Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 4.2: Operation Capture an Angel*3

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“Fishing?” (Tougo)


“Yeah, fishing… See, you’re the perfect bait, no matter how you look at it, right?” (Fay)



 Yes. …Yes? I feel like I’ve been criticized so harshly.



“You don’t look like you’re rich, but you’re well-dressed, not cautious, and above all, you’re soft looking. You’re the perfect target for pickpockets.” (Fay)



 …I can’t refute anything, since I have a history of being targeted by pickpockets.



“It would be better to make you look like you have more money. And yet look worried but open… Like the son of a noble strolling for some sightseeing…” (Fay)



 And it’s a tall order. I don’t know what he means, “Like the son of a noble strolling for some sightseeing”. You mean the image of Fay walking? No, Fay isn’t particularly soft. So, I he can’t do it either.



“Okay, so Tougo. Let’s start by decorating you and turning you into bait!” (Fay)



 …but it doesn’t matter. I’ve made up my mind.


 If I can catch an angel if I become the bait, then I’ll be the bait as far as needed.


 And I will definitely catch an angel and return home! I’ll catch them and paint them! Absolutely!



 …and then the shopping for me began.


 Normally I would be dressed in my dress shirt, trousers, boots with “weapons” in them, and a bag, but… but the shirt has changed to one an embroidered light blue shirt and used more fabric, and trousers were made slimmer but with better fabric. Also, added a vest with a swallow tail like tail and a loop tie made of polished mother-of-pearl.


 …and, most importantly, the bag. The bag was designed to be “pickpocket-friendly”. It will make me very popular with pickpockets. Maybe.



“Okay! I’ve created a guy who looks like he has money and is not cautious.” (Fay)



 I feel like I’m being abused, but I can’t disagree. This is to catch angels.


 Even if I catch a pickpocket who is not the angel, I might be able to get information about the angel from them. I think it’s a good idea. I knew it was a good idea.



“Well then, Tougo. Do your best and wander carelessly! I and Laocles will be watching over you from a distance!” (Fay)


“Yeah. I think I’ll be fine. If it comes down to it, we’ve got the pipe fox.” (Tougo)



 When I stroked the bamboo tube in my pocket, I heard a cheerful squeak from inside. I am counting on you.



 …So, I ended up wandering the back alley by myself.


 Of course, just wandering around is my choice, so I looked around at the various stores. Come to think of it, one of the stores in the backstreets asked me to do something for them. Well, I’ll get to that after I catch the angel.



“There are a lot of shops.” (Tougo)



 They are not the glamorous shops on the street. If anything, I get the impression that there are many such shops that want to hide in the shadows. The same is true for the slave shop, and probably the weapon shop as well. A shop that seems to sell medicine… No, this might be something I shouldn’t think deeply about.


 I wander around looking at those stores.




 A person just bumped into me lightly. However, if I was attentive, I would have also noticed that my wallet had been stolen the moment I was bumped.





“Okay! That’s enough, you pickpocket!” (Fay)


“If you keep quiet, I won’t take your life.” (Laocles)



 The pickpocket was very surprised to see Fay and Laocles suddenly appear from the shadows. Well, I guess it’s expected.


 …In my pocket, I heard a little cry “Kon, kon”. Like it said, “Yeah, it wasn’t my turn yet…”



 Of course, this pickpocket is not the one. He was no angel. He was just a pickpocket.


 But even if it was just a pickpocket, there was a point in catching him. Because that angel was a pickpocket, too. It’s not surprising if they knew each other.



“I just want to ask you something. Is there a kid with sky blue eyes around here?” (Fay)


“Huh?” (Thief)



 When Fay asks the pickpocket, the pickpocket makes a face like “What are you talking about?”


 …So, he quietly let him hold a silver coin. At that moment, the pickpocket’s expression focused, and his back straightens.



“I’m looking for that child. Do you know where he is or what his name is?” (Fay)


“Well, actually, I feel like I saw him…” (Thief)



 He is stumped. Maybe it’s not that he doesn’t want to tell you, but he doesn’t know anything or doesn’t remember much. But he was given a silver coin, so he might be about to answer something.



“I won’t tell you to return it even if you don’t know. It’s okay.” (Fay)



 So, he told him that, and he clearly looked relieved. He thinks some more.



“I’m sorry, but I don’t remember seeing a kid’s face that well. But I’m always in the west part of town, and I don’t see any kids there.” (Thief)



 I see. Well, the information that “He doesn’t go there” is also important information.



“I see. Thank you.” (Fay)


“Oh, oh. I’m sorry, I can only tell you that…” (Thief)



 The pickpocket said a little apologetically and quietly walked away…



“Give back the wallet.” (Laocles)


“……on second thoughts?”



 The pickpocket, held back by Laocles and shank back, gave me back my wallet and left quietly. I was happy to meet him. Please be careful on your way home.



 After that, I caught a few pickpockets. Men, women, and children.


 And the more information I gather from them, the more I get an idea of where the angel is.





“Sky blue eyes…? Are you talking about Celeste?” (Thief) [T/N: I am using Celeste because it means “heavenly” even if Ceres “Goddess of Harvest” might sound closer to “Seresu”.]



 The child pickpocket we had captured finally told us the name of the angel!



“Celeste? Is he called Celeste?” (Tougo)


“No, I don’t know who you are looking for! But there’s a cheeky brat who recently entered my territory. I’m sure about his eyes. His name is Celeste.” (Thief)



 …This is good information. Wonderful.



“Hey, that child, where can I meet him?” (Tougo)



 I asked, and the pickpocket I had caught smiled and told me.



“In the evening, he hangs around near the slave shop. You can go there.” (Thief)



“Slave shop?” (Laocles)



 Laocles looked a little surprised. Yes, well, maybe a little surprising. I don’t think a boy who is a pickpocket can afford a model. …Or maybe that’s why. I’ve wandered in front of art supplies I couldn’t afford, too.



“Yeah. I’m definitely sure he’s hanging around near the slave shop… If you think I’m lying, that’s fine.” (Thief)


“Um. Thank you.” (Tougo)



 Well, that’s the best information I have so far. It’s almost evening, and I’m willing to take his word for it.



“Thank you for this.” (Tougo)



 So, I gave the child a small silver coin and sent him on his way. The child ran away happily. I was glad he was happy.



 As per the information we had obtained, we decided to keep an eye on the area in front of the slave shop. Fay hid around the entrance of the slave shop, Laocles hid in an alley on the front side of the street, and I wandered around in front of the slave shop. In other words, I’m the bait.


 As I waited… wandering around there or just standing there in a daze because I was tired of walking… I suddenly saw a figure at the edge of my field of vision.


 If you look at them subtly, they are also subtly looking at you.


 …the angel!



“Catch him!” (Tougo)



 When I say that, the Pipe Fox jumps out.


 The angel looked a little surprised to see me and tried to run away, but the fox is very fast. It caught up with the angel with a squeak and stood in front of it.


 The angel was stopped there, but instantly changed direction. He started to flee in a different direction with his light body, but…


 Laocles runs there.


 He is fast. He is very fast, too. The mass of muscles mobilized all of his muscles to run, so he was extremely fast. Also, the pressure was amazing.



“Hiii!?” (Celeste)



 Of course, he could easily catch a child. Laocles is amazing! He is a master of physical beauty!




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