Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 3.2: Operation Capture an Angel*2

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 A little while later, I got a note from Ms. Croix.


 Lemon cake and walnut cookies from a pastry shop with a light blue sign on the main street. Bread from a bakery that serves royalty. A can of tea. Five thin knives from a weapons shop on a back street. And “something I saw, and thought was beautiful.”



“Especially the last one, I’m looking forward to it.” (Croix)



 Ms. Croix is smiling, and she looks like she’s having fun.


 …that was a difficult one.



“Well then, be careful. See you later.” (Croix)


“I’m going.” (Tougo)



 Then we simply packed up and took off into the sky. Laocles is on the alicorn. Fay is on the Red Dragon, and I am on the Houou. I held on to the Houou and flew.


 …I was thinking that if my arm got tired, I might ask the alicorn to carry me, but strangely enough, I didn’t get tired.


 I was worried that Houou would get tired, but he seems to be fine too. He seemed to be in good spirits and responded by cawing loudly.



“Hey, aren’t you tired?” (Fay)


“No. Unexpectedly, I feel fine.” (Tougo)


“…Is it because you became a spirit?” (Laocles)





 Probably not, I think. I want to think, that even before I became a spirit, I was able to hold on to the Houou and fly…



“Could it be that when Tougo became a spirit, and you became even lighter…?” (Fay)


“No, I did not.” (Tougo)



 …I’m a little worried about my weight, so please don’t say I’m lighter.



 The distance to the Royal Capital is quite far. But with the Red Dragon, Alicorn and Houou, it won’t take much time. It took …… less than half a day. I think this is a record breaker.



“As expected, the Royal Capital is beautiful.” (Tougo)



 The Royal Capital has not changed since I arrived here a little over three months ago. No, the weather seems a little cooler. It might get chilly at night. …This is not a change in Royal Capital, but a change in climate.



“So, let’s go see the slaves first.” (Fay)


“Yes. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do that last thing.” (Tougo)



 In the meantime, the main purpose is to find a model. Hmm, I wish I could find someone here.



 The model shop, or slave shop, is located at the end of the Royal Capital, at the end of the backstreets. The slaves in this world are much healthier and brighter than I had thought, but still, I guess it’s not a store you want to put on the main street.


 …And the back alley was, how should I put it, dark.


 The backstreets are darker than the glitz and glamour of the Royal Capital, and how do I say it… It seems to be unsafe. Yes. There are people who have been glancing at us since a while ago, but I don’t like their gazes.



“Oops, Tougo. Be careful, okay? It’s not safe this way.” (Fay)



 Oh, really? …which means that the people who are looking at us are like that. …Yeah, let’s stop thinking about it.



“Stay away from me. Come a little closer.” (Tougo)



 Yeah, let’s do that. I’m going to move closer to Laocles without hesitation.


 As soon as I’m close enough to Laocles, the people watching us quickly move away… I was looking like a good duck, but I wonder if it means that I can’t touch Laocles if I am near him.


 I’m not sure what to do with it. It’s a little bit annoying.



 So, we walk on, and there’s a slave shop.



“So big.” (Tougo)


“Well, it’s a slave shop in the Royal Capital. It should be bigger than most towns, right?” (Fay)



 …On the contrary, is there a town with a slave shop bigger than the Royal Capital?



“I hope this time there will be someone angelic.” (Tougo)


“I’m sure you’ll find one. You don’t mind the money, do you?” (Fay)


“Yeah. Of course.” (Tougo)



 You can’t compromise when hiring a model. And moreover, it was a model to paint the commissioned picture. I can’t compromise for the sake of money.



“…That’s why I’m working so hard to prepare the money.” (Tougo)



 Yes. I prepared the money. I also went through some hardship.


 …The source of funding is, of course, the jewels I drew. However, it seems that if I put my heart into it and draw jewels, I end up materializing something outrageous. That’s why I have to draw as little magical power as possible, but I have to still materialize it…


 In short, it was very hard to fine-tune. Also, I think it was very hard for Laocles to sell it successfully and make money out of it. Thank you.



“Well… with that amount of money, you could buy any slave you want, right?” (Fay)



 At any rate, I brought all the jewelry I had to cash in. So, I can buy even the finest models. Yeah. I’m very excited.



 And then, as we were making our way down the back street, I felt a light shock.


 With a snap, I felt a light shock around my waist.


 I turned my head to see a kid passing by me, grabbed the pouch in my handbag, and ran away.



“Hey, a pickpocket! Leave it to me!” (Fay)



 Fay promptly launches into the spirit of fire. The fire spirit shot out from Fay’s jewelry, and the one in the shape of a bird flew forward with great force and stood in front of the child.


 After that, the wolf-shaped spirit ran and tackled the child from behind, knocking him over. Hmm, early work.


 I hear a child’s scream. But neither of the fire spirits seemed to hurt the child. The wolf was a good cushion, and the bird perched on top of the child, blocking his movement. The coordination was amazing.



“Alright. Will you give it back?” (Fay)



 Fay catches up to the child and gently twists his hand behind his back.



“What are you doing! Let go!” (Child)


“What do you think you’re doing?” (Fay)



 Fay takes the pouch out of the child’s hand. At that moment, the child glared at Fay with frustrated, even hateful eyes.



“Hey, what are we going to do with this guy?” (Fay)


“What do you mean you’re going to do…” (Tougo)



 I catch up there and look at the child.


 …The child being held down by the fire spirit is quite dirty, yet his eyes are sparkling.



 It was at that time.



 “Woosh,” something flew towards Fay.



“Woah!?” (Fay)



 Fay immediately avoided it, but at that time, Fay’s summoned beasts prioritized running up to protect Fay rather than holding the child.


 …Then the child slipped out of the loosened restraint.



“…F*ck you!” (Child)



 The child then spat those words, and quickly ran away from us who couldn’t chase him as quickly as we could.



“…Damn, what the hell was that?” (Fay)


“I don’t know. It looked as if he had used some kind of magic.” (Laocles)



 At any rate, we confirmed each other’s safety, especially Fay. …But, it seems that Fay properly avoided something that flew at him. There were no injuries. The summoned beasts saw this and rubbed up against Fay. The summoned beasts’ movements were reserved, a mixture of “I’m glad you’re okay” and “I’m sorry I let them get away.”



“Well, okay. First of all, you guys did a good job! Thank you!” (Fay)



 Fay petted the summoned beasts, then carefully placed them one by one back into the jewels.



“So, Tougo. This is the one you gave me.” (Fay)


“Yes, thank you.” (Tougo)



 Fay returned the summons and the pouch he had retrieved from the child. No, but this pouch is a fake money pouch, so there is hardly any money in it. I’m glad to get it back. …Well, it’s better than nothing.



“It was a disaster. I was so surprised at how fast he picked pocketed you.” (Fay)


“…I didn’t see what he did either. He may be a kid, but he’s a sneaky one.” (Laocles)



 Laocles also said so and nodded. It seems that the child from earlier is a cunning thief.


 I know. I noticed. I felt a little shock, too, and the contents of my bag were already stolen. Even though the bag was fastened with a clasp.


 …But that child, how do I say this…



“But, even in the Royal Capital, if you go into the backstreets, you will find children picking pockets. The name of the Royal Capital cries. …Well, never mind.” (Fay)



 Fay says so and starts walking, but I still can’t move.



“…Hm? Tougo, what’s wrong?” (Fay)


“Uh, you know…” (Tougo)



 Fay asked me what I was going to do, and I was a little unsure of what to say, but I knew that if I didn’t say something here, I would regret it, so I said it.



“I want to catch that child.” (Tougo)


“Well, I know how you feel, but I got my stuff back, so why don’t you let him go?” (Fay)


“No, we can’t let them escape.” (Tougo)



 I thought about Fay’s words, but I still think so.


 I don’t want to let him go. I need to catch him gently…



“One more time, I want to see that child’s face.” (Tougo)



“…no way, you–” (Fay)



 Fay’s expression cramps a bit, but I still want to catch that child.




“He looked like an angel.” (Tougo)




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