Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 23.1: Dragon’s Bed*7

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“Oh! Tougo! It’s been a while!” (Fay)


“Sorry, I’ve been asleep ten times longer than I promised.” (Tougo)


“Absolutely! I told you to give me three days, and you gave me 30. …But you did it for us this time, and I can’t complain…” (Fay)



 When I went to see him, Fay immediately said that… and then patted my head.



“Anyway, I’m glad you woke up.” (Fay)


“Yep.” (Tougo)


“So, that’s the end of this part. You heard about it from Ms. Croix, right?” (Fay)


“Yeah. I heard that the royal family is in trouble.” (Tougo)



 When I answered, Fay nodded with a wry smile.



“The Royal Family’s situation at the moment is…” (Fay)



 Fay then sat down on the sofa and offered me the sofa across from his, and as soon as I was on the sofa, he said,



“One of the territories under the direct control of the royal family has withered away.” (Fay)



 That’s what he said.



“It… withered? What?” (Tougo)


“The spirit vein, you know? That one.” (Fay)


“H-how…?” (Tougo)



 The royal family, in cooperation with the Argents, should have dammed up the veins of the Redgarde family’s spirit veins. But how does it happen that the spirit vein dries up? Is it my fault?



“Oh, it’s not your fault, I am positive it’s not your fault. Don’t look so worried. Um… Where should I start?” (Fay)



 Fay waved his hand in front of me and said that then thought for a moment… and then he spoke.



“Well, let’s start with after you fainted. You know, after you summoned the dragon? After you fell, the dragon saw you fall, placed you into their mouth, and laid you down at the base of the tree on the crystal island. They carved the crystal to make it look just right. He’s pretty handy, that one.” (Fay)



 Oh, I see. …No wonder I had a comfortable bed.



“Well, I thought that was a good move, and as I was watching, the dragon flew away… There’s an open space on the ceiling of the cave, right? It flew out from there.” (Fay)



 I see.



“…Right after that, it started raining. Um, the dragon made it rain, right?” (Fay)


“Yep. Most likely.” (Tougo)



 I haven’t seen the Ryuu make rain yet. Maybe it was the rain that was falling when I woke up.



“Thanks to you, Redgarde territory has become richer! Since the dragon will protect us, we won’t run out of magical power from now on! …So far, it’s been very good.” (Fay)


“Yep…” (Tougo)



 The problem is what comes next. I was a little nervous as I listened to the rest.



“…First of all, let me start with my speculations. Let’s see, my speculation is that what the royal family wanted to do to accumulate magical power, even if it meant damming up two spirit veins, was to summon a dragon.” (Fay)



“…a dragon.” (Tougo)



 Summon. You mean summoning… huh? Can it be done? Well, maybe I’m doing something similar…



“Summoning dragons. …I don’t know why the royal family wants dragons so badly, but at any rate, they want a dragon.” (Fay)



 Well, the royal family has always wanted a dragon. The members of the Dioren family were also trying to get a dragon to gift to the king, and the king also seemed to be trying to get the Red Dragon from Fay.



“If you brave a summoning ritual and summon one, that’s fine. Even if it doesn’t work, if they block both of the spirit veins in Redgarde territory, Redgarde territory will be in trouble. So, in return for helping Redgarde territory, we will be offering the Red Dragon. I guess that’s what they were planning.” (Fay)



 I see. So, they would get one dragon anyway, no matter which result happens. …Hmm.



“…The people of the royal family are disgusting people.” (Fay)



 When I blurted it out, Fay caught my gaze and then burst into laughter.



“Hahaha. We’re no different! …You said the same thing too.” (Fay)


“Yep…” (Tougo)



 It may not be a good idea to say this, but even I get angry sometimes. Yep.



“Well, aside from the fact that I’m happy that Tougo is uncharacteristically angry for us… The ‘disgusting people’ in the royal family tried to use the magical power of two spirit veins to perform dragon-summoning magic… However, right before that… A sighting of something like a dragon came to them.” (Fay)


“…dragon?” (Tougo)


“Yes. The dragon!” (Fay)



 That… Well, the Royal Family must have been in quite the trouble. When I materialized the Ryuu since a dragon came out from somewhere else. This must be quite frightening. They may think that they have failed, or that they have been deceived by someone else. Yep. They might even think that the dragon was stolen by Redgarde territory.



“…However, if you look at it from the perspective of the Royal Family, what does that mean? …In the land where magical power has been dammed up and is about to wither away, something that looks like an ancient dragon suddenly appears, and it makes it rain. After that, the magical power of Redgarde territory returned, even more so, increased. That’s what happened.” (Fay)






“They are not sure how that’s possible, right? They had dammed up two spirit veins to summon a dragon and had gone to the trouble of preparing a large amount of magical power, but the dragon appeared in Redgarde territory, where the magical power had dried up.” (Fay)



 I don’t know how I would get a dragon to appear other than by drawing pictures, but I can imagine that they would probably prepare a lot of magical power and use it to summon them.


 It would probably be like preparing gems for summoned beasts. I prepared magic power along with jewels, and I prepared not only a house but also food…



“As a result, the royal family must have… misunderstood.” (Fay)


“Misunderstood?” (Tougo)


“Oh, yeah, they misunderstood…. that ‘Dragons only appear in lands with little magical power’!” (Fay)



 I think I was dumbfounded for a while after hearing Fay’s story.


 No, but… From the perspective of the Royal Family, this may be an obvious conclusion. Dragons have appeared in Redgarde territory following the Red Dragon, but compared to the Royal Capital, Redgarde territory is a land with less magical power.


 Especially this time, the Royal Family had dammed the spirit vein by themselves, so it is obvious that there is less magic power in the area. And as for the Royal family… since “the dragon appeared” after ” the magic power became lower” it may be, well, inevitable that the two would be interrelated.



“It seems there was quite a commotion in the royal family. They said, ‘An ancient dragon has appeared, one only recorded in ancient records that remain in the royal family.’ At first, people didn’t think it was a dragon. It does not look like one. However, there was a description of a dragon-like that in an ancient royal document, so it’s believed to be a dragon.” (Fay)


“Oh, it doesn’t have wings, and it’s serpentine.” (Tougo)



 A Ryuu is not like a dragon to people from the otherworld, is it? A dragon is a flying four-legged reptile with wings. Ryuus don’t look like dragons because they swim and fly in the sky without wings.



“Well… that resulted in my father being called to the Royal Castle, and there he was asked a lot of questions…” (Fay)


“Yep.” (Tougo)


“My father said, ‘The new dragon that appeared did not belong to the Redguardes. We don’t even know where they went after they appeared. But it seems that there was an anomaly in the spirit veins in Redgarde territory. So, the Great Spirit must have sent the dragon out of pity for the dying Redgarde lands.’” (Fay)


“…Yeah. That’s misleading.” (Tougo)


“Yes. My father then came back with a wide grin on his face, saying, ‘Roses! Fay! I’ve completely misled the Royal Family!’” (Fay)



 Fay’s father has quite a great personality. Yep, I mean in a really good way.



“…The royal family began to speculate that dragons might appear when the magic power of the land is reduced all at once. And they thought, ‘If we reduce the magic of the land, we can summon dragons.’” (Fay)



 …Oh. I have a bad feeling.



“So, it seems that one territory under the direct control of the Royal Family, located a short distance from the Royal Capital, has been destroyed.” (Fay)


“Woah…” (Tougo)




 Oh, yeah. So, a royal domain has withered. …That’s what happened.



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