Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 6: Operation Capture an Angel*5

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T/N: Warning depictions of a child abuse survivor. Still a good chapter though.



 Thus, Celeste’s father and Celeste had to go through the procedure of becoming slaves at a public office.


 …I guess they do the procedure properly at a place like this. It is different from what I associate with the word “slave”.


 While waiting for the procedure, we waited in a kind of waiting room. Celeste was safe and I could take him back, so the contract was now fulfilled. I will take Celeste back to the forest and paint a lot of paintings!



“…Even so, Tougo, I didn’t know you can actually talk smoothly if you try.” (Fay)


“Eh?” (Tougo)



 I was surprised when Fay suddenly said that. …But when I think about it, yeah, well, it’s true… Yep.



“That’s… well, it’s second-hand words from my teacher, hmm… I just used what my teacher said, almost exactly as he said.” (Tougo)


“Ah, no wonder. I thought it didn’t sound like words you thought yourself.” (Fay)



 Yes, well, I used them as they were, so they really aren’t my words.


 Of course, Teacher is not a painter, so I changed that. However, the teacher was generally thought of as “mild-mannered”, and because of that, he was looked down upon, or rather underestimated, mixed with other factors, it seems that there were many cases where he was “tripped”…


 …After arguing where I was present, Teacher was troubled due to self-loathing and embarrassment, but thanks to Teacher at that time, I can now safely take over Celeste, so at the end. It’s good. There are many things that I learned from my teacher.



“I was surprised. I was surprised that you could spit out words like that.” (Fay)


“…I’m getting a little embarrassed.” (Tougo)


“No, it’s fine. You should be a little less fluffy at times, too.” (Laocles)



 …Both Laocles and Fay are grinning, but somehow, I feel like I understand why Teacher was embarrassed that I witnessed it. Yep.



“Well, it’s night already. I guess we’ll get a place to stay tonight, finish Ms. Croix’s errands tomorrow, and then we’ll go home. Ah, it’s been an eventful day, huh?” (Fay)


“Yep. Let’s wash Celeste at the inn. I want to check his colors.” (Tougo)


“Your day is just getting started…” (Laocles)



 Yes. If the paint on hand or the color of his hair doesn’t exist in the forest, I’ll have to find something in the Royal Capital and buy some, and in the first place, I might not be able to reproduce the color of his eyes. I don’t have much blue paint available… Hmmm.



“Well, no. Then, hurry up and give him a bath. It looks like they’ve just finished.” (Fay)



  And then, as our conversation drew to a close, Celeste and Celeste’s father came out.


 Celeste’ father glared at me, but I glared back at him. I knew I’ve done nothing wrong.



“……um.” (Celeste)



 And then, Celeste came up to me.



“Um… um, nice to meet you.” (Celeste)






“Nice to meet you. Angel Model.” (Tougo)



 When I replied to Celeste, who was a little confused and withered, he nodded awkwardly and averted his eyes. Well, it will take time to get used to people.


 …And so, we took him to an inn on the main street of the Royal Capital.



“We stayed here before, right?” (Tougo)


“Yeah. The number of rooms is just perfect.” (Fay)



 Coincidentally, the room we got was the same as the one we stayed in before. I stayed here when I was invited to a party at the Royal Castle. Yes, we have four rooms here, so it’s perfect.



“Then let’s take a bath for now.” (Tougo)



 After unloading our luggage, we immediately started preparing for the bath.


 …After all, Celeste is a bit too dirty. He needs to be cleaned up urgently. It’s to help me see his colors, and it’s also for public health. Yes.



“Okay. Let’s go in.” (Tougo)



 But as soon as it was time to take a bath, Celeste stopped moving. I tried to lift him up, but he wouldn’t move. No, it wasn’t because I wasn’t strong enough, it was because Celeste was resisting.



“I’ll be the last one. Go in first.” (Celeste)


“It’s fine.” (Tougo)


“If you’re worried about getting the room dirty, I’ll, uh, I’ll stay outside.” (Celeste)


“It’s fine.” (Tougo)



 I wonder if he doesn’t like to take a bath. That’s troublesome. I’m sorry, but since you’re going to become a model, I want you to give up and take a bath.



“Okay, that’s fine, Celeste. Hurry up and get washed.” (Laocles)


“There are two bathrooms. You can use one over there.” (Fay)



 Fay and Laocles were to use the other of the two bathrooms. So, no need to be shy.



“… Let’s go in? Oh, or do you not want me to wash you?” (Tougo)


“No, that’s not what I mean. ……, although I don’t like that either.” (Celeste)





 …Celeste is showing a slightly hesitant look.


 I waited until he said something… and Celeste timidly raised his gaze and began to open his mouth while looking at me.



“You won’t tell me you won’t give me money anymore, right?” (Celeste)


“Yes.” (Tougo)


“Um, I might be unsuitable as a model for a painting, you know?” (Celest)


“……hmm?” (Tougo)



 When I tilted my head because I didn’t understand what Celeste was saying… Laocles approached from behind and rolled up the hem of Celeste’ shirt.


 “Heeey”, while Celeste screams, Laocles has a terrible expression… and then gently lowers the hem of his shirt.



“…Well, that was what I expected.” (Tougo)




 …Somehow, I knew from his actions and reactions.



“Um, can you take it off?” (Tougo)



 When I asked Celeste that again, he was very reluctant as took off his own shirt.


 …On the skin that was hidden by his shirt, there were many scars that looked like they came from burns and cuts. Seeing that, Laocles makes a terrible expression again, and Fay makes a pained face.


 Surrounded by such gazes, Celeste crouched even more.



“……Um, I didn’t mean to deceive you, and uh, you guys just arbitrarily called me an angel and arbitrarily made me your slave!? Well, a promise is a promise! Th-the money is mine.” (Celeste)


“I’ll pay you properly. It’s 50 gold coins…. Besides, I still want to draw a picture of you.” (Tougo)



 In order to reassure Celeste, who looks terrified, I say it properly.



“It doesn’t matter if you have scars. I still want you to pay for your work 50 gold coins.” (Tougo)



 When I said that, Celeste made a relived expression. Yes. I hope he will be relieved soon, if not right away.



 Then I moved to the bathroom with Celeste in my arms.


 The baths are luxurious, as this is a Royal Capital inn. I think it’s quite luxurious when there are two bathrooms in one room.



“Hey, wait a minute! What is this?” (Celeste)


“Hot water.” (Tougo)



 I don’t know how hot water comes out of the shower, but in this inn, hot water comes out of the shower. It’s luxurious. I like it. The hot water baths in the forest are only made with boiled water, so I’d like to install a shower. I’ll check out how it works later.



“Hey, something is in my eye! It stings!” (Celeste)


“Soap. Ah, it stings if it gets in your eyes, so you should close your eyes.” (Tougo)


“You should’ve told me first!” (Celeste)


“Sorry.” (Tougo)



 This bath has luxurious fixtures and fittings. The soap smelled of flowers and was obviously of the highest quality. I lather up the soap and use it to wash Celeste’s head. (There is no shampoo in this world. But everything is still nice even if simple.)



“…the soap bubbles are gone.” (Tougo)


“Huh? Oh, is it done?” (Celeste)


“Oh, um, well, when I’m done, I’ll tap you three times on the shoulder, so keep your eyes closed and your hand in your ears until then.” (Tougo)



 When I said that, Celeste closed his eyes and started covering his ears with both hands. Yes, let’s leave it as is.


 …Still, it’s amazing. The soap bubbles disappear in an instant. I guess that’s because Celeste is quite dirty. I’m running out of soap. Human skin oils are quite tough.


 I rinse off the soap and wash him again. …Ah, I wonder if it will start to bubble even a little this time…



 After that, I washed Celeste several times.


 For the time being, after washing about 4 times, his hair became beautiful, and Celeste washed and cleaned his body by himself.


 …And when he’s clean, I fill the bathtub with hot water and let Celeste soak in it. Let’s warm him up to improve blood circulation and let him sleep well to make him relaxed and happier.



“…oh wow, your color has changed a lot.” (Tougo)


“Huh? Oh… I see.” (Celeste)



 Seeing Celeste soaking in the bathtub like that, I was surprised.


 After all, his colors changed when all the dirt came off. The scars on his skin are noticeable, but they are smooth and white.


 The color of his eyes remained the same, but the impression was very different. Perhaps the warmth of the bath had calmed him down and made him a little sleepy. His round eyes were completely different from the impression he had just given me before. It’s interesting.


 …And above all, the color of his hair changed a lot.


 When I washed his hair, which was blackish, grayish, brownish and dirty, it turned out to be a beautiful flaxen color. A slivery pale blonde hair, or something like that.


 When it’s wet, it’s soft and flat right now, but if I dry it carefully, I’m sure it’ll turn into loose curly hair. I know going to be more angelic.



“…you really look like an angel.” (Tougo)


“…Um, are you sane?” (Celeste)


“Yeah. Hey, do you have any scars on your back from having your wings clipped?” (Tougo)


“Don’t say that! I’m human! What the hell is with you?!” (Celeste)



 I’m a painter.



 Then I pulled Celeste out of the bath, wiped him down, and dried him.


 I borrowed Fay’s fire spirits to dry him off… I had them clung to Celeste while patting him dry, and within five minutes his hair was completely dry. Amazing.



“Then this is your sleepwear.” (Tougo)


“…when?” (Celeste)



 And while Fay was drying Celeste with his fire spirit, I had drawn out a T-shirt, half pants and underwear in my bedroom and had Celeste wear them.


 I put them on Celeste. They were a little too big and he ended up with a loose-fitting outfit, bu… he looked kind of angelic, so it was okay.



“Good night then.” (Tougo)


“Eh?” (Celeste)


“My teacher said, ‘Children should go to bed early.'” (Tougo)



 Then I carried Ceres to the bed in his bedroom. He was buried under the white duvet, and he looked like an angel.



“Well, good night. Or are you worried about sleeping alone?” (Tougo)


“… No, I’d be happier if you let me be alone.” (Celeste)


“I see. Good night then.” (Tougo)



 Celeste, who had been watching me warily from the bed, seemed to have let him guard down a little by the time I waved my hand through the door, and he gave me a small wave as a bedtime greeting, tilting his head a little curiously.



 After Celeste went to bed, we made plans for tomorrow.



“Well, for now, we should have breakfast brought to our room, so let’s eat that. I don’t mind going out to eat, but even Celeste won’t be able to settle down.” (Fay)



 In my opinion, I feel that hotel room service is more uncomfortable, but… well, it’s probably okay.



“After that, Ms. Croix’s errands. Um, cakes, cookies, tea, bread and knives. Also, something beautiful, wasn’t it?” (Tougo)



 Yes. Ms. Croix’s list is rather difficult. Something beautiful, what shall we bring home?


 …To be honest, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen since I came to the Royal Capital is Celeste, so if I bring him home, that will be the end of it…



“Then, should I buy the things Celeste needs?” (Fay)



 Fay says so.



“…Celeste, what does he need?” (Tougo)



 Those words somehow catches me and I search for the answer within myself.


 What is it? What is it that Celes needs, what is it that I’m wondering about…



“Hmm? You know, clothes, food, furniture… You can get those, but, you know, something she wants. He wants those, doesn’t he? Maybe, you can get those things when we get back to Redgarde, but since we’re going shopping on the main street in the Royal Capital, it would be easier to get it all done at the same time…” (Fay)



 Really. Clothes, tableware, things that the person himself wants, etc.



 At that time, I remembered that Celeste was hanging around in front of the slave shop.


 Also, among the child models I saw, there was a child with the same color as Celeste.


 The price of the child model was about 50 gold coins.



T/N: Well, some parents are just lumps of sh*t. Prioritize Celeste happiness and forget about that useless human shaped excrement he once called father.




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