they will be very beautiful.



“…I think I’d like it on the ceiling too.” (Tougo)



 It is beautiful to have transparent crystals in the lake, but I would like to have them on the ceiling as well. I want to fill this cave with crystals.



“Hey. Leave it here for today. You look pale.” (Laocles)


“Eh?” (Tougo)



 I picked up my brush to get started, but Laocles took it away from me.



“…Don’t be impatient. Just because the magical power from the spirit vein was blocked, it doesn’t mean something will happen right away.” (Laocles)


“That’s right…” (Tougo)



 I feel anxious, but rushing might create problems. I have to put all my effort into drawing each one with my everything. …I don’t know if I can create a spirit vein with just my drawings. Let’s proceed carefully.



 That day I ate the cheese and ham on bread, drank a cup of tea leisurely, and spent the rest of the day drawing pictures that I did not materialize and deciding on the design of the tree I was going to grow.


 And since it was cold outside in the hammock… I went inside the house to sleep wrapped in a blanket, and futon, Houou, and Pipe Fox slept soundly, got up in a hurry because I slept a little too much, and quickly went to paint the next one.



 As a continuation of yesterday’s work, I grow crystals from the ceiling. I also grow them from the wall. When I’m tired, I go to bed and go on to the next day. …In the meantime, the walls, ceiling, and floor of the cave were all covered with sparkling, transparent magic crystals. Yep. Beautiful.


 And the fairies who jumped into the lake with joy are laughing and playing. Yeah. I’m glad they are happy.



 After making the whole cave covered with crystals, I finally drew the “tree that grows on the magic stone, sucks up magic power, and spits out water.” The design is already done, so all I have to do is put it on paper and reflect it in reality.


 The roots are strong and sink into the crystals. The trunk, which seems to be made of copper and gold, grows while twisting, spreading its branches wide. The leaves, like jade and emerald… are lush and grow fruit everywhere.


 The fruit of the tree is transparent in color and contains juice…


 …I drew the tree like that.


 It’s a tree of gold and jewels on a crystal island. I just keep drawing these things.


 I enjoy drawing things that are transparent and sparkling. Before I knew it, I forgot my purpose and started to move my brush…



 Then, the picture sways and shakes on the drawing paper and gathers together, and then it flies to the crystal island… where it takes the form of a tree.



“…It’s beautiful.” (Fay)



 Fay let out a small sigh as he looked at the newly grown tree. Yeah. I feel the same way. Personally, I think it’s a good result. I am filled with satisfaction.



 We immediately fly to the crystal island.


 I grabbed the Houou crossed over the water to the island, and picked fruit from the tree.


 It looked like a glass bead decorated with golden branches. It was about the size of an apple, round, and comfortable in the hand.


 Satisfied after rolling it around in my hand for a while, I broke the hard outer skin of the fruit.


 Contrary to its appearance, the outer skin was quite hard, but the Houou pecked it with its beak and broke it open.


 …Then, thick juice gushes from inside the fruit.


 It was clear and thick when I tried drinking it… it was really delicious.


 It is sweet and sour, thick but not at all cloying, with a refreshing aftertaste and a nice aroma…


 …Also, it makes me feel better. I feel so much better.



 It’s a fruit that makes you feel good, so I wanted everyone to taste it before I spread the contents all over Redgarde territory.



“It’s really delicious. Yes.” (Fay)


“Well… it’s the fruit of the spirit’s tree, so it must be delicious…” (Croix)


“…Is it okay for me to eat?” (Laocles)


“Isn’t it good? The spirit gave it to you directly, right?” (Tougo)


“Ange, let’s share half.” (Lian)


“Yes! Then, I will share some with the fairies!” (Ange)



 Everyone was looking at the berries and rolling them around in their hands, but Fay was the first among them to break the outer skin of the fruit with a knife, scoop out the inside, and drink it…


 He burst out in a coughing fit.



“…Fay, are you okay?” (Tougo)



 I rubbed Fay’s back as he coughed, I wondered if he choked.



“Tougo! This can get you intoxicated!?” (Fay)


“Huh? Are you drunk?” (Tougo)


“No, no, no, I’m getting magic intoxication!” (Fay)






“You… haw can you just drink this and smile and say, ‘`It’s delicious.’” (Fay)


“…Wasn’t it delicious?” (Tougo)


“No, it is delicious, but… it’s just a little too strong for humans to drink…” (Fay)



 …well, I’ve really graduated from human life after all.


 What can I say… it’s a little lonely not being able to share something I find delicious.



 Feeling a little depressed, I started collecting fruits.


 The tree was slowly growing its branches and leaves, and every once in a while, it would bear a few fruits. Maybe two fruits every hour.


 The overripe fruits fall from the tree, hit the crystals on the island, break open, and pour their contents into the spring. In this way, the water in the fountain will probably become full of magical power. And maybe this will be the source of the spirit vein.


 Now and then, all I have to do is draw the crystals on the lake.



 When I materialized the tree, I felt a little tired, and sleepy.



“…by the way, how are we going to scatter the contents of these fruits?” (Fay)



 However, such problems still remain.



“Eh?” (Tougo)


“Are we going to bring have the dragon them back and forth?” (Fay)



 …yep. However, it will probably take a lot of time.


 Hmm… I don’t think it’s possible to just let the contents of the fruit fall just like that… Should I have drawn it so that the tree was throwing fruit? No, that’s just as outrageous…



“Why don’t you draw a creature that spits out the water from the lake here and makes it rain.” (Fay)



 …What kind of creature is that? A creature that makes it rain? An Aplysia? Well, what kind of creature is Aplysia? It’s a kind of sea slug…? Hmm? An Aplysia is a sea slug…?



“Well, it’s okay. Even Tougo is tired of growing trees like this. We’ll talk about it later.” (Fay)



 What kind of creature is a sea slug? It was like this, and it was fluttery, with squiggly horns… Oh, like a snake with horns. Yep.



“Hey, Tougo, are you okay? Hey.” (Fay)



 …A snake with horns.





“There is a creature that can make it rain.” (Tougo)



 A creature that makes it rain when you beg for rain.


 A Ryuu. That’s a good one.


 Look. It’s also called a dragon vein. It would be better if there was at least one dragon. 



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